Old News

old news
Jaye Jayle will release his album Don’t Let Your Love Life Get You Down on July 14 through Pelagic Records. Bonnie Prince Billy sings along on When We Are Dogs, more here (21/04/23)

•Thee Conductor will release his album Ennoia in November 2023. Bonnie Prince Billy sings on the album (21/04/23)

•To be released: a new Bonnie Prince Billy album: Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You. The album will be presented April 20 at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville.
This is a special evening of recorded music shared with the public for the first time accompanied by visualizations conceived, juxtaposed, and assembled by Ryan Daly (thanks ray)(21/03/23)

•Released on February 3 and already sold out...: Palace Things 12" by Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney with Mdou Moctar (read here) (thanks ray)(15/02/23)

•Released January the 1st: Can You Hear Me? The Sing-Along Album by Cheyenne Mize & Special Guests. One of the guests is Will Oldham singing along on I Love written by Tom T. Hall (thanks Martin)(10/01/23)

•Matt Kivel's album bend reality ~ like a wave is out now, check here for the digital version and for pre-orders the physical version. Bonnie Prince Billy sings on 3 songs (15/10/22)

•Pre-orders of Shorty's Ark include a download card to access the unreleased demo version of "Shorty's Ark," as performed by Matt Sweeney (01/10/22)
The book is coming out April 21, 2023. It is a collaborative effort between Will Oldham and graphic artist Lori Damiano.

•Listen to a new song from the upcoming album of Matt Kivel: amagansett (feat. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) (24/09/22)

•Matt Kivel will release Bend Reality - Like A Wave on limited edition LP. Bonnie Prince Billy sings along on three songs, check here (04/09/22)

•First released through the Happy Hollerdays 2021 compilation, now available separately from here: Outsider from the Ramones by Bonnie Prince Billy featuring Chris Scruggs, William Tyler,
Pete Townsend and D.C. Berman (12/08/22)

•Shorty's Ark, coming out April 2023: a book for young readers, a collaborative effort between Will Oldham and graphic artist Lori Damiano, based on the song by Oldham and Matt Sweeney (thanks Charles)(31/07/22)

•Matt Kivel and Bonnie Prince Billy sing a duet on Find Love, buy here (thanks Léon)(31/07/22)

•Take a look to the video where Bonnie Prince Billy plays Home by Joan Shelley (05/07/22)

•Take a look to the video that comes with the Andrew Rhinehart & Bonnie Prince Billy cover of Friend Of The Devil, start here (20/05/22)

•On May 6 at 10 am PST (18.00h GMT, 19.00h in Amsterdam) Antiquated Future will release two career spanning retrospective cassettes of rare, alternate, or live versions of 
Palace Music and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy songs (06/05/22)

•Just released: High & High & Mighty. A new album by Bonnie Prince Billy on Haha Institute (03/05/22)

•Can You Hear Me? was developed by host Cheyenne Mize as an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health at the Global Brain Health Institute at Trinity College Dublin in 2019-2020.
Will Oldham and Cheyenne sing I Love in season 2, episode 2 of this podcast (15/04/22)

•Fences & Bonnie Prince Billy released two songs today; check the video for Niagara and the cover of Sympathy For the Devil. Through Enci Records (thanks Sascha)(01/04/22)

•On May 2 New Life, a 7" single by Goodtime John & Bonnie Prince Billy will come out, check here (01/04/22)

•A limited pink skateboard comes with live recording of Bonnie Prince Billy performing at Home Skateshop’s 20th anniversary in Louisville, KY. The 7” vinyl comes with sewn original covers and other goodies (thanks Sascha)(20/03/22)
Check the different covers here

•A new Bonnie Prince Billy album on tape will come out through HaHa Institute, somewhere in April (20/03/22)

•Listen to Superwolves "My Home Is The Sea" -Live at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco - 10/12/2021 (thanks ray)(25/02/22)

•Released November 20: Happy Hollerdays 2021 - A Special Benefit Album for Team West Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund. Containing a Bonnie Prince Billy cover of a Ramones song (22/12/21)(thanks Sascha)
Amongst the other contributors are Nathan Salsburg, Rachel Grimes, Joan Shelley, Teddy Abrahams, Cheyenne Mize. Also listen to the last track!

