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7" Every Mother's Son by Palace

Art: Diane Radford

Drag City DC83/Palace Records PR9

Every Mother's Son
No More Rides

No More Rides is written for the Sally Timms album "To The Land Of Milk And Honey" from 1995

CD The Drag City Hour, compilation contains Palace Brothers contributions


Sea Note SN2

I Am A Cinematographer
I Send My Love To You
You Will Miss Me When I Burn

Recorded live at WMBR Studios Cambridge, MA 13/07/92


LP/CA/CD Arise Therefore by Palace

Drawings by Gene Booth

Drag City DC88
Domino WIGCD24
Domino WIGCD24R (promo)
Toy's Factory TFCK-88785 (Japan)
Cortex CTX050CD (Australia)

A Sucker's Evening
Arise, Therefore
You Have Cum In Your Hair And Your Dick Is Hanging Out
Kid Of Harith
The Sun Highlights The Lack In Each
No Gold Digger
A Group Of Women
Give Me Children
The Weaker Soldier
++Black/Rich Tune (Extra On Japanese Release)

First 1000 CDs also included "(Songs Put Together for) The Broken Giant" CDep, since retitled and reissued as "Black/Rich Music"
The promo "
A Selection From The Forthcoming Album Arise, Therefore" contains Arise, Therefore; The Sun Highlights The Lack In Each; No Gold Digger; Give Me Children

cd label

CD Songs Put Together For (The Broken Giant) by Palace Soundtrack


Drag City DC100
Domino RUG46 CD

Organ: Watch With Me
Do What You Will Do
The Risen Lord
Organ: Allowance
Black/Rich Tune
Organ: Black/Rich
Guitar: Do What You Will Do

A complimentary CD only available with initial copies of the album 'Arise Therefore'
In Australia this CD came out in 1997 as complimentary CD with Lost Blues And Other Songs as
Soundtrack For "The Broken Giant" by Will Oldham And Friends


7" For The Mekons Et Al by Palace Live


Palace Records PR13

For The Mekons, Et Al
Stable Will

Live at The Lounge Ax 17/11/94


CD When My Arms Wrap You Round by Briana Corrigan has Will Oldham singing and playing guitar on one song


Eastwest 0630-14271-2

Simply Beautiful

This is an Al Green song


CDs Love Me Now by Briana Corrigan has Will Oldham singing and probably playing guitar on one song


EastWest 0630-14696-2 EW 041 CD1

I Put My Arms Out To You Acoustic

This CD single is part 1 of a 2 CD set


7" Little Blue Eyes by Palace Music


Drag City DC91

Little Blue Eyes
The Spider's Dude Is Often There

Peel Session; first transmission date 27/11/93

2LP/CD Organised Sound compilation contains a remix by Ice vs. Palace


Jazz Fudge Recordings JFR CD005

More Brother Dub


2CD Macrodub Infection Vol.2 compilation contains a remix by Ice vs. Palace


Virgin Records AMBT14, 724384176426

More Brother (Inbred Version)


CD Sourmash, A Louisville Compilation compilation contains a contribution by The Palace Brothers


X-Static/Boss Snake 9606-2

Little Blue Eyes (different version)

Recorded in the basement by the Palace Brothers


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