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LP/CD Good And Green Again by Jake Xerxes Fussel contains additional vocals by Bonnie Prince Billy

Paradise Of Bachelors PoB-063

Love Farewell


7" One With The Birds/Rubin and Cherise by Bonnie Prince Billy

One With The Birds
Rubin and Cherise

Limited pink board comes with live recording of Bonnie Prince Billy performing at Home Skateshop’s 20th anniversary in Louisville, Kentucky
7” vinyl comes with all different sewn original covers by Rose Hornung and other goodies


download Niagara by Fences & Bonnie Prince Billy

Enci Records

Sympathy For The Devil


podcast Can You Hear Me? has Cheyenne Marie Mize & Will Oldham singing a Tom T Hall song

I Love

Can You Hear Me? was developed by host Cheyenne Mize as an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health at the Global Brain Health Institute at Trinity College Dublin in 2019-2020

7"/download New Life by Goodtime John & Bonnie Prince Billy

New Life
Till The Rivers All Run Dry

edition of 300
Rivers is by Don Williams

MC/CDR High And High And Mighty by Bonnie Prince Billy


To The Lover Of Song, Song Opened Wide
You Should Maybe Go For A Walk And Keep Your Eyes Open
The Weather Is So Nice

Songs sung inside clouds of pedal steel. presented on cassette with letter pressed details as well as a pocket-sized lyric book handmade at haha hq
Edition of 100
After sold out it's available on CD


MC/download Time From Work To Go (Selected Songs, 1992-1998) by Palace Music


Antiquated Future Records

Don't I Look Good Today
Two More Days
For the Mekons et al
More Brother Rides (session).
Goodnight Moon (session)
Bolden Boke Boy (alternate)
West Palm Beach (session)
Ohio River Boat Song (live)
Idle Hands Are The Devil's Playthings (live)
Stable Will (session)
The Cellar Song (live)
Trudy Dies (live)
I Send My Love To You (session)
You Will Miss Me When I Burn (live)
I Am A Cinematographer (session)

A collection of rare, unreleased, uncollected tracks from Will Oldham as Palace Music, from 1992-1998


MC/download And Once Again In The World (Selected Songs, 1998-2020) by Bonnie Prince Billy

Antiquated Future Records

Careless Love (session)
All These Vicious Dogs
The Way (session)
Minor Place (live)
No Such As What I Want
Stablemate (session)
I See A Darkness (live)
Goodbye Dear Old Stepstone (session)
Weaker Soldier (alternate)
2/15 > New Partner < 2/15 (live)
Ease Down The Road (session)
Quail and Dumplings (live)
I Heard of A Source (live)
You Have Been Seen
Where Is The Puzzle? (session)
You Know The One (session)
On Raglan Road

A collection of rare, unreleased, uncollected tracks from Will Oldham as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, from 1998-2020.


























































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