•Released November 8: Kidnapped by Neptune by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Scout Niblett featuring Hamerkop (08/11/21)
Check the video by Chad Blevins

•To be released 10-12-2021: Blind Date Party by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan. The album of the earlier released coverversions now on vinyl, CD and MC (08/11/21)

•Bonnie Prince Billy sings along on Love Farewell on the upcoming Jake Xerxes Fussell album. Out January 21 on Paradise Of Bachelors (thanks Léon)(01/11/22)

•Not available online and at records stores but only if you sign up at PBS Radio: Best of Studio 5 Live: 20 Years of Easey Street download compilation. 
Contains a live version of Grand Dark Feeling of Emptiness by Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks Sasacha)(25/10/21)

•Louisville musicians honor deceased uitarist Wink O’Bannon with new album af covers, read here and honor here. Participants include, among many others: Louisvillians Will Oldham, Todd Brashear (Slint), Catherine Irwin and Anna Krippenstapel (Freakwater), Tara Jane O’Neil, David Grubbs (thanks ray)(18/09/21)

•Bonnie Prince Billy and Andrew Rinehart cover Friend Of The Devil by the Grateful Dead, listen here. From a 6 song EP called Have Fun Idiot!, coming out August 6 on sonaBLAST! (thanks ray)(31/07/21)

•Ashley Shadow announces new album Only The End, it contains a song featuring Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy on vocals: Don't Slow Me Down (thanks ray)(25/07/21)

•Check this official live video by Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy with Emmett Kelly: My Body is My Own (25/06/21)

•Songs In The Key Of Death by Sad13 / Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Nathan Salsburg will be released digitally (thanks ray)(18/06/21)

•Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy released Watch What Happens: Bonnie & Sweeney + Joan Shelley & Nathan Salsburg cover each other on this new single (thanks ray)(08/06/21)

•Nathan Salsburg releases Psalms, a record of (mostly) Hebrew psalms. It comes out on August 20 on No Quarter Records. Among others, Will Oldham is playing along (03/06/2021)

•Andrew Rinehart's forthcoming EP Have Fun Idiot (on sonaBLAST!) will be out due August 6. It feature a duet with Bonnie Prince Billy on a cover of the Dead’s "Friend of the Devil" 
Read more here (thanks ray) (27/05/21)

•Listen and look to We Won't Go Quietly by Kira Skov and Bonnie “Prince” Billy (18/05/21)

•Listen and look at/to the latest Superwolves single Resist The Urge, video directed by Kevin "Spanky" Long and Atiba (28/04/21)

•Already released in 2020: Savory (Jawbox cover) with C.J. Boyd + Will Oldham and the Quarantaine Choir. From the compilation Safe In Sound on Joyful Noise Recordings (25/04/21)

•Listen to a new duet with Bonnie Prince Billy from the forthcoming album Spirit Tree by Kira Skov: Some Kind of Lovers (24/04/21)

•Broeder Dieleman & Bonnie Prince Billy release a split single on May 21: Love Is The First Law / There Are Worms In Your Circle. Information here and here (09/04/21)

•No Quarter released a single sided 12" with etching: Three Feral Pieces by Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Nathan Salsburg, Max Porter. For more information check here (02/04/21)

•Listen and look at/to Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy playing Only Someone Running (Official Live Performance) (25/03/21)

•Listen and look at/to the latest Superwolves single My Blue Suit, video directed by Geoff McFetridge (23/03/21)

•Released March 4: She Is My Everything by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by John Prine featuring Sir Richard Bishop (05/03/21)
Check the video by Jade Healy. This is the last song in the serie. It was a blast.

•Released February 26: I Want To Go To The Beach by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Iggy Pop featuring Cooper Crain (26/02/21)
Check the video by Jacob Forman

•Released February 19: The Wild Kindness by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by David Berman featuring Cassie Berman (20/02/21)
Check the video by Ben Berman

•Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy announce a new album: Superwolves. Look at the new video of the beastly duo Hall of Death (09/02/21)

•Released February 5, a new song by Kira Skov & Bonnie Prince Billy: We Won't Go Quietly (05/02/21)

•Released February 1: The Night of Santiago by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Leonard Cohen featuring David Grubbs (01/02/21)
Check the video by Bill Ross & Turner Ross

•Released January 25: Arise, Therefore by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Will Oldham featuring Six Organs of Admittance (25/01/21)
Check the video by David Lowery

