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12" Does Your Cat Know My Dog? compilation contains a Bonnie Prince Billy song

cover by Jad Fair

Three:Four Records TFR004

Love Comes To Me (live)

Recorded live in Central Coastal California (October 2006).
The first 25 seconds appear on "Wilding in the West" before "I Called You Back" starts.


CD Tune In by Nuala Kennedy has Bonnie Prince Billy singing along on one song


Compass Records COM 4534

The Waves Of The Silvery Tide

This is a traditional song


CD Brett Eugene Ralph’s Kentucky Chrome Revue has Will Oldham singing along on a lot of songs on the album


Noise Pollution Noise36

Kentucky Chrome (vocals)
Happened To Be
I Cry Easy
Charcoal Gray
Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell
Blue Is All I'm Gonna Need
Austin Is Where I Went to Dream
Grandpa Was a Hobo
Women Always Do
The Whole Of The Law

a complete list of the cast of characters that play along: Todd Brashear Steve Broadbent Ethan Buckler Liz Bustamante Taylor Carlisle Tony Crow Mary Feiock Jolie Holland Matt Hunter Catherine Irwin Paz Lenchantin Jason Loewenstein Black Nasty Pink Nasty Wink O’Bannon Paul Oldham Will Oldham Peter Searcy Dane Waters Tony Woollard Azita Youssefi

Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell is a Stooges cover


LP/CD/MC The Wonder Show Of The World by Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang

all spirals by Joanne Oldham

Drag City DC2012 / PR45
Domino WIG257
Domino WIG253XX (bottle stopper)
Spunk URA322

Troublesome Houses
Teach Me To Bear You
With Cornstalks Or Among Them
The Sounds Are Always Begging
Go Folks, Go
That's What Our Love Is
Merciless And Great
Where Wind Blows
Someone Coming Through

Initial copies of the Drag City album come with a 7".
From Domino: to celebrate the release of the new Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and The Cairo Gang album, The Wonder Show of the World, 150 Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy bottle stoppers have been commissioned. Each bottle stopper was individually hand carved by the artist Scott Millar. Anyone ordering the bottle stopper will be sent an email to download all the album tracks on the release date.
In 2013 released on cassette.

bonnie cairo stamp

               Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy bottle stopper

7" Midday / You Win by Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang

front cover monkeys: Joanne Oldham

Drag City DC2012X / PR45X

You Win

back cover monkeys: Chris Kelly / callig: Terry Wunderlich

7"/12" I Feel Bonnie by Hot Chip has Bonnie Prince Billy singing along on one song


Parlophone R6799

I Feel Bonnie

The 7" was released on Record Store Day 2010 and can also be found in a green sleeve
The song is a remix with additional vocals of "I Feel Better"
There's a 12" as well with "I Feel Bonnie (House Mix)" on it, this is a different mix and a longer version.

Parlophone 12R6799

12"+7" It Happened Here compilation has a Bonnie Prince Billy contribution


St.Ives SAINT42

Beware Your Only Friend (live)

The "Live at Landlocked Music" 7" contains the Bonnie song
Performed March 13th, 2009

A collaboration between Bloomington recording studio, Russian Recording, Landlocked Music, resulted in this compilation which is released on Record Store Day 2010
There are 2 slightly different covers

artwork by David J. Woodruff

MP3 The Adult Swim Singles Program has a Matt Sweeney and Bonnie Prince Billy contribution


Adult Swim

Love In The Hot Afternoon

This is the first single in a line of 8 singles in 8 weeks
All free to download

Later released on the 2CD Dear New Orleans, a benefit album for the city of music, 5 years after the levees broke.

8 singles in 8 weeks

LP/CD Be Yourself (A Tribute To Graham Nash's Songs For Beginners) has a Bonnie Prince Billy contribution


Grassroots Records GRRCD017 / GRRLP001

Simple Man (Hombre Sencillo)

Sung in Spanish, translated by Bob Arellano

The first pressing of the LP contains a 7". There are two versions of the 7". One has the Bonnie Prince Billy song on it with Robin Pecknold on the other side. The other version has the Vetiver and Sleepy Sun songs on it.

LP/CD House With A Curse by Coliseum has a Bonnie Prince Billy vocal contribution on


Temporary Residence Limited TRR175

Perimeter Man (backing vocals)
Skeleton Smile
(additional vocals)


CD Toutes Les Filles Pleurent by Judith Godrèche contains a song written by Will Oldham


Because BEC 5772646

How About Thank You

The album features music from and inspired by Godrèche’s directorial debut written specifically for the album.


7" Bonnie "Prince" Billy & The Black Swans Sing Larry Jon Wilson



Bertrand My Son

b/w The Black Swans - The Man I Wish For You


7" New Year's Eve's The Loneliest Night Of The Year by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy  & Trembling Bells


Honest Jon's Records HJP51

New Year's Eve's The Loneliest Night Of The Year

b/w Feast Of Stephen with Mike Heron


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