Bonnie Prince Billy Shows


Here is a list of known live dates with the known setlists that Will Oldham played.
If you know more dates or setlists then let me know so I can add them.

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Bonnie, Emmett Kelly and Cheyenne Marie Mize
Screaming Issue is played, a cover of Loudon Wainwright III

25/01/13  Columbus, OH, Wexner Center for the Arts
26/01/13  Pittsburgh, PA, Carnegie Lecture Hall
27/01/13  Charleston, WV, Culture Center Theater, NPR Mountain Stage

06/02/13  New York, NY, Brooklyn, BookCourt book store (in conversation about Will Oldham on Bonnie Prince Billy)
07/02/13  New York, NY, Lincoln Center, The Allen Room (as part of the annual American Songbook series)

28/02/13  Austin TX, Scottish Rite Theatre ((sounder)) presents:
-Screening of the short Pioneer, directed by David Lowery, staring Will Oldham. Film will be intro'd by Will
-Main Event, the premier of the short The Lonely Life Directed by Michael David Aho, staring Will Oldham. Soundtrack will be performed live by ((sounder))
-A Q & A following The Lonely Life with Will Oldham and Michael David Aho
-Following was an after party at the Mohawk, where Bonnie Prince Billy  and ((sounder)) played (at least) I Called You Back

04/03/13  Louisville, KY, Holy Grale Restaurant

Will singing along with Brett Ralph and Mark Hamilton

  Louisville, KY Tim Faulkner Gallery, Celebration in honor of Jon Cook

they at least played My Bucket's Got a Hole In It from Hank Williams

Free in-store appearances of Bonnie, Dawn McCarthy and Emmett Kelly

31/03/13  Oakland, CA, Stranded Records
01/04/13  Davis, CA, Armadillo Music, 205 F Street

Month                       March April
Day                            31  1
Total of songs                 12 12  

devoted to you                  1  4
strange form of life            2  1
empty boxes                     3 11
milk train                      4  8
it's all over                   5  7
omaha                           6  3
the seedling                    7  9
walking the dog                 8 10
my little yellow bird           9  5
love hurts                     10  6
i called you back              11
troublesome houses             12
wai                                2
so sad                            12

Dawn McCarthy & Bonny Billy (Susanna has opened for them)
A couple of Everly Brothers songs were added that are not on the album: Talking To The Flowers and Mary Jane.
Dawn McCarthy sung the Faun Fables song Live Old with harmony singing from the boys.
Will and Emmett sung along on two songs with Susanna.
In Bergen John Paul Jones joined in on mandolin!
The band is

24/05/13  Oslo, Rockefeller, Øya open
25/05/13  Klepp, Full Moon concert
26/05/13  Bergen, Røkeriet, Nattjazz
27/05/13  Bergen, Apollon Platebar, Bonnie sung along with Susanna
28/05/13  Bergen, Apollon Platebar
29/05/13  Stockholm, Kagelbanan @ Sodra Teatern
30/05/13  Goteborg, Pustervik
31/05/13  Malmo, KB
01/06/13  Copenhagen, Christania, Den Grå Hal
02/06/13  Aarhus, VoxHall

Month                        May June
Day                          26  1
Total of songs            

what am i living for          1 10
mary jane                     2  7
just what i was looking for   3
it's all over                 4 12
strange form of life          5
breakdown                     6  8
cursed sleep                  7  5
empty boxes                   8
lay and love                  9
milk train                   10 15
the seedling                 11 13
christmas eve can kill you   12
live old                     13 18
let it be me                 14 19
bird dog                     15 21
love comes to me             16 14
walking the dog              17
omaha                        18  9
i called you back            19  2
kentucky                         1
big friday                       3
no bad news                      4
my little yellow bird            6
talking to the flowers          11
stay                            16
love hurts                      17
i see a darkness                20

Dawn McCarthy & Bonny Billy with Cheyenne Mize on guitar and Van Campbell
Light Of A Vaster Dark is a Faun Fables song

17/07/13  Palmer, AK, Vagabond Blues
18/07/13  Anchorage, AK, Tap Root
20/07/13  Dawson, YT, Dawson City Music Festival
21/07/13  Dawson, YT, Dawson City Music Festival
25/07/13  Detroit, MI, Trinosophes
26/07/13  Guelph, Ontario, Hillside Festival
28/07/13  Newport, RI, Newport Folk Festival
29/07/13  New York, NY, Town Hall
30/07/13  Philadelphia, PA, Union Transfer
31/07/13  Washington, DC, Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
02/08/13  Columbus, OH, Wexner Center for the Arts
03/08/13  Newport, KY, The Southgate House Revival
04/08/13  Louisville, KY, The Bomhard Theatre

Month                         August
Day                           8
Total of songs              

my little yellow bird        
big friday                   
just what i was looking for
devoted to you
light of a vaster dark
lay it down
strange form of life
let it be me
love comes to me
walking the dog
i’m on my way home again
ebb tide
the lord of the manor
i wonder if i care as much
the world’s greatest
mary jane

with Neil Hamburger
10/08/13  Sioux Falls, SD, Rookies Comedy Club & Sports Grill (double bill! 7.00 pm & 9.30 pm)

Bonnie has played in all the states of the United States of America now!