•Released January 20: Night Rider's Lament by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Mike Burton featuring Cory Hanson (22/01/21)
Check the video by Augustine Frizzell

•Look here at the video of Night Light by Thee Conductor, the second song with Bonnie Prince Billy from his album Spirit Of A Ghost, to be released today (22/01/21)

•Take a look at the video accompanying Stoic by Bob Arellano (16/01/21)

•Released January 15: Lost in Love by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Air Supply featuring Emmett Kelly (16/01/21)
Check the video by Hanly Banks Callahan

•Released January 6: Miracles by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Johnnie Frierson featuring Ty Segall (09/01/21)
Also available on split 7" containing the cover and the original song. Check the video by Sai Selvarajan

•Released January 1: Rooftop Garden by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Lou Reed featuring Giorgios Xylouris (02/01/21)
Check the video by Kris Rey

•To be released on February 5: Last Poems by Bob Arellano. Musical settings for the posthumous poetry of D.H. Lawrence with singing contributions by Will Oldham.
Listen to Stoic (feauring Will Oldham) here (31/12/20)

•Released December 21: I've Been The One by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Lowell George featuring Meg Baird (21/12/20)
Here's the video by Gretal Zozula

•Released December 15: Sea Song by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Robert Wyatt featuring Mick Turner (15/12/20)
Take a look at the video by Dave Bryant

•Released December 12: Letters Sung To Friends and Little Bird by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Jerry Jeff Walker featuring Nathan Salsburg (15/12/20)

•Released December 11: I Love You by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Jerry Jeff Walker featuring David Pajo (11/12/20)

•Listen and look to Thee Conductor w/ Bonnie 'Prince' Billy playing Tsk, tsk. From the forthcoming album Spirit of a Ghost tbr January 22 on
Sixgunlover Records and Spaceflight Records (thans ray)(11/12/20)

•Take a look at the new video for Make Worry For Me and read here about it (thanks ray)(11/12/20)

•Released December 3: Our Anniversary by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan (earlier released on Supper by Smog) featuring Dead Rider (08/12/20)
Video by Andrew Droz PalermoMake Worry For Me by Matt Sweeney and Bonnie Prince Billy now available for everyone, look here and buy here (thanks Leo F.)(22/11/20)

•Released November 15: Deacon Blues by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Steely Dan featuring Bill McKay (thanks ray)(17/11/20)
Video by Michael Tully

•On friday November 6, some Domino customers received a flexi disc with a new Superwolf song Make Worry For Me. A message says: "watch out for superwolves" (thanks Matthew)(08/11/20)

•Released October 29: Wish You Were Gay by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, written by Billie Eilish featuring Sean O'Hagan (30/10/20)

•Released October 21: Red Tailed Hawk by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, featuring Matt Kinsey (22/10/20)
Video by James M. Johnston

•Released earlier this year: the soundtrack album for Netflix’s ‘The Midnight Gospel’, featuring Will Oldham singing on Mirror Man (22/10/20)

•Released October 16: I've Made Up My Mind by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, featuring Alasdair Roberts (16/10/20)

•To be released October 15: For You, a song by Carly Johnson Feat. Bonnie "Prince" Billy. On SonaBLAST! Records (thanks John)(12/10/20)

•Released October 9: Od'd In Denver (a song by Hank Williams Jr.) by Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan, featuring Matt Sweeney. Check the video (12/10/20)

•Also released on October 2: Row by Dawn Landes. Among other singers, Will Oldham sings on it, at least on Second Time Around (thanks Jeff)(12/10/20)

•Released on October 2: Kin Campaigns. A compilation of covers, each supporting a progressive candidate running for US Congress in November. 
Curated by C.J. Boyd and featuring a tapestry of artists, among them Bonnie Prince Billy playing a cover of Cat Power and Will Oldham singing along on a cover from Jawbox (03/10/20)

•Bill Callahan and Bonnie Prince Billy released a Cat Stevens cover of Blackness Of The Night featuring Azita (thanks John)(02/10/20)

•A new Will Oldham song will appear on the soundtrack album of Once Upon A River. Always Bound can be heard here. To be released October 23 (18/09/20)

•Three Queens In Mourning & Bonnie Prince Billy - Hello Sorrow Hello Joy is available now (02/07/20)

•Just released: Universal Prayer by Golden Spine. Bonnie Prince Billy (amongst others) sings along on two songs on the album (thanks Charles)(28/05/20)

