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iTunes single One Day At A Time by Bonnie Prince Billy with Bewarers


One Day At A Time


2LP/CD Louisville Is For Lovers 9 compilation contains a Bonnie Prince Billy w/Cheyenne Mize song


Double Malt dbm14
Karate Body Records (2LP)

The Girl In Me

The 2LP comes in red and white marble vinyl


LP/CD Shark Tank by Black Nasty has Bonnie Prince Billy singing along on one song


Eazy (radio edit)
(unlisted track)


2CD+DVD TFF Rudolstadt 2008 contains a Bonnie Prince Billy song


Heideck HD20083

Rich Wife Full Of Happiness

Live at Rudolstadt 2008 Festival

inside pics

CD/LP Who's Hurting Now? by Candi Staton contains a song written by Will Oldham


Honest Jon's Records HJR37

Get Your Hands Dirty


LP/CD/Ultraload Beware by Bonnie Prince Billy

cover by jeff hamilton

Drag City DC666
Domino WIGCD233 / WIGLP233
Spunk URA279
P-Vine PCD-24220
Love Da Records LOVECD58

Beware Your Only Friend
You Can't Hurt Me Now
My Life's Work
Death Final
Heart's Arms
You Don't Love Me
You Are Lost
I Won't Ask Again
I Don't Belong to Anyone
There Is Something I Have to Say
I Am Goodbye
Without Work, You Have Nothing
Afraid Ain't Me

The promo version of the album has an anouncer that talks through the songs every now and than, saying that you're listening to a promo
The ultraload version is Chijimi put in a 10" cover of Beware, including a downloadcoupon for Beware

The last two songs are only available on the 1st pressing of the album. In 2010 they are offered commercially on digital format. These songs have subsequently been deleted from the record.
The second pressing has a different cover.

back cover by sammy harkham

one song promo

Artwork "Lean Back" by Dirk Knibbe / Handwriting by Simone Montemurno

DC666X / PR42X

10" Chijimi by Bonnie Prince Billy


Drag City ULTRADC666/PR42U

How About Thank You
Hey Little
Face Him

7" Susanna and Bonny Billy sing...


(I'll Love You) Forever And Ever
In Spite Of Ourselves

Tour single

split 7" Young Widows / Bonnie Prince Billy


Temporary Residence TRR151

total of the 4 singles

Poor Shelter

Young Widows have assembled an all-killer-no-filler split single series, featuring new Young Widows jams, split up over four separate 7" singles, accompanied by a handful of their favorite friends and artists on the opposite sides of each single. Each single is strictly limited to a one-time pressing of 2,000 copies.
The artwork for the four singles fits together to form one large image.

10" Among The Gold by Cheyenne Mize and Bonnie Prince Billy

Cover art by Natalie Felker

Karate Body Records KBR002

Only A Dream
Love's Old Sweet Song
Beautiful Dreamer
Kiss Me Again
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Silver Threads Among the Gold

1st pressing on cream vinyl, 2nd on black, 3rd on sky-blue vinyl


CD Unfinal Call by Bonnie Prince Billy

cover drawing by Hornek

Palace Records / Drag City

The Way I Am (from Ask Forgiveness)
Another Day Full Of Dread
(from I See A Darkness)
Wolf Among Wolves
(from Master And Everyone)
After I Made Love To You
(from Ease Down The Road)
Only Someone Running
(from Superwolf)
The Brute Choir
(from Greatest Palace Music)
Strange Form Of Life
(from The Letting Go)
You Want That Picture
(from Lie Down In The Light)
Master And Everyone
(from Wilding In The West)
I See A Darkness
(from Summer In The Southeast)
(from Get On Jolly)

A sum of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy worx


CD The Present OST contains a Bonnie Prince Billy song


Brushfire Records B0013107-02

New Wedding


7" Sunrise by Soulsavers has Bonnie Prince Billy singing on the titletrack


V2 Records VVR710890

You Will Miss Me When I Burn
(sung by Mark Lanegan)

Sunrise is a Mark Lanegan cover from his album Whiskey For The Holy Ghost
There is also a one song promo CD with a radio edit version of Sunrise
Sunrise is not on the Soulsavers album "Broken", You Will Miss Me When I Burn is on it

one song promo

V2 Records VVR710890P

CD Silent City by Brian Harnetty & Bonnie Prince Billy

USA release

Atavistic ALP190

The Night Is, And Lights Are
The Top Hat
Sinclair Serenade
Sleeping In The Driveway
"Well, There Are A Lot Of Stories"
Silent City
And Under The Winesap Tree
It's Different Now
Papa Made The Last Verse Up
Some Glad Day
As Old As The Stars
To Hear Still More

Bonnie Prince Billy's voice is on track 4, 7 & 10. These songs are written by Brian Harnetty & Bonnnie Prince Billy

european release

RuminanCe Records RUM041

2LP/CD The Dark Age Of Love by This Immortal Coil has Bonnie Prince Billy singing on one track


Ici d'ailleurs IDA060


DAAU and Christine Ott play the music
All compositions on the album are by Coil
Ostia is from the album Horse Rotorvator from 1986 and was originally named "Ostia (The Death of Pasolini)"



7" Stay by Bonnie Prince Billy

cover by kim h

Drag City DC422/PR43

People Living

Both songs are recorded live
Both songs by Susanna K. Wallumrød


detail of the back

CD Eat My Shadow by Angie Hart has Bonnie Prince Billy singing along on one song



Little Bridges

There is also a limited edition double disc


CD Thomas A. Minor & The Picket Line by Thomas A. Minor & The Picket Line contains a song that has lyrics written by Will Oldham


In One Room Productions

I Guess I Don't Know (Elephant Song)

The album contains seven songs of pure joy, or depression to whatever personality you might be

2CD Stroke - Songs For Chris Knox contains a contribution by Will Oldham


A Major AMAJ002
Merge Records MRG367

My Only Friend


promo pic from the chris knox site

CD Face A Frowning World - An E.C. Ball Memorial Album contains two contributions by Bonnie Prince Billy


Tompkins Square Records TSQ-2288

John The Baptist
Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem
(sung by Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Dave Bird and Catherine Irwin)

Played by the Health & Happiness Family Gospel Band of Louisville, Kentucky, and many others


LP/MC Funtown Comedown by Bonny Billy and the Picket Line

photo by Dan Lubbers

Sea Note SN17/PR44

Ohio River Boat Song
May It Always Be
Hemlocks And Primroses
The Glory Goes/Wolf Among Wolves
We All Us Three Will Ride
Easy Does It
Lay And Love
Rambling Fever
You Want That Picture
Idle Hands Are The Devil's Playthings

Recorded live in the studio
Also available as digital download
In 2014 released on cassette

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