Bonnie Prince Billy Shows


Here is a list of known live dates with the known setlists that Will Oldham played.
If you know more dates or setlists then let me know so I can add them.

Latest revision: 30/10/18
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26/01/18 Hawaii National Park, HI, The Kilauea Visitor Center Auditorium (with live stitching by Elsa Hansen Oldham)

23/03/18 Bonnie Prince Billy appeared at the Susanna "Go Dig My Grave" concert at the Big Ears Festival and sung along on the following songs:

rye whiskey
who by fire
it's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock'n roll)
you know who i am
go dig my grave
perfect day
which will
rye whiskey

01/04/18 Louisville, Zanzibar - Bonnie Prince Billy sings along with Watter. The Four Horsemen is a cover of Aphrodyte's Child

the devil is people
the four horsemen

With Eighth Blackbird:

21/04/18 Los Angeles, CA, Theatre at Ace Hotel
Cincinnati, OH, MusicNow

25/05/18 Louisville, KY, Headliners Music Hall, Roadie record release show featuring Bonnie Prince Billy & Dawn Landes
Next to Dark Eyes, some Bonnie Prince Billy songs were played, at least:

ease down the road
night noises
dark eyes

Solo shows:

Boston, MA, The Wilbur Theatre
10/06/18 Peterborough, NH, The Thing In The Spring festival
11/06/18 Burlington, VM, Arts Riot Studio

04/08/18 Louisville, KY, Odeon (opening for Faun Fables)

08/09/18 Louisville, KY, PeteFest, Stomp stage (as part of the Stop Making Sense band info)

26/09/18 Durham, NC, Duke University (lecture info)
27/09/18 Durham, NC, Duke University (lecture info)

29/09/18 Chicago, IL, Soccer Club Club (an exhibition by, among others, Elsa Hansen Oldham and a musical performance by Will Oldham and Cooper Crain)

With The Wandering All-Stars & Motor Royalty
A new cover that is played is Dark As A Dungeon by Merle Travis

28/09/18 Durham, NC, Baldwin Auditorium (info)
07/10/18 Chicago, IL, Art Institute of Chicago
08/10/18 Nelsonville, OH, Stuart's Opera House
09/10/18 Alexandria, VA, Birchmere Music Hall
10/10/18 Brooklyn, NY, Murmrr Theatre (pictures)
11/10/18 Brooklyn, NY, Murmrr Theatre
13/10/18 North Adams, MA, Mass MOCA
14/10/18 Portland, ME, One Longfellow Square

you will miss me when i burn
o let it be
strange form of life
death to everyone
black captain
intentional injury
the seedling
the way
people living
dark as a dungeon
ohio river boat song
i see a darkness
i am goodbye
careless love
i called you back

To celebrate the launch of the Songs Of Love and Horror book, live performances of Oldham songs from Alasdair Roberts & Alex Neilson with friends
17/10/18 Glasgow, Mono (info)
18/10/18 Newcastle upon Tyne, Star and Shadow Cinema (thanks Mike)(info)
19/10/18 Todmorden, Magic City
20/10/18 Bristol, Sea Scout Hut (info)
21/10/18 London, Moth Club (info)
22/10/18 Sheffield, Bishops' House (info)

23/10/18 Brooklyn, NY, The Bell House (an evening of conversation with musician Will Oldham and New Yorker music critic Amanda Petrusich about Song of Love and Horror, info)


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