Palace Shows


By Leo Meijer.
Here is a list of known live dates with the known setlists that Will Oldham played under different names.
If you know more dates or setlists then let me know so I can add them.
Thanks to Jonathan Moore.
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13/01/00  Chicago, IL, Lounge Ax (as Palace Brothers). The band is here.

ode #1
song of all
ode #2
song of most
ode #3
ode #4
fall and raise it on
ode ?
fall again
little boy blue II

22/01/00  Baltimore, MD, Rootscafe. The band is here.

song of all
i see a darkness
one with the birds
little boy blue I
little boy blue II
sweeter than anything
same love that made me laugh
dream of the sea
no more workhorse blues
a minor place
death to everyone
arise, therefore

Short Scandinavian tour. Bonnie Prince Billy solo.

24/01/00  Stockholm, Skivfönstret (Ringen) recordshop
25/01/00  Stockholm, Pet Sounds recordshop
25/01/00  Stockholm, Folkhemmet
26/01/00  Gothenburg, Skivhugget recordshop
26/01/00  Sushi Restaurant Café Japan
27/01/00  Malmo, Jukebox recordshop
28/01/00  Copenhagen, Loppen
31/01/00  Oslo, Akers Mik recordshop
31/01/00  Oslo, Norway, So What

Month                         January
Day                           25 31 31
Total of songs                 9  5 22

disorder                       1
nomadic revery (all around)    2     3
(i was drunk at the) pulpit    3    22
one with the birds             4
apocolypse, no!                5    13
the mountain                   6  3
i see a darkness               7    16
i am a cinematographer         8
sweeter than anything          9
black                             1
southside of the world            2
i had a good mother and father    4
little boy blue II                5
new pony                             1
the risen lord                       2
agnes, queen of sorrow               4
o let it be                          5
arise, therefore                     6
ohio river boat song                 7
another day full of dread            8
little boy blue I                    9
riding                              10
the weaker soldier                  11
a minor place                       12
gulf shores                         14
horses                              15
don't cry for me argentina          17
having fun                          18
death to everyone                   19
the brute choir                     20
new partner                         21

The band is here.
Mira Billotte from Quix*o*tic sung along in Richmond.

10/02/00  Princeton NJ, Terrace Club
11/02/00  Philadelphia, PA, Up Stage
12/02/00  Pittsburgh, PA, Millvale Industrial Theater
13/02/00  Baltimore, MD, Ottobar
14/02/00  Morgantown, West Virginia, 123 Club
15/02/00  Richmond, VA, Hole In The Wall

Month                       Februari
Day                         10 11 12
Total of songs              17 16 21

ode #1                       1  1  1
song of all                  2  2  2
madeleine-mary               3  3  3
one with the birds           4  4  4
blue boy                     5  5  5
little boy blue              6  6  6
sweeter than anything        7  8  7
same love that made me laugh 8  9  8
dream of the sea             9 10  9
no more workhorse blues     10 11 10
a minor place               11 12 11
i see a darkness            12 13 12
death to everyone           13 14 13
arise, therefore            14 15 14
the risen lord              15  7 17
ode #4a                     16 16 18
meaulnes                    17
don't cry for me argentina        15
thunder road                      16
the mountain                      19
rider                             20
raining in darling                21

18/02/00  New York City, Tonic billed as Catherine Jauniaux, Bonnie Billy and Alan Licht

From Hank Shteamer: basically the songs were just these real long droney improvisations,
Will would play these john fahey style syncopated patterns, Licht would do some tasteful feedback,
and Catherine Jauniaux would just go nuts- when she sang words, they were in French and
otherwise she was just making these chirping and sucking and clicking noises.
Here was also this german looking tortured-artist type guy generating some pretty weird
generating some pretty weird samples from a couple of turntables.
Will'd make these moaning noises too, some of them seeming like they were inadvertent.
Then he played a few of his own songs with just Licht accompanying.
He changed the music completely and sort of made his music sound like the
group music- really droney, repetitive fingerpicked stuff.
"a sucker's evening" was in there, as was "more brother rides" but both were completely
unrecognizable musically.
He also played "little boy blue I", "carolyn" and a cover by Billy Mayhew
called "its a sin to tell a lie".

a sucker's evening
little boy blue I
more brother rides
it's a sin to tell al lie

01/03/00  Providence, RI, AS220 had Havanarama with Will playing keyboard and doing backing vocals.

Other than Havanarama songs they played "playa west palm" and Will sung three of his own songs:

death to everyone
no gold digger

Bonnie Prince Billy went to Cuba with Papa M and Havanarama.
They played the Led Zeppelin song "Stairway To Heaven" in the set.

