Bonnie Prince Billy Shows


Here is a list of known live dates with the known setlists that Will Oldham played.
If you know more dates or setlists then let me know so I can add them.

Latest revision: 21/01/20
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17/05/19 Louisville, KY, Speed Art Museum, an intimate performance with Will Oldham featuring his new book Stories and Songs of Love and Horror (info)

13/06/19 Los Angeles, CA, Family Bookstore, (it seems that) Will Oldham uses a random number generator to choose songs from the lyric book to sing or read or talk about in this performance and book signing

Trio rearranges for Bonnie “Prince” Billy maxi-set at Transfigurations 3 in Asheville

Lexington, KY, Lyric Theatre Shell-Bon-Sals trio played a mini-set at Woodsongs; airs in September

24/08/19 Asheville, NC, Transfiguration III Festival (look here)

12/09/19 Morehead, KY, CoffeeTree Books (check)

14/11/19 Louisville, KY, Louisville Free Public Library – Alanna Nash & Will Oldham in conversation (check)

16/11/19 Louisville, KY, Surface Noise, Surface Noise’s 3rd Anniversary Bash (with Matt Sweeney, playing all new songs from Superwolves)

24 Hour Improv, with Steve Albini, Ty Segall, Sally Timms, Yo La Tengo and many more

Chicago, IL, 24 Hour Improv (check)(tickets)


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