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Updated 23/09/23

Old news


Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You - Album Playback and Screening:
25/09/23, Amsterdam, Melkweg (tickets)

Bonnie Prince Billy:
29/09/23 Kingston, NY, Tubby's Kiingston, Tubby's 5 Year Anniversary Weekend

01/10/23 Montreal, Théâtre Rialto (w/ Beyries for POP Montreal International Music Festival) (check)
02/10/23 Portsmouth, NH, The Press Room (w/ Bitchin Bajas)
03/10/23 Portland, ME, Arts at Greenwood Garden (w/ Bitchin Bajas)

07/10/23 Baltimore, MD, Design Distillery 1414 Key Hwy, Essential Tremors Presents Selector Series #8: Will Oldham
A live, high-fidelity vinyl listening session and discussion of one of his favorite records (note that he will not be performing any music)

17/10/23 Tucson, AZ, 191 Toole
18/10/23 Phoenix, AZ, Musical Instrument Museum
19/10/23 Flagstaff, AZ, Coconino Center for the Arts
20/10/23 Albuquerque, NM, Fusion 708
21/10/23 Taos, NM, Taos Center for the Arts
22/10/23 Santa Fe, NM, San Miguel Chapel
23/10/23 Santa Fe, NM, San Miguel Chapel (above dates w/ Laurel Premo)

14/11/23 Pittsburgh, PA, 25 Carrick (disappeared of the previous list)
15/11/23 New York, NY, Joe's Pub (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford - early show)
15/11/23 New York, NY, Joe's Pub (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford - late show)
16/11/23 New York, NY, Joe's Pub (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford - early show)
16/11/23 New York, NY, Joe's Pub (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford - late show)
17/11/23 Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia Ethical Society (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford)
17/11/23 Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia Ethical Society (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford - late show)
18/11/23 Washington, DC, Sixth & I Historic Synagogue (Bonnie Prince Billy & Jon Langford)
19/11/23 Charlottesville, VA, Jefferson Theatre (cancelled)

Old tourdates:
Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You - Album Playback and Screening:
18/07/23 Milano, Il Cinemino
03/08/23 London, Close-Up Cinema
08/08/23 Berlin, Wolf Kino (thanks Lana)
22/08/23 Los Angeles, Braindead Studios
30/08/23 Paris, La Filmotheque
Cambridge, MA, Brattle Theatre

Bonnie Prince Billy:
Galveston, TX, The Old Quarter
08/09/23 Galveston, TX, The Old Quarter Galveston
09/09/23 Houston, TX, The Heights Theater
11/09/23 Elgin, TX, Lightnin' Bar
12/09/23 Austin, TX, Parish
13/09/23 Austin, TX, Parish
14/09/23 Dallas, TX, The Texas Theatre
15/09/23 San Antonio, TX, Lonesome Rose
16/09/23 Marfa, TX, The Crowley Theatre (above dates w/ Myriam Gendron)

Denver, CO, Soiled Dove
12/07/23 Denver, CO, Soiled Dove
13/07/23 Fort Collins, CO, The Armory
14/07/23 Manitou Springs, CO, Lulu's Downstairs
15/07/23 Basalt, CO, TACAW (The Arts Campus at Willits) (above dates w/ Faun Fables)

Victoria, Canada, British Columbia, Capital Ballroom (w/ Patricia Wolf)
11/05/23 Vancouver, British Columbia, St. James Community Square (w/ Patricia Wolf)
12/05/23 Bellingham, WA, The Wild Buffalo (w/ Patricia Wolf)
13/05/23 Seattle, WA, Neptune Theatre (w/ Patricia Wolf)
14/05/23 Portland, OR, Aladdin Theater (w/ Patricia Wolf)
15/05/23 Portland, OR, Aladdin Theater (w/ Michael Hurly)

Bonnie Prince Billy and Jon Langford: Song For Song
11/03/23 Minneapolis, MN, The Cedar Cultural Center (6.00 pm) (info)
11/03/23 Minneapolis, MN, The Cedar Cultural Center (9.00 pm)

Bonnie Prince Billy
19-20/11/22 Chicago, IL, Constellation, Letters to Santa

Nijmegen, Doornroosje
06/12/22 Amsterdam, Paradiso
07/12/22 Frankfurt, Zoom
08/12/22 Antwerpen, De Roma
09/12/22 London, Hackney Church

Louisville, KY, Edenside Sanctuary (fundraiser for Story's Lighthouse)

Urbana, IL, Channing Murray Foundation
05/11/22 Berwyn. IL, Fitzgerald's (w. Jon Langford)
05/11/22 Berwyn. IL, Fitzgerald's
06/11/22 Indianapolis, IN, Shelton Auditorium


•Check out the video for
Rise and Rule (She Was Born In Honolulu) by Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks John)(23/09/23)