07/03/00  Pinar Del Rio, Casa de Musica
10/03/00  Havana, Electronic Music Festival

In Australia Will opened solo for the Dirty Three

17/03/00  Melbourne, The Forum
18/03/00  Melbourne, The Forum
20/03/00  Adelaide, Grace Emily Hotel (no D3)
22/03/00  Canberra, Gypsy Bar
23/03/00  Sydney, The Metro
24/03/00  Sydney, The Metro
25/03/00  Brisbane, The Zoo

Month                          March
Day                            25
Total of songs                 17

take however long you want
the risen lord
the weaker soldier
death to everyone
little boy blue
o how i enjoy the light
i tried to stay healthy for you
o let it be
west palm beach
the same love that made me laugh
come in
i see a darkness
ohio river boat song

01/04/00  Charlottesville, VA, University Of Virginia. Will played keyboard with the Anomoanon.

Greece and Italy.
The band is called Eternal Epiphanies and can be found here.
A new coversong was played; "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" by the Ramones.

13/04/00  Thessaloniki, Mylos
15/04/00  Athens, Rhodon
21/04/00  Capolinea, Entracque (Cuneo)
22/04/00  San Vito di Leguzzano, Centro Stabilo di Cultura
24/04/00  Roma, Ex Magazzini
25/04/00  Modena, Finale Emilia, Cine Teatro
27/04/00  Verona, Interzona
28/04/00  Bologna, Link
29/04/00  Giulianova (Teramo), Indhastria

Month                           April
Day                             24
Total of songs                  19

2/15                             1
the same love that made me laugh 2
one with the birds               3
o let it be                      4
nomadic revery (all around)      5
stablemate                       6
rider                            7
little boy blue I                8
another day full of dread        9
madeleine-mary                  10
i see a darkness                11
the gator                       12
death to everybone              13
little boy blue II              14
you will miss me when i burn    15
here today, gone tomorrow       16
a sucker's evening              17
work hard/play hard             18
meaulnes                        19

03/06/00  New York City, Bowery Ballroom.
Same band as in Italy & Greece. A new coversong was played; "We Are 138" by the Misfits.
Bob Arellano plays guitar on "Death To Everyone" and "No Gold Digger".

the same love that made me laugh
one with the birds
o let it be
nomadic revery (all around)
a minor place
a sucker's evening
little boy blue I
west palm beach
another day full of dread
i see a darkness
the gator
death to everyone
no gold digger
here today, gone tomorrow
little boy blue II
the weaker soldier
werner's last blues to blokbuster
cat's blues
we are 138

Will is backed by the Anomoanon. Speed To Roam plays on the October dates as well.
Rising Shotgun played in Nashville.
Some new songs from "Ease Down The Road" were played in November, as well as a cover of
Bob Dylan's "Is Your Love In Vain ?".
Players October.
Players November.

05/10/00  Bloomington, IN, Second Story
06/10/00  Nashville, TN, The End
07/10/00  Louisville, KY, 953 Clay St. (benefit for the Kentucky ACLU's Reproductive Freedom Project)
08/10/00  Newport, KY/Cinncinati, OH, Southgate House
12/11/00  Los Angeles, Knitting Factory Hollywood
13/11/00  San Diego, CA, Casbah

Month                 October November
Day                         6 12
Total of songs             17 19

2/15                        1  1
death to everyone           2  2
mrs. william                3  3
the risen lord              4  4
sweeter than anything       5  5
pushkin                     6  6
a king at night             7  7
dream of the sea            8  8
nomadic revery (all around) 9  9
at break of day            10 10
another day full of dread  11 11
ohio river boat song       12 12
untitled                   13 13
southside of the world     14
after i made love to you   15 14
here today, gone tomorrow  16 15
i send my love to you      17 17
madeleine-mary                16
is your love in vain ?        18
little boy blue I             19

Bonnie Prince Billy solo.

15/11/00  Arlington, VA, Now Music and Fashion

Get On Jolly tour, opening for Godspeed You Black Emperor. Players.

01/12/00  Somerville, MA, Somerville Theater
02/12/00  Baltimore, MD, St. John’s Church
03/12/00  Winston-Salem, NC, Wherehouse
04/12/00  Washington, DC, 9:30 Club
05/12/00  New York, NY, Bowery Ballroom
06/12/00  New York, NY, Bowery Ballroom
07/12/00  New York, NY, Bowery Ballroom
07/12/00  New York, NY, Pete's Candy Store
08/12/00  Hoboken, NJ, Maxwell’s
09/12/00  Annandale, NY, Old Gym, Bard Colllege

Month                 December
Day                   1  5  6  8
Total of songs        6  ?  6  6

2/15                  1     3  1
25                    2  -     2
81                    3  -
64                    4  -  1  4
66                    5     5  5
102                   6  -  6
13                       -  2
86                          4  3
unknown                        6


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