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video This Land Is Your Land Project has Bonnie "Prince" Billy playing that song


This Land Is Your Land

The THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND PROJECT is an interactive documentary to record us all singing Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land.”
The project is produced by American Masters/THIRTEEN in New York. It’s in support of the Woody Guthrie centennial, which is the basis for the project and partnership with the Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives as they have been hosting Woody 100 events, concerts, and programs throughout the past year.


LP/CD Stranger In My Land by Roger Knox has Will Oldham singing backing vocals on one song

Bloodshot Records BS179

Scobies Dream


LP/CD/MC What The Brothers Sang by Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Drag City/Palace Records DC555/PR54
Domino Records WIG300

Empty Boxes
Milk Train
What Am I Living For
My Little Yellow Bird
Devoted To You
Somebody Help Me
So Sad
It's All Over
Poems, Prayers & Promises
Just What I Was Looking For

A year in the life of Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Dawn McCarthy

download The Bonnie Bells of Oxford by Trembling Bells featuring Bonnie Prince Billy


Rainbow Jolly
Aint Nothing Wrong With A Little Longing
Goat And Ram
Love Made An Outlaw Of My Heart
Excursions Into Assonance
Every Time I Close My Eyes We're Back There
So Everyone
All Gone
You Are On The Bottom/There Is No God/Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
Love Is A Velvet Noose


10" 60/Sixty-One Minute Men by Bonnie “Prince” Billy


Sixty Minute Man

To celebrate the launch of Sixty-One, Dogfish Head and Will Oldham, who performs as Bonnie "Prince" Billy, are releasing a limited-edition record. Bonnie "Prince" Billy has performed many times at Dogfish Head's coastal Delaware brewpub and has become a good friend, the kind of friend you'd give a big ol' man-hug to. He wrote an original song called Sixty-One that was inspired by this beer's origins, and on the flip-side of the record is a rollicking Bonnie "Prince" Billy version of the innuendo-filled Dominoes classic "Sixty-Minute Man." The record will be available only at Dogfish Head's Delaware brewery and brewpub, where you'll get a four-pack of Sixty-One, the record and a big, ol' hug from a Dogfish Head co-worker.

photo by shira ross

12" Solemns by The Marquis de Tren and Bonny Billy

gaping thylacine by mick

Drag City/Palace Records DC549/PR55
Domino Records WIG514T

Solemn 28
Solemn 10
Solemn 119


2CD Weary Engine Blues: A Tribute To Jason Molina has a contribution by Will Oldham

Graveface Records Grave101

Gypsy He-Witch

This collection is called Weary Engine Blues, named after a piece of artwork by Molina that serves as the cover of this release. The first 525 copies came with a "Molina Map" screenprint, signed and numbered by the artist William Schaff. 100% of the profits are going directly (and immediately) to Jason Molina's incredible family. With contributions by Alasdair Roberts, Damien Jurado, Will Johnson, Scout Niblett, Phil Elverum and many more.

Molina Map by William Schaff

LP/CD The Butterfly Ate The Pearl by Pantaleimon has Will Oldham singing along on one song

Grass Girl Music GGM009CD

Morning Star


download A Wilderness of Mirrors: Audio Book by Paul K has Will Oldham singing on one song

Imperial Statues


LP/CD/MC Bonnie Prince Billy by Bonnie Prince Billy

Palace Records PR 8

I Heard Of A Source
Lessons From Stony
Triumph Of Will
I Will Be Born Again
Make It Not An Evil Mark
The Spotted Pig
This Is My Cocktail
Bad Man
Ending It All (As I Do)
Royal Quiet Deluxe


LP/CD The Coincidentalist by Howe Gelb has a vocal contribution by Bonnie Billy

New West Records NW5097



iTunes single That's My Kind Of Night by Bonnie Prince Billy

Drag City DC587

That's My Kind Of Night


iTunes single Better Than I Used To Be by Bonnie Prince Billy

Drag City DC587

Better Than I Used To Be


iTunes single Let Me Love You by Bonnie Prince Billy

Drag City DC587

Let Me Love You


LP/MC There Is No One - Louisville Is For Lovers Tribute To Palace Brothers contains a Bonnie 'Prince' Billy contribution

Louisville Is For Lovers

O Paul

limited to 500 LP's each one has a different color mix
The whole There Is No-One What Will Take Care Of You album is covered from front to back


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