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download Can You Hear Me? The Sing-Along Album by Cheyenne Mize & Special Guests contains a Will Oldham contribution

I Love - instructional
I Love

Can You Hear Me? is a podcast developed by host Cheyenne Mize as an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health at the Global Brain Health Institute at Trinity College Dublin in 2019-2020
Episode 2 of Season 2 has the "I Love" song in it and was released April 8, 2022

The upper is the cover for the song as on the album

The lower is the cover for the podcast

12" Palace Things by Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney with Mdou Moctar

Palace Skateboards PALACE1

Palace Things
Palace Things (demo for Lev)

Made for and sold through Palace Skateboards


download Shorty's Ark (Demo) by Will Oldham


Shorty's Ark

Each pre-order of the book Shorty's Ark includes a download card to access the unreleased demo version of "Shorty's Ark," as performed by Will Oldham.

Shorty’s Ark is a book for young readers, a collaborative effort between Will Oldham and graphic artist Lori Damiano, based on the song from the album Superwolves by Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy.

Drawing inspiration from the story of Noah, Shorty’s Ark names and pictures a wild variety of species to inform and engage an equal variety of young minds with the diversity that can be found around this great planet of ours. The flood stands as metaphor for current impending changes in our planet, and the story works as a springboard for understanding concepts of interdependency, diversity and extinction. Colorfully illustrating as many creatures and their places as possible, Shorty’s Ark is an earth-affirmative vision meant to stimulate the curiosity and passion of those who encounter it.

LP/CD/MC Don't Let Your Love Life Get You Down by Jaye Jayle has a song that features Bonnie Prince Billy

Pelagic Records PEL 230

When We Are Dogs

(featuring. Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Patrick Shiroishi)

LP/CD/MC Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You by Bonnie Prince Billy

Drag City DC890/PR75
Domino WIGLP532

Like It Or Not
Behold! Be Held!
Blood Of The Wine
Corporatocracy (not listed)
Sing Them Down Together
Kentucky Is Water
Willow, Pine And Oak
Trees Of Hell
Rise And Rule (She Was Born In Honolulu)
Queens Of Sorrow
Crazy Blue Bells
Good Morning, Popocatépetl

Comes in black vinyl and in limited edition rose coloured vinyl
The pre-order came with the cassette Old Hard & Marvelous


MC Old Hard & Marvelous by Bonnie Prince Billy

Drag City DC903C/PR76C
Domino BPBMCX01

Tom Hill
Goat Milk

Song titles by Tom Culton & Alicia Anderson
Before the song starts Tom Culton tells about the origin of the title
Same program on both sides
Domino cassette is purple, Drag City cassette is grey

Drag City


flexidisc I Love The Void by Bonnie Prince Bily

Drag City/Palace Records/Domino no cat.#

I Love The Void

free giveaway in recordstores and at filmscreenings


download Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You - Single

Drag City/Palace Records DC910/PR77

Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You (Tents/Hash)

Full band version: “Keeping Secrets will Destroy You” was played by Bonny, Shahzad Ismaily, Emmett Kelly, Jim Keltner and Blake Mills,
and features the singing of Lacey Guthrie, Katie Peabody and Heather Summers.

LP/CD/MC Neil Hamburger Presents Seasonal Depression Suite contains a song with vocals by Bonnie Prince Billy

Drag City DC894

The March

Other vocal contributions by a.o. Neil Finn, Annabella Lwin, Erik Paparozzi,, Alan Bishop

blu-ray Night Of The Bastard contains a Bonnie Prince Billy contribution

Culture Shock CSR-022

You May Want To Stay

Performed by Bonnie Prince Billy with Zak Riles and Tyler Trotter

The movie premiered in 2022, the Blu-ray version came out in 2023.
The song is an acrostic from the name
London May, who plays in the movie.


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