•Coming up in July: an album by Three Queens In Mourning & Bonnie Prince Billy - Hello Sorrow Hello Joy (thanks frankie)(22/05/20)
Three Queens in Mourning is Alasdair Roberts, Jill O'Sullivan and Alex Neilson. 
Three Queens in Mourning will play Bonnie Prince Billy songs. Bonnie Prince Billy will deliver an original song and a cover from all three of the Queens.
It will be out on Textile Records, listen here to a few songs (25/05/20)

•Lift Up Louisville is a community sourced song written and performed by 20+ musicians with ties to Louisville, Kentucky. 
Among them is Will Oldham singing along. All proceeds go to One Louisville: Covid-19 Response Fund (28/04/20)

•Joan Shelley released Live at the Bomhard, a theater in Louisville. The band is great and Bonnie Prince Billy is singing along on a bunch of songs (14/04/20)

•New Superwolf single is out: You'll Get Eaten, Too - all proceeds to support Superiority Burger and Drag City staff relief funds (27/03/20)

•Check out the video for New Memory Box by Ben Berman. The song is treated with a hi-energy remix by J Dawg (thanks ray)(08/03/20)

•The second re-release of the Box of Chocolates record from 1990 is coming through Drag City. It has 2 not before released songs, 
at least one sung by Will Oldham, listen here (thanks Ger)(08/03/20)

•Listen to take me home (part 2) by Cabane featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & BostGehio. Bonnie sings on 5 songs on the album mentioned below (08/02/20)

•Cabane will release their album Grande Est La Maison at the end of February. Bonnie Prince Billy and Kate Stables will be singing some songs on it (30/01/20)

•The new single is This Is Far From Over, to be released through Drag City on January 14 and through Domino on March 10 (17/01/20)
The b-side has a Carpenters cover We've Only Just Begun 
Here's the video for the a-side by Olivia Owens WyattI Made A Place will be released digitally on January 31 (17/01/20)

•Bonnie Prince Billy mixtape Volume 6 is available through Bandcamp (07/12/19)

•Check out the video for Squid Eye from I Made A Place. On Spotify you can find another version of the song: Squid Eye - Premix (17/11/19)

•Check out the video for In Good Faith, a song from the forthcoming album I Made A Place (thanks ray)(08/10/19)
Read about the song here

•Check out the video for “Victory Dance,” it is the theme song for Norton Children’s Cancer Institute’s Cancer Beats music therapy program.
The program aims to use the power of music to help our patients affected by cancer.
It's a remix of a My Morning Jacket song. Will Oldham sings along in the chorus (01/10/19)(thanks ray)

•Bonnie Prince Billy mixtape Volume 5 is available through Bandcamp now (24/09/19)

•Listen to and look at the new Bonnie Prince Billy single At The Back Of The Pit. A new album I Made A Place will be released on November 15 through Drag City & Domino (thanks John)(10/09/19)
Read some about it here

•Listen to the Songhoy Blues song Time To Go Home, written by Will Oldham & Matt Sweeney. On October 18 it will be released on Meet Me In The City 12" (30/08/19)

•Bonnie Prince Billy mixtapes Volume 3 and Volume 4 are available through Bandcamp (18/08/19)

•After mixtape Volume 1, mixtape Volume 2 is now available on Bandcamp (16/07/19)

•Joan Shelley's new album Like The River Loves The Sea comes out on No Quarter on August 30: Will Oldham sings along on 2 songs (16/07/19)

•There's a new mixtape of miscellaneous older Bonnie Prince Billy/Palace musics on Bandcamp now (27/06/19)

•On August 30 a collaborative album by Bonnie Prince Billy, Eighth Backbird and Bryce Dessner will come out. It is called When We Are Inhuman and features
a number of new Eighth Blackbird arrangements for Will Oldham songs, as well as a new installment of Dessner’s Murder Ballades series written for Eighth Blackbird.
Available through 37d03d (thanks Dan)
Read more about the album here and listen to the single (thanks ray)(21/06/19)

•For the 10th anniversary of the Lightning Dust album The Infinite Light, Will Oldham recorded a version of Dreamer off that album.
Check here for more (12/06/19)

•Joan Shelley has a new single out: Coming Down For You. Bonnie Prince Billy is singing along (thanks ray)(12/06/19)