Neil Hamburger Presents Seasonal Depression Suite with contributions by among others: Neil Finn, Alan Bishop and Bonnie Prince Billy.
To be released November 17, 2023 through Drag City (thanks ray)(01/09/23)

•Check out the video's for
Crazy Blue Bells and Willow, Pine and Oak (thanks John)(27/08/23)

Listen here to Jaye Jayle's When We Are Dogs (feat. Bonnie Prince Billy, Patrick Shiroishi)(thanks John)(29/06/23)

•The new
Bonnie Prince Billy album Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You is available for pre-order now, check here, here and here. To be released August 11.
Check the various bundle options and look and listen to
Bananas (22/05/23)

Jaye Jayle will release his album Don’t Let Your Love Life Get You Down on July 14 through Pelagic Records. Bonnie Prince Billy sings along on When We Are Dogs, more here (21/04/23)

Thee Conductor will release his album Ennoia in November 2023. Bonnie Prince Billy sings on the album (21/04/23)

•To be released: a new
Bonnie Prince Billy album: Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You. The album will be presented April 20 at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville.
This is a special evening of recorded music shared with the public for the first time accompanied by visualizations conceived, juxtaposed, and assembled by Ryan Daly (thanks ray)(21/03/23)

•Released on February 3 and already sold out...:
Palace Things 12" by Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney with Mdou Moctar (read here) (thanks ray)(15/02/23)

•Released January the 1st:
Can You Hear Me? The Sing-Along Album by Cheyenne Mize & Special Guests. One of the guests is Will Oldham singing along on I Love written by Tom T. Hall (thanks Martin)(10/01/23)

•Matt Kivel's album
bend reality ~ like a wave is out now, check here for the digital version and for pre-orders the physical version. Bonnie Prince Billy sings on 3 songs (15/10/22)

•Pre-orders of
Shorty's Ark include a download card to access the unreleased demo version of "Shorty's Ark," as performed by Matt Sweeney (01/10/22)
The book is coming out April 21, 2023. It is a collaborative effort between
Will Oldham and graphic artist Lori Damiano.

•Listen to a new song from the upcoming album of
Matt Kivel: amagansett (feat. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) (24/09/22)

other news

•Listen to
AEWCH #237 Will Oldham on the life of music and devotion (thanks ray)(23/09/23)

•Jeff Nicols' new movie
The Bikeriders has Will Oldham in it playing the role of a bartender. TBR December 1 in US theatres (thanks ray)(10/09/23)
the trailer and pay close attention around minute 1

•Check out some
Will Oldham favorites on Perfectly Imperfect (10/09/23)

•Check out
these pictures of Will Oldham and Michael Hurley, by Lance Bangs (thanks ray)(10/09/23)

OOR magazine has a lengthy interview with Bonnie Prince Billy (in Dutch)(01/09/23)

•The Guardian
posted some answers to questions from readers to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (thanks ray)(27/08/23)

•Listen to
You're Doomed by Tim Heidecker and the Good Band joined by Will Oldham, played in 17-08-23 in Louisville at The Whirling Tiger (20/08/23)

•The Guardian asks to
post your questions for Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (thanks ray)(18/08/23)

•Listen to
Episode 300: Kentucky Pocketwolves (feat. Will Oldham) of the Trillbilly Worker's Party (thanks ray)(06/08/23)

•Check out
the trailer for the Bonnie Prince Billy skateboard plus 7" Rose Hornung made for Otherness Skateboards in 2022 (thanks John)(06/08/23)

Essential Tremors guest Will Oldham guest hosts the June 21 episode featuring a conversation with June Tabor (25/06/23)

this interview with Sammy Harkham about he got to do the drawings for I See A Darkness (thanks ray)(25/06/23)

•Listen to
Vish Khanna's Ep. #775, with Will Oldham & Lori Damiano (21/05/23)

•Listen to a new song by
Bonnie Prince Billy here (21/05/23)

•Check the
Talkhouse Podcast: Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy) with David Wax (thanks ray)(07/05/23)

•February 9 had
Will Oldham talking to Keith Waits on Louisville ARTxFM. Amongst other things talking about a brand new album coming up in a few months and playing You May Want To Stay (15/02/23)

Night Of The Bastard, a movie by Eric Boccio has a brand new song by Bonnie Prince Billy: You May Want To Stay (15/02/23)

•Listen to
Good To My Girls as performed by Bonnie Prince Billy (15/10/22)

•Listen to
The Way as performed by Bonnie Prince Billy (09/10/22)

Emmett Kelly has produced Seance! With Zabrecky. The album comes out on In The Red records (01/10/22)

Alan Licht released a CD version with remastered audio and updated artwork from the original digital version of Three Chords and a Sword: Solo Cover Versions 1988-2021
It has a cover of Stable Will (24/09/22)