Bonnie Prince Billy - Will Oldham Discography


1998          2000

EP/CDEP Summer Never Ends by The Anomoanon

photo by Jennie

Palace Records PR21

Her Little Kite
First Date
Around The Road
Rock And Roll
Summer Never Ends
Night Is Most Uncertain
The Wanderer

Bonnie Prince Billy does some background vocals and production


LP/CD I See A Darkness by Bonnie Prince Billy

Skull by Joanne Oldham

 Palace Records PR22
Domino/Labels 72438469420 (French)
Spunk Records URA001
P-Vine PCD-23010 (Japan)
Domino WIGCD59P (promo)

A Minor Place
Nomadic Revery (All Around)
I See A Darkness
Another Day Full Of Dread
Death To Everyone
Song For The New Breed
Today I Was An Evil One
Raining In Darling
++I Am Drinking Again
++Ode #2
(both extra on Japanese release)

photo by Joe Oldham

drawings by Sammy Harkham

CDs Either She Or Me by Bonnie Prince Billy

Collage by Dianne Bellino

FNAC/Domino/Labels VISA 4560

Black Dissimulation
No Such As What I Want

Free bonus CD in FNAC stores in France with I See A Darkness

 CDEP Dream Of A Drunk Black Southern Eagle by Bonnie Prince Billy

Collage by Dianne Bellino

Domino/Labels VISA 4562

One With The Birds
The Southside Of The World
I Am Drinking Again
Dreaming My Dreams
Song For The New Breed (orchestral)

Free CD for subscribers of the French paper Libération

CD Methods of Intimate Plumbing compilation, contains one song by Bonnie Prince Billy

cover by Paul Agnish

Blue Bunny Records #002

Watch With Me

Came with Flygirl magzine 8


CDR Fish & Crabs by Havanarama


Playa West Palm
Soy El Diablo
Carcel De Folsom
Rancho Grande/Saludo Para La Viuda
Cancion Urgente Para Mi Hermana Cubana
unlisted track

Playa West Palm is West Palm Beach sung by Bobby Arellano
Played by: Robert Arellano, Paul Oldham, Will Oldham, Peter Townsend
Foss Records released a European "fans only" edition on CDR as well

Foss Records FossCD-901

7" Let's Start A Family by Bonnie Prince Billy

painting Glynnis McDaris

Sub Pop SP 462

Let's Start A Family (blacks)
A Whorehouse Is Any House

On light blue vinyl, limited to 1.300


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