•A Bonnie Prince Billy song is featured on the soundtrack of new movie Once Upon A River by Haroula Rose.
It’s not clear whether this is new material or an existing song (thanks ray)(10/05/19)

•Listen to Where My Heart’s Scared To Be, a new song by Bonnie Prince Billy in the T Magazine article Songs for America in 2024.
Along with Stephen Malkmus, Kelsey Lu and Meg Baird original songs are shared and inspired by the theme of T’s Culture issue (thanks Dan)(15/04/19)

•A couple of months after recording I See a Darkness, Bob Arellano and Will Oldham returned to the same studio with the same rhythm-section and created a full album worth 
of material as Havanarama. At the time, they compiled about 9 tracks (originals & covers) on a handmade CD-R titled Fish+Crabs. 
For the first time this album is released on vinyl now on Inner Dunes: owner Levi Morris loved the initial CDR album so much that he planned a 20th-anniversary version of the album.
As extra track there's an unreleased live version of West Palm Beach sung by Bob Arrellano and Will Oldham, recorded in 2017. Check here (25/03/19)

•The mysterious Sundowners are releasing a new 7" named Ancient Cares on April 5 through Sea Note. It is still unknown who the Sundowners are (thanks ray)(10/03/19)

•Listen to Baptiste W. Hamon's version of Mon Capitaine feat. Will Oldham (thanks Robin)(24/02/19)

•Listen to We've Only Just Begun sung by Bonnie Prince Billy. It's rough demo for a project, but the song was not chosen for use (thanks Tonnie)(19/02/19)

•A split 7" single by Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Naked Shortsellers will be released on December 21 by Tiny Room Records. 
The single is limited to 333 copies and celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Royal Stable site. Thanks to all the visitors and contributors!
Listen to the songs here and pre-order the single or digital content here (14/12/18)

•The Mañana People released a song that features Bonnie Prince Billy: Anthropophagus (28/09/18)

•Already sold out but still worth mentioning: Sweet Dreams Records released a compilation for their 11th birthday. It contains a song by Will and Elsa Oldham (thanks Joshua)(28/09/18)

•To be released on October 19 as a companion piece with the book of the same name, the Will Oldham album: Songs of Love and Horror. It is a rare entry in this ouvre: 
a Will Oldham album, with the writer for Bonnie Prince Billy taking a turn as singer. The songs are played by Will alone on his guitar.
On black vinyl through Drag City and coloured vinyl through Vinyl Me Please (thanks ray)(05/09/18)

•Listen to a new song by Bonnie Prince Billy: Blueberry Jam, download only, here's the video (17/07/18)

•Listen to Roadie's album Unfamiliar Skies. It contains Will Oldham singing on a different version of Hope Is All I'm Holding (14/06/18) 

•Listen to 2 songs from an upcoming album named One With The Birds by Bryce Dessner and Eighth Blackbird featurig Will Oldham (thanks ray)(08/06/18)

•Another Susanna song is released by Bonnie Prince Billy: Wild Is The Will, check it out here or here (thanks ray)(20/04/18)
Take a look at the video clip to accompany the music

•In October Songs Of Love and Horror (the collected lyrics of Will Oldham) will come out through W.W. Norton & Company, Inc (thanks Greg)(17/04/18)

•Joan Shelley released Rivers and Vessels. Bonnie Prince Billy sings along on Dolly Parton's The Bridge (29/03/18)

•To be released in April: the original soundtrack of White Fang or Croc Blanc. Contains the song You Will Find A Home by Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks John)(29/03/18)
The song can be found on iTunes already.

•Bonnie Prince Billy appears on the new album Echo of You by Kira Skov. He sings along on two songs. The album is a tribute to Kira's recently deceased
husband Nicolai Munch-Hansen, who was a big fan of BPB (thanks Jesper)(17/03/18)

•There is a box of 20 copies found of the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Notes For Future Lovers 7" from 2008.
They are on sale and all proceeds will benefit the River City Drum Corp in Louisville (03/03/18)

•Listen to Hope Is All I'm Holding, a new song by Bonnie & Roadie. Buy it because all proceeds will go to March For Our Lives (27/02/18)(thanks Roland)

