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download compilation The Squidbillies Present Music For Americans Only Made By Americans In China For Americans Only God Bless America, U.S.A. contains some singing by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy


Adult Swim

Ain't It Odd / Listen To The Animals

Performed by: Hayes Carll, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Unknown Hinson, Rhett Miller, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, David Rawlings, Todd Snider, Gillian Welch and Lucinda Williams


book + 10"  Afternoon by Ashley Macomber & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy


Black Tent Press BTP008

I Am A Floozy
Remember The Terror Time

Paintings by Ashley Macomber with accompanying songs by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

"Afternoon" is based upon the adaptation of the poem "l'apres midi d'un faune" written by Stephane Mallarme in 1865. It was originally put to music by Claude Debussy and popularized in the 1912 ballet, "Afternoon of a Faun" by Nijinsky

2x7"/download Bonnie & Mariee by Bonnie Prince Billy & Mariee Sioux


Spiritual Pajamas Spiritual002

Not Mocked
Bird Child

Love Skulls
Mad Mad Me

Not Mocked is written by Bonnie
Love Skulls is written by Mariee
The other two are cover songs

7"/download The b-sides for Time To Be Clear by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy


Drag City DC515 / PR51

Time To Be Clear (download-only)
Out of Mind


12" The Duchess EP by Trembling Bells, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Muldoon's Picnic


Honest Jons HJP67

Trembling Bells featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Too Old To Die Young
I'll Be Looking Out For Me
Tincture Of Tears

Trembling Bells & Muldoon's Picnic
Bells Of Oxford
(There's Nothing Nobler Than) Yorkshire In October
Tuning Fork Of The Earth
Dancing On The Breath Of God


LP/CD/download The Marble Downs by Trembling Bells and Bonnie Prince Billy


Honest Jons HJP64

I Made a Date (With An Open Vein)
I Can Tell You're Leaving
Ferrari In A Demolition Derby
Ain't Nothing Wrong With A Little Longing
Excursions Into Assonance
Every Time I Close My Eyes (We're Back There)
Love Is A Velvet Noose
My Husband's Got No Courage In Him
Lord Bless All


10" Hummingbird by Bonnie Prince Billy


Spiritual Pajamas Spiritual004

Because Of Your Eyes (solo version)

2 weeks later there's a download version available, containing the following songs:

Hummingbird EP
Hummingbird, pt. 1
same as above
Because Of Your Eyes (band version)
same as on the Haggard Harper Bonnie 7"
Hummingbird, pt. 2
Hummingbird cut in 2 pieces


LP/CD Pull It Together by Shannon Stephens has Will Oldham singing backing vocals on one song


Asthmatic Kitty Records AKR089

Faces Like Ours


2*10"/12"/CD Now Here's My Plan by Bonnie Prince Billy


Domino Records RUG462CDX
Drag City DC525 / PR52

I Don't Belong To Anyone
Beast For Thee
No Gold Digger
After I Made Love To You
I See A Darkness
Three Questions

Faber & Faber brought out a limited (expensive) edition (of 300) in a boxset containing a signed and numbered deluxe embossed hard back version of the book `Will Oldham on Bonnie Prince Billy` with 2x10" in a gatefold sleeve.
The paperback version of the book is sold as a bundle, with a 12" or CD.
The music is sold seperatly from the book in July.



CD Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac contains a Matt Sweeney and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy contribution


Hear Music HRM-33327-02


A few months later the song came out on 7" with Billy F Gibbons on the other side

Drag City DC546

LP/CD Little Heater by Catherine Irwin has Will Oldham singing backing vocals on two songs


Thrill Jockey Thrill281

To Break Your Heart


journal + 10" The Unified Field contains a Bonnie 'Prince' Billy contribution


The Unifield Field ISSUE01

Paradise I Missed

The Unified Field offers a unique collection of perspectives in very limited editions. Each issue unites a wide array of contributors under a unique overarching theme. As the name implies, The Unified Field will bring together disparate elements: high / low, academic / primal, word / picture. For this initial release, The Unified Field is honored to present: ISSUE 01 transition.
The 10" is clear vinyl.


download Let's Not Pretend by Liberation Prophecy is written by Will Oldham & Jacob Duncan


Let's Not Pretend

It is entitled, “Let’s Not Pretend,” stemming from a late winter living room conversation over Darjeeling tea. “Let’s Not Pretend” is an evenhanded collaboration between two artists, Will Oldham and Jacob Duncan, composer for Liberation Prophecy.
In June 2013 this song is released on the LP/CD "Invisible House".


LP/CD State Of Grace by Little Annie & Baby Dee has Bonnie Prince Billy singing vocals on the title track


Tin Angel Records TAR033

State Of Grace



7" Christmas Eve Can Kill You by Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

front cover by Magnus Johnstone

Drag City
Domino Records RUG502

Christmas Eve Can Kill You
Walking The Dog

Christmas Eve Can Kill You
Lovey Kravezit

There are two versions, the first is the Drag City version

DC back by Lindsey Rome

Domino back by Lindsey Rome

7" split Oxes ft. Will Oldham / Microkingdom ft. Sam Herring

art by Chris Day

Friends Records

Strong Enough

The B-side is a cover of I'm On Fire
The label advertised it as a limited to 500 copies release, but physical copies are hand numbered to 1000
Probably already recorded in 2001


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