04/09/13  Yakima, WA, Seasons Performance Hall
05/09/13  Portland, OR, Aladdin Theatre, MusicfestNW
06/09/13  Portland, OR, Aladdin Theatre, MusicfestNW
07/09/13  Seattle, WA, Neptune Theatre (last 4 gigs with Mount Eerie)

05/09/13  Portland, OR, Aladdin Theatre, MusicfestNW 06/09/13  Portland, OR, Aladdin Theatre, MusicfestNW 07/09/13  Seattle, WA, Neptune Theatre

idle hands are the devil's playthings
brute choir
new partner
give me children
o let it be
the lion lair
hard life
may it always be 
three questions
the weaker soldier
no bad news
west palm beach
bad man
easy does it
ease down the road
black captain
the world's greatest
agnes, queen of sorrow

(i was drunk) at the pulpit
no more workhorse blues
i am a cinematographer
mary jane
the seedling
i called you back
cursed sleep
willow trees bend
nomadic revery (all around)
night noises
master and everyone
one with the birds
little boy blue I
another day full of dread
raining in darling
at break of day
werner's last blues to blokbuster
i see a darkness

(i was drunk) at the pulpit
easy does it
three questions
we are unhappy
o let it be
raining in darling
the risen lord
bad man
i am a cinematographer
the lion lair
all gone, all gone
the seedling
i called you back
i heard of a source
time to be clear
i see a darkness

28/09/13  Louisville, KY, Cropped Out Festival, (Matt Sweeney and Bonnie "Prince" Billy played SUPERWOLF)

my home is the sea
beast for thee
what are you?
goat and ram
lift us up
rudy foolish
bed is for sleeping
only someone running
death in the sea
blood embrace
i gave you
love in the hot afternoon

10/10/13  Portland, ME, One Longfellow Square
11/10/13  Providence, RI, Columbus Theatre
12/10/13  Northampton, MA, Calvin Theatre

Month                           October
Day                              12
Total of songs                   23

pulpit                            1
on the banks of red roses         2
easy does it                      3
you will miss me when i burn      4
three questions                   5
rider                             6
we are unhappy                    7
o let it be                       8
raining in darling                9
66                               10
the risen lord                   11
bad man                          12
i am a cinematographer           13
lion lair                        14
out of mind                      15
horses                           16
all gone, all gone               17
the seedling                     18
omaha                            19
i called you back                20
i heard of a source              21
time to be clear                 22
i see a darkness                 23

21/11/13  Annapolis, MD, Ram's Head Onstage
22/11/13  Washington DC, Georgetown University, McNeir Auditorium (masterclass)
22/11/13  Washington DC, Gonda Theatre

Month                           November
Day                              21
Total of songs                   20

2/15                              1
you remind me of something        2
black captain                     3
the mountain                      4
i heard of a source               5
wolf among wolves                 6
you want that picture             7
the risen lord                    8
omaha                             9
the brute choir                  10
horses                           11
death to everyone                12
love comes to me                 13
quail and dumplings              14
(i was drunk at the) pulpit      15
i see a darkness                 16
may it always be                 17
we are unhappy                   18
the world's greatest             19
kentucky                         20

13/12/13  Madison, WI, Majestic Theatre
14/12/13  St. Louis, MO, Contemporary Art Museum
15/12/13  Iowa City, IA, The Englert Theatre

13/12/13  Madison, WI, Majestic Theatre

new partner
you remind me of something
black captain
the mountain
i heard of a source
wolf among wolves
rich wife full of happiness
the risen lord
death to everyone
the brute choir
love comes to me
quail and dumplings
(i was drunk at the) pulpit
i see a darkness
the weaker soldier
gulf shore
we are unhappy
may it always be
the world’s greatest
16/12/13  Minneapolis, MN, The Cedar Cultural Center

banks of red roses
easy does it
i am a floozy
you can't hurt me now
werner's last blues...
southside of the world
master and everyone
new gypsy
beware your only friend
you have cum...
brute choir
new partner
heart's arms
big friday
bird dog
raining in darling
black captain
on my way home again
idea and dead/...on my way home again



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