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Updated 21/06/24

Old news


14/07/24 Lexington, KY, Kentucky Theatre, Harry Dean Stanton Fest
Will Oldham will join the
This Must Be The Place screening and do a Q&A before the screening to discuss his participation in the film

Bonnie Prince Billy:

26-28/07/24 Nelsonville, OH, Nelsonville Music Festival (info)
01-04/08/24 Portland, OR, Pickathon (info)

22/08/24 Clonakilty, DeBarras (w/ Nuala Kennedy, Eamon O'Leary)
23/08/24 Cork, The Everyman (w/ Nuala Kennedy, Eamon O'Leary)
24/08/24 Limerick, Dolan's Warehouse (w/ Nuala Kennedy, Eamon O'Leary)
25/08/24 Galway, Roisin Dubh (w/ Nuala Kennedy, Eamon O'Leary)
26/08/24 Dublin, National Concert Hall (w/ Nuala Kennedy, Eamon O'Leary)
27/08/24 Dublin, Whelan's

29/08/24 Salisbury, End Of The Road Festival (info)
30/08/24 Manchester, New Century Hall (info)
31/08/24 Glasgow, Queen Margreat Union (info)
01/09/24 Birmingham, Supersonic Festival (info)

07-08/09/24 Evanston, IL, Dawes Park, Evanston Folk Festival (info)
21-22/09/24 Accord, NY, Arrowood Farm Brewery, Woodsist Festival (info)

09/10/24 Karlsruhe, Tollhaus
10/10/24 Frankfurt, Zoom
11/10/24 Erlangen, Redoutensaal
12/10/24 Regensburg, Audimax
13/10/24 München, Kammerspiele
15/10/24 Essen, Lichtburg
16/10/24 Leipzig, Peterskirche
17/10/24 Hamburg, Kampnagel
18/10/24 Berlin, Pierre Boulez Saal (info)
19/10/24 Berlin, Pierre Boulez Saal (info)

Old tourdates:
15/05/24 Torino, Spazio 211 (info) (video)
16/05/24 Milano, Santeria Toscana 31 (info)
17/05/24 Parma, Teatro Farmesee (info)
18/05/24 Padua, Anfiteatro Del Venda (info)
19/05/24 Pesaro, Mengarden
21/05/24 Perugia, Auditorio San Francesco al Prato
22/05/24 Roma, Monk - Sala Teatro
23/03/24 Knoxville, TN, Big Ears Festival (info)(tickets)

Jacksonville, FL, Intuition Ale Works
19/01/24 St. Petersburg, FL, Side Door (at The Palladium)
20/01/24 Orlando, FL, Pugh Theater at DPAC (pictures)
21/01/24 Miami, FL, Miami Folkways - Miami Beach Bandshell

Louisville, KY, The Whirling Tiger (fundraiser for the Louisville Folk School)
with Bonnie Prince Billy, Catherine Irwin, Joan Shelley and many others

New York, NY, Anthology Film Archives - Screening of Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You visual album, Will Oldham will be in attendance
15/11/23 New York, NY, Joe's Pub (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford - early show) (pics)
15/11/23 New York, NY, Joe's Pub (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford - late show)
16/11/23 New York, NY, Joe's Pub (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford - early show)
16/11/23 New York, NY, Joe's Pub (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford - late show)
17/11/23 Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia Ethical Society (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford)
17/11/23 Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia Ethical Society (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford - late show)
18/11/23 Washington, DC, Sixth & I Historic Synagogue (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford)
19/11/23 Charlottesville, VA, Jefferson Theatre (cancelled)

17/10/23 Tucson, AZ, 191 Toole
18/10/23 Phoenix, AZ, Musical Instrument Museum
19/10/23 Flagstaff, AZ, Coconino Center for the Arts
20/10/23 Albuquerque, NM, Fusion 708
21/10/23 Taos, NM, Taos Center for the Arts
22/10/23 Santa Fe, NM, San Miguel Chapel
23/10/23 Santa Fe, NM, San Miguel Chapel (above dates w/ Laurel Premo)


Listen to Liffeyside by Nuala Kennedy & Eamon O'Leary with Will Oldham singing along in the Liffeyside Chorus (21/06/24)

•To be released May 31:
Hear The Children Sing The Evidence by Bonnie Prince Billy, Nathan Salsburg & Tyler Trotter. On No Quarter (thanks Leon)(25/04/24)

•Irish singer and flutist
Nuala Kennedy and Dublin/New York singer and guitarist Eamon O’Leary have recently released their new song “Liffeyside.”
The track will be released on their their forthcoming album and will have
Will Oldham singing along on it (thanks ray)(15/03/24)

•First only to be seen in selected theatres, now available to watch here:
Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You by Ryan Daly & Will Oldham (06/03/24)

•Check out the video for
Big Man by Thee Conductor w/ Bonnie Prince Billy. From the upcoming album Ennoia (07/02/24)

•Earlier only available as download, now
Spirit Of A Ghost by Thee Conductor is available on cassette. Featuring Bonnie Prince Billy on 2 songs (28/01/24)

