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iTunes single His Hands by Bonnie "Prince" Billy


His Hands


LP/CD The Brave And The Bold by Tortoise and Bonnie Prince Billy

cover painting: starlight by woody crumbo

Overcoat Recordings OC027
Domino WIG167
Spunk URA173

Cravo Canela
Thunder Road
It's Expected I'm Gone
Love Is Love
That's Pep!
Some Say (I Got Devil)
Calvary Cross
On My Own


5CD Not Alone; Compilation for 'Doctors Without Borders' contains a Bonnie Prince Billy song


Durtro Jnana 1963

Song For Doctors Without Borders


CD Pull The Brake by Wrinkle Neck Mules has Bonnie Prince Billy singing on one track


Shut Eye Records SE101K



LP/CD His Hands by Candi Staton, the titletrack is written by Will Oldham


Honest Jons HJR LP023/HJR CD023

His Hands

Also released on 7"


Honest Jons HJP 027

2LP/CD Black Ships Ate The Sky by Current 93 has Bonnie Prince Billy performing one song

black ships ate the sky

black ships eat the sky

Durtro Jnana 2112
Durtro Jnana LP 2112
Durtro Jnana 111


Bonnie sings, plays banjo and tambura
Other versions of Iduma are done by Marc Almond, Baby Dee, Antony, Pantaleimon, Shirley Collins and more
There are two colors of the cover, a purple one and a more red one.
Black Ships Eat The Sky (Jnana 111) is released later and has different mixes of the C93 songs

by ned sublette

CD Leave It Behind by Homesick Hank has Will Oldham singing on one song


Playground HT002

Leave It Behind

Re-released in 2015 as the b-side of the single Believe
Digital single, in limited quantities pressed on vinyl


CDR Spacemoth 5th Anniversary Compilation 2 contains a song by Bonnie Billy & Oscar Parsons


Monolith Lamb


12"/CDs Cursed Sleep by Bonnie Prince Billy


Drag City DC316/PR35
Domino RUG230T
Domino RUG230CD

Cursed Sleep
The Signifying Wolf
God’s Small Song


LP/CD/DVD-A The Letting Go by Bonnie Prince Billy

pic by the admiral

Drag City DC420/PR36
Domino WIGLP182
Domino WIGCD182
Domino WIGDVDA182
Spunk URA190
P-Vine PCD-23822 (Japan)

Loves Comes to Me
Strange Form Of Life
Cursed Sleep
No Bad News
Cold & Wet
Big Friday
Lay And Love
The Seedling
Then The Letting Go
God's Small Song
I Called You Back
Ebb Tide
(hidden track)
++Signifying Wolf
(Extra On Japanese Release)

Initial copies included the CD Little Lost Blues

booklet detail bonny photo by sam oldham

detail of the promo poster

CD Little Lost Blues by Bonny Billy

sleeve by Tiny Pine Station

Domino WIGCD182x

Little Boy Blue
His Hands
Black Dissimulation
Southside Of The World
I Confess
Less Of Me
(previously unreleased)
Let's Start A Family (Blacks)
Little Boy Blue 2
I Am Drinking Again
Crying In The Chapel
(previously unreleased, not listed on the cover)


CD Mold The Gold by Pink Nasty has Bonnie Prince Billy singing along on three tracks

artwork chenoh yepa

BTK Blues
Don't Ever Change

additional playing + singing - Bonnie Prince Billy


CD Louisville Is For Lovers 6 contains a Bonnie Prince Billy song


Double Malt dbm07

Love Is Pleasing

Limited to 500 numbered copies


CD Do It Again: a Tribute to Pet Sounds has an Oldham Brothers contribution


Houston Party Record HPR135

Wouldn't It Be Nice


7"/12"/CDs Cold & Wet by Bonnie Prince Billy

paintings by Lori D.

Drag City DC318/PR37
Domino RUG235

Cold & Wet
The Way
(live from the Pebbles & Ripples Summer 2004 tour)
Buried Treasure
(live BBC) (B-side of the 7")
Cold & Wet (video)

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