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By Leo Meijer.
Here is a list of known live dates with the known setlists that Will Oldham played under different names.
If you know more dates or setlists then let me know so I can add them.

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Will Oldham joined Vic Chesnutt and Lambchop's Kurt Wagner for a take on Willie Nelson and Waylon
Jennings' "Good-Hearted Woman".
22/02/02  New York City, NY, Joe's Pub

Marianne Faithfull has invited Bonny to sing a couple of songs with her at her concert at the Barbican in London.
"Dreaming My Dreams" and "A King At Night" were played together.

10/03/02  London, Barbican

West Coast USA Bonny shows.
The band is here.
Bob Arellano sings with Will on Gulf Shores.
A couple of new covers were played; Sade's "King Of Sorrow", Dolly Parton's
"Here You Come Again", Aretha Franklin's "Hello Sunshine" and Nicolai Dunger's "Hey Mama".

27/03/02  Seattle, WA, Graceland
29/03/02  Anacortes, WA, Magic City
30/03/02  Olympia, WA, Socket (2 shows on one evening)
01/04/02  Portland, OR, Blackbird
02/04/02  Astoria, OR, Cafe Uniontown
03/04/02  Eugene, OR, Sam Bond's Garage
05/04/02  Arcata, CA, Humboldt Brewery
06/04/02  Chico, CA, Senator Theatre
09/04/02  Berkeley, CA, Starry Plough
10/04/02  Monte Rio, CA, Pegasus Hall
11/04/02  Ben Lemond, CA, Henflings
12/04/02  San Francisco, CA, Noe Valley Ministry
13/04/02  San Francisco, CA, Noe Valley Ministry
16/04/02  Los Angeles, CA, Troubadour
17/04/02  Solana Beach, CA, Belly Up Tavern
20/04/02  Nevada City, CA, The Magic Theatre

Month                    March April
Day                         30 12 16 17
Total of songs              13 17 14 23

careless love                1        2
every mother's son           2  3     3
barcelona                    3  4  1  4
hello sunshine               4        5
we all, us three, will ride  5  5  3  6
merida                       6  6  4  7
gulf shores                  7     5  8
death to everyone            8  9  6  9
my donal                     9  8    10
a king at night             10 12 12 16
i see a darkness            11 16 13 17
i will be good              12 17 14 18
stable will                 13
jump in jump in, come in...     1
(thou without) partner          2    22
west palm beach                 7    14
(i was drunk at) the pulpit    10
the sun highlights the lack... 11
riding                         13  7
66                             14
hey mama                       15    20
ease down the road                 2
may it always be                   8 11
viva ultra                         9 12
no gold digger                    10
forest time                       11
early morning melody                  1
just to see you smile                13
grand dark feeling of...             15
o paul                               19
king of sorrow                       21
64                                   23

Bonny Prince Billy with this band on the ATP festival.
As announced on the ATP site, they played a special performance of the
'Arise Therefore' album from start  to finish.

On 26/04, Will sings "Strong Enough" (from Sheryl Crow) on stage with the Oxes.

28/04/02  East Sussex, Camber Sands Holiday Park, All Tomorrow's Parties, Stage 1

a sucker's evening
arise, therefore
you have cum (...)
kid of harith
the sun highlights the lack in each
no gold digger
a group of women
give me children
the weaker soldier

The Anomoanon featuring Paul Oldham with Will Oldham blokbuster lineup!

27/06/02  Charlottesville, VA, Tokyo Rose
28/06/02  Baltimore, MD, Creative Alliance
29/06/02  New York City, Tonic
30/06/02  Philadelphia, Khyber

At the festival Will played with Dave Bird and Paul Oldham, in the recordshop Will played solo.

10/08/02  Oslo, Oyafestivalen 2002
13/08/02  Tromsų, Recordshop Feedback

04/10/02  Louisville, KY, Lava House (the band is here)
               The cops shut down the show, and they moved the audience and equipment to another venue
               after Faun Fables (the opening band) finished their set.

02/11/02  New York City, Luna Lounge

06/11/02  San Francisco, Great American Music Hall
               Will solo. He ended doing the Merle Haggard song "My Own Kind Of Hat" singing it with Colin Gagon.

ain't you wealthy, ain't you wise.
wolf among wolves
master and everyone
ease down the road
the brute choir
new partner
a sucker's evening
joy and jubilee
werner's last blues to blokbuster
you will miss me when i burn
o how i enjoy the light
little boy blue
the mountain
hard life
old jerusalem (attempt)
ohio river boat song
nomadic revery
a king at night
my donal
the weaker soldier
i send my love to you
one with the birds
i see a darkness
my own kind of hat

24/11/02  London, Barbican, Beyond Nashville (Will started solo, the band is here)
               The Richard Thompson song "The Calvary Cross" was played. This was last played in 1994.

grand dark feeling of emptiness
the calvary cross
three questions
ease down the road
careless love
a king at night
nomadic revery (all around)
a minor place
even if love
werner`s last blues to blokbuster
be still and know god (don`t be shy )
new partner
work hard/play hard
o let it be
the weaker soldier
the lion lair
my own kind of hat
i see a darkness
death to everyone
the brute choir
ohio riverboat song

Solo performances:
Note that the Istanbul setlist is probably incomplete.

27/11/02  Istanbul, Babylon
29/11/02  Athens, Ex Back

Month                       November
Day                         27
Total of songs              27?

may it always be
idle hands are the devil's...
the same love made me laugh
the brute choir
new partner
another day full of dread
o let it be
i send my love to you
grand dark feeling of...
southside of the world
raining in darling
(i was drunk at the) pulpit
ohio river boat song
gulf shores
death to everyone
a sucker's evening
little boy blue II
a king at night
careless love
agnes, queen of sorrow
i see a darkness
work hard/play hard
o paul
black (attempt)

07/12/02  Baltimore, MD, H. Lewis Gallery (the band is here)

23/12/02  Louisville, KY, The Red Lounge, Will joins Suki Anderson's band to sing the Etta James &
               Harvey Fuqua duet "If I Can't Have You".


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