•Hummingbirds & Helicopters Vol 1: A Benefit for South Texas is the first volume in a series of disaster relief benefit albums Jolie Holland plans to release under the same name.
It contains a Mickey Newbury cover of If You Ever Get to Houston by Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Joan Shelley, Elsa Hansen Oldham, and Nathan Salsburg. To be released April 6 (27/02/18)

•Preview: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy on new Louisville Is For Lovers Valentine's album (09/01/18)

•Louisville Is For Lovers Vol. 13 "Darlin Beloved" will contain a Bonnie Prince Billy and John King duet with the Winger Brothers.
To be released February 2, 2018. The song will be released as a single on January the 1st (24/12/17)

•To be released November 17: Wolf Of The Cosmos by Bonnie Prince Billy. Bonny sings Susanna, to simply try and save the world. 
Sonata Dwarf Mix Cosmos is an old companion of his, and with the Chijimi house band + 1, they bring it all back home again, 
this time to the space in Bonny's place. On Drag City and Domino. Look at the video of People Living (thanks Jeff)

•A new Bonnie Prince Billy 7" comes out early November; Conquer b/w You Have Been Seen. Check for details here (thanks Per)(09/10/17)

•Lo Carmen is set to release her 6th album Lovers Dreamers Fighters, on November 10. Bonnie “Prince” Billy lends his voice to duet on Sometimes It’s Hard.
The 10-track album will be available digitally and on vinyl through Chiquita Records. (thanks ray)(02/09/17)

•Take a look at this video where Bonnie Prince Billy with The Roots of Music play the Mekons song The Curse. Read here about it. (thanks John)

•Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy released a live album: Live at 7th Floor Tokyo through Bandcamp (thanks Fuyuki) (13/08/17)
Also available is Live at Cafe Oto London, earlier available on cassette only.

•All Nations All Relations (A Benefit Compilation For Standing Rock) contains a Bitchin Bajas + Bonnie Prince Billy track: These Are Fortunes
(Improv Nola Night 2). It's a free download (13/08/17)

•On October 20, Thee Conductor will release his LP album Cotton Tornado through Sixgunlover Records.
It features Bonnie "Prince" Billy singing on the track Face Crinkle. More info here (22/07/17)

•Mark Kozelek and Sean Yeaton release their album Yellow Kitchen on June 30. It has a contribution by Will Oldham (thanks ray)(24/06/17)

•Drag City announces the release of a new 7": Leonard b/w Carolyn (thanks John)(10/05/17)

•Listen here to Bonnie Prince Billy's Best Troubador (thanks David)(28/04/17)

•Listen and look at Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Elsa Oldham doing Merle Haggard's Bad Actor (thanks ray)(08/04/17)

•Listen to Courtney Marie Andrews & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's contribution to Our First 100 Days: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (27/03/17)

•Drag City will release Bonnie "Prince" Billy's new album of Merle Haggard covers Best Troubador on May 5.
Listen now to Mama Tried with Oscasr Parsons, which is available as an exclusive free download-only track, available in advance of the release date. 
Look at the 360 degrees video here (thanks Mike)(09/03/17)

•On April 22 or Record Store Day, a 3 song 7" EP will be released by Bonnie Prince Billy and Nathan Salzburg, through Paradise of Bachelors in an edition of 2000 (09/03/17)
Check this video (27/03/17)

•Listen to Treasure Map, a new song by Bonnie Prince Billy, from a Southern Poverty Law Center benefit EP presented by The End of All Music (thanks all who mentioned this)(22/02/17)

•Listen to In Good Faith, a new song by Bonne Prince Billy accompanied by an interview with Fogged Clarity (thanks John)(23/01/17)

•Find here info on Our First 100 Days, a (digital) compilation of 100 songs, with exclusive recordings by various folks, among them a duet by Will Oldham & Courtney Marie Andrews.
The funds go to organisations promoting causes likely to be threatened by the impending trump presidency (thanks ray)(16/01/17)

•Oscar Parsons & Bonnie Prince Billy released a 7": Happy Song/At The Corner Of The Stairs. For info check here (thanks Eamonn)(19/12/16)

•From November 24 until May 28, 2017 you can visit the exhibition Reclining Nude with a Man Playing the Guitar by Marijn van Kreij at the Hermitage in Amsterdam.
Van Kreij wishes actively involvement in the exhibition: the visitors are invited to play the song Go Folks, Go by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and the Cairo Gang, after that you
can look at the works again, from a different point of view.
Reclining Nude with Man Playing the Guitar will be accompanied by an exhibition catalogue containing the complete ‘Picasso grids’; included is, among various contributions,
a 7" flexi disc of Go Folks, Go, by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and the Cairo Gang (09/12/16)

