Will Oldham - Bonnie Prince Billy Discography


1997          1999

CD Mother Goose by The Anomoanon

cover photo by Ned Oldham

Palace Records PR19

Tom He Was A Piper's Son

Will does vocals (with the others) on the "Tom" chorus and is the executive producer


CDs I Am Drinking Again by Bonnie Prince Billy


Domino Rug 67cdx

I Am Drinking Again
Dreaming My Dreams

"this limited edition record commemorates my trip to Italy in the spring of 1998"

bonny billy out with the tylers

12"/CDs Black/Rich Music by Will Oldham

Photo by Robert Arellano

Drag City DC100

Organ: Do What You Will Do (same song as Organ: Watch With Me from The Broken Giant)
Do What You Will Do
The Risen Lord
Organ: Allowance
Black/Rich Tune
Organ: Black/Rich
Guitar: Do What You Will Do

Re-release of the Songs Put Together For (The Broken Giant) CD


7" Black Dissimulation by Bonnie Prince Billy

Photo by Robert Arellano

All City Nomad

Black Dissimulation
No Such As What I Want

First pressing on black vinyl, re-issued on purple vinyl (both limited to 500)


7" Bonnie Prince Billy Performs Songs Of Kevin Loyne

Artwork: Rui Ricardo

Artwork: Paulo Patrício

LowFly Records LF075

The Sun Shines Down On Me
I Confess

Limited edition of 1200, of which 600 in Portugal with the magazine CRU #11, with 3 different covers by Portuguese artists.
Later, in a small edition of 20 the colored cover came up.
The labelpeople misread Will's handwriting and turned a C into an L. The songs are from Kevin Coyne

Artwork: Fátima Fonte

2LP/CD/2CD The Last Place To Go by The Boxhead Ensemble


Atavistic, ALP96CD
Atavistic, ALP96CD-X (Bonus CD, lim. 1000)

Introduction (Will on harmonica) [2LP version is 7:25 minutes longer]
Coastal Boarder (Will on melodica)
Dust And Rain
Fading Cold
Two Ravens
Carolyn's Theme
The Last Place To Go
Choices Made
Deep Sea [2LP version is 20 seconds longer]
Far Gone / Big Sky (Will on harmonica)
High Water [2LP only]

Limited Edition Bonus CD:
Black Dissimulation (Will on Vocals)
Solo [also on the 2LP]
Send In the Clowns (Will on Vocals)
Big Sky (Will on Harmonica)

Recordings From the Dutch Harbor European Film Screening Tour.
Artists include Jim White, Mick Turner, Edith Frost and Will Oldham where indicated.
The CD inlay has liner notes on the movie by Will Oldham.
The vinyl version refers to Will's musical contribution only as B.P.B.

2LP version

Secretly Canadian SC22 (2LP)

7" One With The Birds by Bonnie Prince Billy


Palace Records PR20

One With The Birds
The Southside Of The World

photo by joe o.

CDs Blue Lotus Feet by Bonnie Prince Billy

Cover by Dianne Bellino

Domino RUG81

One With The Birds
The Southside Of The World
When Thy Song Flows Through Me
I Am The Sky
Blue Lotus Feet
Polestar Of My Life
Door Of My Heart

The last five are devotional songs with Britt Walford, co-produced by David Berman

CD Quelque Chose d'Organique OST, contains one song by Bonnie Prince Billy


Virgin France 7243 846935 2 7

What's Wrong With A Zoo?

Played avec Matt Sweeney


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