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12" Sea Lion by Sage Francis


Epitaph E86752-1

Sea Lion (Sage Francis feat. Alias and Will Oldham)
Sea Lion
(extended, feat. Alias, Will Oldham, Saul Williams)
Sea Lion
(instrumental, Will singing and playing guitar as well)

The song was later  released on the Sage Francis album A Healthy Distrust
The DVD Life Is Easy by Sage Francis contains another version of Sea Lion with Will singing and playing; Sea Lion Reanimator Remix video


Epitaph E86709-1/2

Strange Famous Records

LP/CD/MC Superwolf by Bonnie Prince Billy and Matt Sweeney

drawing by Spencer Sweeney

Drag City DC179/PR33
Domino WIG150
Domino WIG150X (limited mini-gatefold sleeved deluxed edition)
Spunk URA140
P-Vine PCD-23584 (Japan)

My Home Is The Sea
Beast For Thee
What Are You?
Goat And Ram
Lift Us Up
Rudy Foolish
Bed Is For Sleeping
Only Someone Running
Death In The Sea
Blood Embrace
I Gave You

There is a 3 song promo CD with My Home Is The Sea, Beast For Thee & Lift Us Up
In 2013 released on cassette

photo: the steve gullick

Domino WIGCD150P2 (promo)

CD Nothin' To Celebrate by Red has Bonnie Prince Billy singing on three songs


Universal Music 982 599-3

Don't Create A Ditch (backing vocals)
He Was A Friend Of Mine
Nothin' To Celebrate
(backing vocals)


LP/CD No Earthly Man by Alasdair Roberts

drawings by Hanneline Visnes

Drag City DC283
Spunk URA147

Lord Ronald
Molly Bawn
The Cruel Mother
On the Banks Of The Red Roses
The Two Brothers
Admiral Cole
Sweet William
A Lyke Wake Dirge

Will Oldham: 1, 2, 3, 6 vocals. 2: bass & piano
Produced by Will Oldham



LP/CD Sprout OST contains a Superwolf song


Brushfire Records/Record Collection 48985-2

Demon Lover

Played with Dan Malloy


CD Drag City A to Z contains a Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney song


Drag City DCAZ

My Home Is The Sea

Live in Athens, Georgia 12/06/04. The song is introduced by Demetri Martin


7" Puff The Magic Dragon by Songs For The Young At Heart has Will singing on side A


Lucky Dog 03

Puff The Magic Dragon

The song was later released on the album "Songs For The Young At Heart"
Red sings along with Bonnie


V2 Records VVR1042148

7"/CDs I Gave You by Bonny/Sweeney

photo by jesse fischler

Drag City DC298/PR34
Domino RUG209cd
Domino RUG209

I Gave You
My Circle
Four Screams
(B-side of the 7")
Birch Ballad
I Gave You (video)

photo by jesse fischler

CDEP Mutter by Carrie Yury has Will singing and playing guitar



LP/CD Drawing Restraint 9 OST by Björk has Will singing on the opening track


One Little Indian TPLP459 (LP)
Polydor 9872853



LP/CD Tanglewood Numbers by Silver Jews has Will Oldham playing guitar on at least the first song

front by William Eggleston

Drag City DC297

Punks In The Beerlight
Sometimes A Pony Gets Depressed
Animal Shapes
I'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You
How Can I Love You If You Won't Lie Down
The Poor, The Fair And The Good
Sleeping Is The Only Love
The Farmer's Hotel
There Is A Place

From a David Berman interview:
"Around the ninth second of the first track, you can hear a subdued guitar chirring beneath and after the big blaring guitar, across the pause. That's Will. His rhythm guitars sound like him at his most benevolent"
Also: " I also had Will come down and play rhythm guitar on some songs, maybe half"


7" Sea Note presents Mr. search for the elusive Silver Palace record


Sea Note SN12

David Berman Tell His Side Of The Story
Will Oldham Speaks His Peace

The A-side of the single contains an "interview" with David Berman and the "answers" are given by playing fragments of familiair songs
On the B-side the same thing with Will Oldham

2LP/CD Summer In The Southeast by Bonnie Prince Billy

photo by will oldham

Sea Note SN11

Master & Everyone
Wolf Among Wolves
May It Always Be
Break Of Day
A Sucker's Evening
Nomadic Revery
I See A Darkness
O Let It Be
Beast For Thee
Death To Everyone
Even If Love
I Send My Love To You
Take However Long You Want
Madeleine Mary
Ease Down The Road

Recorded live in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and North Carolina (June 2004)


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