The High Llamas will release their album Hey Panda on March 29. Bonnie Prince Billy co-wrote two songs. Check out here (10/12/23)

Thee Conductor with Bonnie Prince Billy will release their album Ennoia in Februari 2024 through Spacefight Records - bandcamp link

Listen here and look at the new video for Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You (Tents/Hash) by Bonnie Prince Billy (24/11/23)

•Listen to a band version of
Tents/Hash by Bonnie Prince Billy here (thanks Luca)(10/11/23)

Cabane released “The unreleased series Pt.1” on all streaming platforms, it features Easily We’ll See with Bonnie Prince Billy, this version is different from the one on Cabane's first album (08/10/23)

•Check out the video for
Rise and Rule (She Was Born In Honolulu) by Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks John)(23/09/23)

Neil Hamburger Presents Seasonal Depression Suite with contributions by among others: Neil Finn, Alan Bishop and Bonnie Prince Billy.
To be released November 17, 2023 through Drag City (thanks ray)(01/09/23)

•Check out the video's for
Crazy Blue Bells and Willow, Pine and Oak (thanks John)(27/08/23)

Listen here to Jaye Jayle's When We Are Dogs (feat. Bonnie Prince Billy, Patrick Shiroishi)(thanks John)(29/06/23)

•The new
Bonnie Prince Billy album Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You is available for pre-order now, check here, here and here. To be released August 11.
Check the various bundle options and look and listen to
Bananas (22/05/23)

other news

•If you're a member you can read
The Aquarium Drunkard interview about the latest output covering Lungfish (thanks ray)(14/06/24)

Listen to Will Oldham at Big Ears Music Festival 2024 (thanks ray(01/06/24)

Will Oldham on Steve Albini (thanks ray)(17/05/24)

Swimsuit released a coverversion of One With The Birds, check it out here (thanks Karl)(10/05/24)

•Listen to the
Derek Piotr Fieldwork Archive: Recorded in Kentucky (thanks Sascha)(07/02/24)

Life Of The Record: for the 25th anniversary of the album you can listen to the making of I See A Darkness by Bonnie “Prince” Billy - featuring Will Oldham (thanks ray)(28/01/24)

•Take a look a the film
Green Man Festival 2005 with unreleased footage of Bonnie Prince Billy, Joanna Newsom and more. Read about it here (thanks Luca)(28/01/24)

•The Miami New Times has
an interview: Bonnie "Prince" Billy Was Destined to Play at the Miami Beach Bandshell (thanks ray)(28/01/24)

•Listen to a
new Bonnie Prince Billy song, played live 18/01/24 in Jacksonville, FL (thanks Luca)(28/01/24)

•Listen to the
Meet Our Makers podcast, with Bonnie Prince Billy - Singing Life (thanks ray)(03/01/24)

Listen to Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Will Oldham on the song that changed his life (thanks ray)(24/11/23)

Here are pictures of the gig from Jong Langford and Bonnie Prince Blly at Joe's Pub (thanks ray)(24/11/23)

•Check out
this video for Shorty's Ark (thanks ray)(10/11/23)

•Listen to
Lucia & Leo's version of Lay and Love. Also available on their album Saudade (thanks ray)(10/11/23)

Bonnie Priince Billy is featured in the "December" issue of Uncut, available in the UK on October 12, apparently, Will will be giving "a tour of his kentucky neighbourhood” (thanks ray)(13/10/23)

•POP Montréal is
Talking Secrets with Bonnie “Prince” Billy (thanks John)(08/10/23)

•Listen to
AEWCH #237 Will Oldham on the life of music and devotion (thanks ray)(23/09/23)

•Jeff Nicols' new movie
The Bikeriders has Will Oldham in it playing the role of a bartender. TBR December 1 in US theatres (thanks ray)(10/09/23)
the trailer and pay close attention around minute 1

•Check out some
Will Oldham favorites on Perfectly Imperfect (10/09/23)

•Check out
these pictures of Will Oldham and Michael Hurley, by Lance Bangs (thanks ray)(10/09/23)

OOR magazine has a lengthy interview with Bonnie Prince Billy (in Dutch)(01/09/23)

•The Guardian
posted some answers to questions from readers to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (thanks ray)(27/08/23)

•Listen to
You're Doomed by Tim Heidecker and the Good Band joined by Will Oldham, played in 17-08-23 in Louisville at The Whirling Tiger (20/08/23)

•The Guardian asks to
post your questions for Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (thanks ray)(18/08/23)

•Listen to
Episode 300: Kentucky Pocketwolves (feat. Will Oldham) of the Trillbilly Worker's Party (thanks ray)(06/08/23)

•Check out
the trailer for the Bonnie Prince Billy skateboard plus 7" Rose Hornung made for Otherness Skateboards in 2022 (thanks John)(06/08/23)

Essential Tremors guest Will Oldham guest hosts the June 21 episode featuring a conversation with June Tabor (25/06/23)

this interview with Sammy Harkham about he got to do the drawings for I See A Darkness (thanks ray)(25/06/23)