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10" Island Brothers by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang

photo by Damon Winter

Drag City DC468 / PR46
Domino RUG395

Island Brothers
New Wonder

The profits from this EP are going to facilitate and educate Haitian access to clean filtered water in these times of disaster and disease. For more information check

There is a Domino promo version on CD


download album Seven Swans Reimagined contains a Bonnie 'Prince' Billy contribution

Artwork by Vesper Stamper

On Joyful Wings

All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands


10" Must Be Blind by Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy

front by MS

Drag City DC481 / PR47
Domino RUG400

Must Be Blind
Life In Muscle

David Ferguson by Pete Towsend

5CD audiobook Slow Fade by Rudolph Wurlitzer as read by Will Oldham with D.V. DeVincentis

cover art by Becca Mann

Drag City DC449CD

Sung and unsung heroes sink in the sunset in this 1984 novel


10"/CD "The Mindeater" by Bonnie Prince Billy & The Phantom Family Halo


Sophomore Lounge Records and Tapes SL030
Knitting Factory Records 1116 (CD)

The Mindeater
Roki For Now
I Wonder If I Care As Much
Suddenly The Darkness

1000 copies pressed: 700 on opaque blue & 300 on special “haze” coloring
The CD and digital format was released later in the year

part of label

10" There Is No God by Bonnie Prince Billy


Drag City DC483 / PR48
Domino RUG421

There Is No God
God Is Love

There Is No God is available as free ringtone

They're playing for you and you're giving back to them, and they're giving back to
Save Our Gulf and The Turtle Hospital

There is a Domino promo version on CD


7" Haggard Harper Bonnie by Bonnie Prince Billy


Spiritual Pajamas Spiritual000

Because Of Your Eyes
I'll See You Again


download Mother Nature Kneels by Bonnie Prince Billy



Mother Nature Kneels

Long Haul Productions went down to Arkansas to check in with the residents about what's going on with those mysterious wave of thousands of small earthquakes that have rattled the towns of Guy and Greenbrier since September, 2010. They shared the tape with interviews they collected with Bonnie "Prince" Billy, who wrote an original song to contribute to the narrative.

digital single Quail & Dumplings by Bonnie Prince Billy

T-shirts and their photographs by Patsy Desmond

Drag City DC506 / PR050
Domino RUG442D
Domino RUG442CDP (promo)

Quail & Dumplings
Black Ice Cream
E Iesu/Maika'i No

There is a 2 track promo version on CD circulating. It contains the album and the radio edit version of Quail & Dumplings. The latter is about 50 seconds shorter.

LP/CD Wolfroy Goes To Town by Bonnie Prince Billy

drawing by Sammy Harkham

Drag City DC502 / PR049
Domino WIG286
Spunk URA383

No Match
New Whaling
Time To Be Clear
New Tibet
Black Captain
There Will Be Spring
Quail and Dumplings
We Are Unhappy
Night Noises

The Drag City version comes with a pink doo rag
The Domino version comes with a 16 page booklet by Ryan Hennessee who created the character Wolfroy & through him we journey through the record


by Ryan Hennessee

LP/CD/2CD+DVD The Night Visitor by Anna Ternheim has Will Oldham singing backing vocals on some songs


Universal Music 060252783226

Bow Your Head (backing vocals, additional production)
Walking Aimlessly
(backing vocals, additional production)
All Shadows
(backing vocals, additional production)
Come To Bed
(additional production)

Matt Sweeney produced the album

In 2021 a digital version was released that has the song Costa Rica which was recorded by Matt Sweeney and Bonnie Prince Billy already in 2007


digital video Bonnie Prince Billy - Live in Chicago



Black Captain
New Tibet
Time To Be Clear
Out Of Mind
There Is No God
Island Brothers

Recorded 23/05/11 Chicago, IL, Millennium Park, Jay Pritzker Pavilion (original setlist)


download album Pickathon 2010 contains a Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & the Cairo Gang contribution



You Want That Picture

A live recording from that festival (I guess)


CD/2LP This Must Be The Place OST contains songs written by Will Oldham


Indigo Film IND001
The Vinyl Factory END0008

Lay & Love
Open Up
You Can Like It
If It Falls It Falls
The Sword Is Yours
(bonus track that didn't make it into the movie)

The Pieces Of Shit play the music.
Will Oldham wrote the lyrics and David Byrne the music (except for track 1).
In 2012 the soundtrack is released on vinyl.


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