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1996          1998

CD Dutch Harbor: Where The Sea Breaks Its Back OST, contains a contribution by Will Oldham & Jim O'Rourke


Atavistic ALP85CD

Ebb's Folly

In 1998 the movie is released on video


Atavistic ATV39Video

2LP/CD Lost Blues And Other Songs by Palace Music


Drag City DC110/Palace Records PR16
Domino WIG33 (promo)
Domino WIG LP / CD 33
Shock Records CTX072CD (2CD)

Ohio River Boat Song
Riding (alternate version)
Valentine's Day (previously unreleased)
Trudy Dies (alternate version)
Come In
Little Blue Eyes (Peel session 27/11/93)
Stable Will
Untitled (live at the Lounge Ax 17/11/94)
O How I Enjoy The Light
West Palm Beach
Gulf Shores
(End Of) Travelling
Lost Blues (previously unreleased)

The 2LP has the music on 3 LP sides. The fourth side has an etching. The Domino version comes with a poster.
In Australia it was released as 2CD and came with 'Songs Put Together (For the Broken Giant)' by Will Oldham and Friends

photo: todd brashear

12" Sounds Of The Geographically Challenged Vol.2 contains one untitled song by Continental OP


The Temporary Residence TRR 05


The 12" is limited to 1000 numbered copies
Rereleased on CD on the "Sounds Of The Geographically Challenged" compilation in 2000
Continental OP is Will Oldham and Dave Pajo


Temporary Residence TRR 07

7" Patience by Will Oldham


Drag City DC118/Palace Records PR 16

Take However Long You Want


LP/CD Joya by Will Oldham

Photo by Roy Black in Burundi


Drag City DC107
Domino WIG LP/CD39
Shock Records CTX088CD (Australia)

O Let It Be
New Gypsy
Under What Was Oppression
The Gator
Open Your Heart
Be Still And Know God (Don't Be Shy)
Apocolypse, No!
I Am Still What I Meant To Be
Bolden Boke Boy
Idea And Deed

First pressing of 1000 included the Little Joya CDs
Later rereleased on CD and LP as a Bonnie 'Prince' Billy record

Bonnie cover

photo by Joe Oldham

CDs Little Joya by Will Oldham

Photo by Ned Oldham

Drag City littleDC107 or DC107X
Domino WIG39CDX

Exit Music (For A Dick)

Originally free with first 1000 copies of Joya CD
Released separately from Joya in 1998


CDEP Western Music by Will Oldham


Ovni Records Aff.002 (Spain)
Will 1CD

Always Bathing In The Evening
Western Song For J.LL.
Three Photographs
Jump In Jump In, Come In Come In


7" David Allan Coe's In My Mind as performed by Will Oldham

Photo by Will in Colorado

Palace Records PR18

In My Mind
Spotlight (as perfomed by Rising Shotgun incl. Will)

7" Sides 5-6, AC/DC tribute split single with a contribution by Palace Contribution


Skin Graft GR26/Gasoline Boost Records GB13

Big Balls

CD Felidae - a benefit for the cedarhill animal sanctuary compilation, contains one contribution by Live Palace Music


Last Exit, lastexit-one


Live 18/11/95 Chicago


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