Bonnie Prince Billy - Will Oldham Discography


2007          2009

CD Wilding In The West by Bonnie Prince Billy

image from video by jesse fischler

Spunk URA239
P-Vine PCD93080

O Let It Be
Little Small Song
Then The Letting Go
The Gator
Master & Everyone
No Such As What I Want
Naked Lion
No Bad News
Three Questions
Weaker Soldier
I Called You Back
Magnificent Billy
Is It The Sea/My Home Is The Sea

Recorded live in Central Coastal California (October 2006)

booklet detail

LP/CD Safe Inside The Day by Baby Dee

photography by Donna Rogers

Drag City DC351

Safe Inside the Day
The Earlie King
A Compass Of The Light
The Only Bones That Show
Fresh Out Of Candles
Big Titty Bee Girl (From Dino Town)
A Christmas Jig For A Three-Legged Cat
Flower On The Tracks
The Dance Of Diminishing Possibilities
Bad Kidneys
You'll Find Your Footing

Produced by Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy. Bonnie also sings along on the record


CD Louisville Is For Lovers 8 compilation contains a Bonnie Prince Billy song


Get Your Hands Dirty

In 2009 this song is recorded by Candi Staton


2LP/CD April by Sun Kil Moon has Bonnie Prince Billy singing along on two songs


Caldo Verde CV006
Caldo Verde/Vinyl Films Records VFR-2008-1
P-Vine PCD24203/4

Unlit Hallway
Like The River


LP/CD Wolves And Wishes by Dosh has Bonnie Prince Billy's voice on one song

art by erin dosh

Anticon ABR0084

Bury The Ghost


LP/CD/MC Lie Down In The Light by Bonnie Prince Billy

cover drawing Joanne Oldham

Drag City DC367/PR41
Domino WIGCD222
Domino WIGLP222
Spunk URA243
P-Vine PCD24206

Easy Does It
You Remind Me Of Something (The Glory Goes)
So Everyone
For Every Field There's A Mole
Keep Eye On Other's Gain
You Want That Picture
Missing One
What's Missing Is
Where Is The Puzzle
Lie Down In The Light
Willow Trees Bend
I'll Be Glad

A demo version of So Everyone was available from the Drag City website

In 2013 the album is released on cassette


download Quando Arriva La Gente Si Sente Meglio by Numero 6 has Will Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy singing on one song


Green Fog Records (free download)

Da Piccolissimi Pezzi

Bonnie is singing this song in Italian


CD Echoes by The California Guitar Trio has Bonnie 'Prince' Billy singing on two songs



And I Know

And I Know is a cover of Krokodil
Freebird is a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd

Recorded in Louisville, KY


CD A Loud Call by Holly Throsby has Bonnie Prince Billy singing along on


Spunk URA244

Would You?


7" Notes For Future Lovers by Bonnie Prince Billy

Cover Art: Hunter Mack

Gold Robot Records GRR006

Notes For Future Lovers
¿Dónde Está Prufrock?

Limited to 500 numbered copies on lightblue vinyl

2LP/CD Is It The Sea? by Bonnie Prince Billy with Harem Scarem and Alex Neilson


Domino WIGLP213
Domino WIGCD213
EMI Music 24279727

Minor Place
Love Comes To Me
Bed Is For Sleeping
Arise Therefore
Wolf Among Wolves
Ain’t You Wealthy? Ain’t You Wise?
Cursed Sleep
Molly Bawn
Birch Ballad
New Partner
Is It The Sea?
My Home Is The Sea
Master And Everyone
++I See A Darkness
++Love In The Hot Afternoon
(both extra as unlisted tracks on the vinyl version)

Recorded live in Edinburgh at the Queens Hall 12/04/06

2LP/CD Flower Of Evil by Susanna has Bonnie Prince Billy singing on two songs


Rune Grammofon RLP 3080
Rune Grammofon RCD 2080

Without You

Jailbreak is a Thin Lizzy song
Without You is known by, amongst others, Harry Nilsson and Mariah Carey

Bonnie Prince Billy is recorded in Chicago

The album also contains a cover of Joy & Jubilee


2LP/CD Palermo Shooting OST contains a Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney song


City Slang SLANG1051891 (2LP)
City Slang SLANG1051892

Torn And Brayed


City Slang SLANG1051894

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