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book+10" photobook Forest Time by  Will Oldham | Erik Wesselo contains a one-sided 10" by Will Oldham

Photo by Erik Wesselo

Artimo 01 - ISBN 90-75380-40-2

Forest Time

LP/CD Sonic Youth Presents All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1 compilation contains a song by Papa M



How Can I Tell You I Love You?

This is a song by Cat Stevens
Will does backing vocals and zip guitar. Mixed by Continental OP
This song is for Grainne and Stuart

In 2010 digitally re-released as 'Papa M feat. Will Oldham - How Can I Tell You', with the following words:
A song by Cat Stevens, as interpreted by Papa M. Originally recorded as a wedding gift for Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai. Will Oldham (Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) sings backing vocals. Produced by Continental OP.


Blazebirth Records / TuneCore

CDEP My Morning Jacket / Songs:Ohia contains a song by Amalgamated Sons Of Rest

Art by Chris Duncan

Jade Tree/Split Series 3 JT1071

Songs:Ohia - Translation

Written: A.S.of R.


7" Kate Wolf's Brother Warrior as performed by Bonny Billy, split single with rainYwood

Painting by Brian Deran

Palace Records PR27

Brother Warrior

LP/CD Shellac Curated All Tomorrow's Parties 2.0 compilation contains a song by Bonnie Prince Billy



Early Morning Melody


12"/CD Amalgamated Sons Of Rest

drawings by magnus johnstone

Galaxia glx-16
P-Vine PCD-4267

Maa Bonny Lad
My Donal
(lead vocals by Will)
The Gypsy He-Witch
The Last House
Major March
(lead vocals by Will)
Jennie Blackbird's Blues
I Will Be Good
(unlisted bonus track; one third of the song has lead vocals by Will)

The Amalgamated Sons Of Rest are Will Oldham, Jason Molina and Alasdair Roberts
The 12" has one etched side, this side also contains the bonus track
Recorded September 10-12, 2001

detail of the back

12" Slitch Music by The Continental OP


Drag City DC195

La La La
Heavy Minor
Acoustic Minor
James Tired
(unlisted bonus track)

The DVD Slitch contains the 23 minute film and Palace "Come In" video, animation, director commentary, booklet
The other side of the DVD is the soundtrack on CD


Drag City DC195DVD

LP/CD Tranquil Isolation by Nicolai Dunger

Cover photo by Will Oldham

Dolores Recordings/Virgin Records COOL 23 (LP)
Dolores Recordings/Virgin Records Dol114DIGI DGVIR182

Last Night I Dreamt Of Mississippi
Hey Mama
Hundred Songs
First Runaway
Me, Ray and JR
Ol' Lovers
Truth About The Blues
Tribute To Tim Hardin
Good Man
Vem Kan Segla For Utan Vind/Du Ar Den Ende
Tale Of Old Nanny
Going Home For Christmas

Will Oldham does vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano
Produced by Nicolai Dunger, Will Oldham and Paul Oldham

LP/CD Asleep Many Years In The Wood by The Anomoanon, Will doing backing vocals on one song

cover by Peter Scott

Temporary Residence TRR54

One That Got Away


7" We All, Us Three, Will Ride by Will Oldham

sleeve designed by Nat Russell

Isota Records SODY005

We All, Us Three, Will Ride

Limited 1000 numbered copies, first 500 are on grey vinyl
Repressed in 2003 in black vinyl, the sleeve is a replica of the original hand screened sleeve, again limited to 1000
Barcelona is later released on the CD "the isota records singles club, a short tale of beauty/madness/greed"


Isota Records SODY026

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