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Palace Music
The discography.
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Palace Songs
The songs Will Oldham recorded or only played live.

Taken from this list are the songs Will covered.
Find out what songs he played by Prince, Bob Dylan, Sinead O'Connor, Cranberries, Leonard Cohen, The Specials, Misfits, Everly Brothers, Ramones, PJ Harvey, Aretha Franklin, Sade and more.
Also find out what Broadway classic he has done.

Palace Lyrics
Some of the lyrics...

Palace Shows
The circulating live shows with many setlists.
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Palace Radio
The radio sessions with many setlists.

Palace Players
Who played along with Will Oldham and what else they have done.

Palace Bands
Some band settings for gigs and studio.

Palace Pictures
Live and from magazines.

Palace Links
Interesting links to follow.

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