Will Oldham as an actor / featuring in documentaries etc.

1986 "What Comes Around", directed by Jerry Reed
          Will Oldham plays Young Tom Hawkins 

1987 "Matewan", directed by John Sayles
          Will Oldham plays Danny Radnor.

1989 "Everybody's Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClured", directed by Mel Damski
          Will Oldham plays Chip, the father of Jessica.

19?? "Life In The Squat", directed by Seth Sherman
          featuring a very young Will Oldham

1990 "Thousand Pieces of Gold", directed by Nancy Kelly (II)
          Will Oldham plays Miles.

1994 "Elysian Fileds", directed by Karl Shefelman
	  Will Oldham playes Benjamin Wilder

1998 "Radiation", directed by Michael Galinsky & Suki Hawley
          Will Oldham plays Will.

1999 "Julien Donkey-Boy" by Harmony Korine
          Will Oldham is leading a blind person (uncredited). Though he gets an extra special thanks at the end of the credits.

2003 "Slitch" by Dianne Bellino
          Will plays Jarod, a surfer.

2004 "Tripping With Caveh Vol. 1" by Caveh Zahedi
          Will and Caveh tripping on mushrooms
         Contains parts of songs played solo by Will, like "Little Boy Blue II", "The Gator",
         "Tonight Will Be Fine". Under the end credits you here Will and Colin Gagon play "Caveh Says".

2005 "Junebug" by Phil Morrison
          Will plays the scout Bill Mooney.

2005 "Old Joy" by Kelly Reichardt
          Will plays Kurt, one of the leading characters.

2006 "The Guatemalan Handshake" by Todd Rohal
          Will plays Donald Turnupseed.

2006 "Far Off Town—Dunedin to Nashville" by Bridget Sutherland
          Will features in this documentary about David Kilgour

2007 Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing videoclip
          Will features in this clip with Zach Galifianakis

2007 chapter 15 of "Trapped in the Closet" with R. Kelly
          Will has a cameo appearance

2007 2DVD Dirty Three
          Will features in this documentary about The Dirty Three
		Taiyo Films & Madman

2008 "Wendy and Lucy" by Kelly Reichardt
          Will plays Icky, a tramp.

2008 "The Edge of Town" by Christopher Ciancimino
          Will plays a hunter
          Will also wrote the music

2009 "Madame & Little Boy" by Magnus Bärtas
          Will narrated this video essay/documentary

2010 "Robot Brewery Tour", a commercial for the Dogfish Head beer company by Ryan Collerd
          Will plays Jonathan Smart

2010 "Jackass 3D"
          Will plays a gorilla tamer

2010 "New Jerusalem" by R. Alverson
          Will plays Ike

2010 "Pioneer" by Dave Lowery
          Will plays a father

2011 "Music Makes A City" by Owsley Brown III & Jerome Hiler
          Will narrated this documentary about the Louisville Orchestra

2012 "Wonder: The Lives of Anna and Harlan Hubbard" by Morgan Atkinson
          Will does the voice of Harlan

2013 "The Lonely Life" a short film by Mike Aho
          Will plays David Whitmore

2013 "Time And Distance" a film by Eric Daniel Metzgar
          Will plays Owen Garring

2014 "Breadcrumb Trail" by Lance Bangs
	  Will can be seen in The Quarry. A separate piece on the DVD talking about the frontcover of Spiderland

2014 "Edén" by Elise DuRant
	  Will plays John, Alma's father

2015 "Sauce Boy" by Tim and Eric as part of their Bedtime Stories
	Bonnie Prince Billy sings the song You're Doomed

2015 DVD "Revenge Of The  Mekons" a documentary by Joe Angio
	Will talks a bit about his singing at Mekons gigs and plays a solo version of "For The Mekons Et Al" in the bonus features
		Music Box Films MBFHE-095

2016 "Lofa Boy" by Chad Blevins
	Will plays in this short film

2018 "Our Library" a documentary about the Louisville Library
	Will sings a Phil Ochs song and features as The Librarian

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