•The album Darkness and Light by John Legend seems to have 3 songs co-written by Will Oldham (06/12/16)

•Listen to I Know Better by John Legend. Written with Blake Mills and Will Oldham (thanks Tonnie)(29/11/16)

•Will Oldham, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Bon Iver and many others penned grown-up children's stories for Stories for Ways and Means. Check (29/11/16)

•Read here about Watter's new release and their future plans that might incude a Bonnie Prince Billy collaboration (thanks ray)(26/10/17)

•In Louisville there are five 'Hometown Hero' banners set to honor the city's people and bands. Bonnnie Prince Billy is one of them. Check here (thanks ray)(13/10/17)

•Take a look at the video of Treasure Map. A song by Bonnie Prince Billy, from the Southern Poverty Law Center benefit EP (09/10/17)

•Take a look at the video of the Thee Conductor song Face Crinkle featuring Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(25/09/17)

•Listen to Sometimes It's Hard by Lo Carmen with special guest vocals by Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks Jan)(25/09/17)

•Read here a short piece on Bonnie in the irish times (thanks ray)(19/09/17)

•The arise mailinglist has stopped since Dan has passed away. May he rest in peace. If you’d like to join the new list, you’ll need to send a simple request e-mail to:
ariselist-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Put ‘subscribe’ in the subject line (thanks ray)(02/09/17)

•Mine Wars Museum teams up with ‘Matewan’ creators for 30th anniversary film screening.
Will Oldham, who played preacher boy Danny Radner in the film, will also be in attendance (thanks ray)(23/08/17)

•Check A Ghost Story review and Will Oldham Q&A in Uncut. Here's another interview with David Lowery (thanks John)(14/08/17)

•Listen to Avey Tare doing a cover of West Palm Beach (around minute 29) (thanks ray)(13/08/17)

•Take a look at Luke Drozd's poster for the Union Chapel show (thanks ray)(13/08/17)

•Here's an interview with David Lowery on Ghost Story and some more info. Will acts in the movie (thanks John)(08/07/17))

•Listen to an interview on DoubleJ (thanks ray)(08/07/17)

•The July 2017 issue of Record Collector has a piece on Will Oldham (thanks ray)(24/06/17)

•Check Essential Wax with Bonnie Prince Billy (17/06/17)

•Listen to Joan Shelley and Will Oldham playing Night Comes On from Leonard Cohen on the Lagniappe Sessions(13/06/17)

•Here's a nice story about the Boxhead Ensemble, includes Will Oldham related matter (10/06/17)

•Take a look at the video of No Time To Cry (thanks ray)(02/06/17)

•Will Oldham talks about his new album of Merle Haggard covers (thanks ray)(21/05/17)

•Ned Oldham released a new song, listen here (21/05/17)

•Here's an interview in the Guardian (thanks ray)(16/05/17)

•Drag City announces first-ever streaming releases (thanks ray)(10/05/17)

•Nice review here (thanks Cuneyt)(10/05/17)

•Read here about Best Troubador (thanks ray)(08/05/17)

•See here: Bonnie Prince Billy talks Merle Haggard tribute album (thanks ray)(08/05/17)

•Here's the first of two pieces by Vish Khanna that are derived from the interview below (08/05/17)

•Listen here to Vish Khanna's podcast, where he's in discussion with Bonnie Prince Billy (04/05/17)

•Here's a read on Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s guide to country music’s greatest singers (thanks ray)(04/05/17)

•Read here how Will Oldham talks about Best Troubador (thanks Roland)(28/04/17)

•Read here how Jason Molina charmed Will Oldham and first got signed (thanks John)(28/04/17)

•Het Zesde Metaal released a 7" on RSD 2017 containing a cover of A King At Night, translated to West Flemish as Min Tempel (thanks Aldwin)(23/04/17)

•Take a look at Will and Elsa Oldham at Louisville TV (thanks Jeff)(17/04/17)

•Here's an interview with Will Oldham in Rogue Valley Messenger (thanks ray)(15/04/17)

•Take a look at the newly uploaded long version of Ohio River Boat Song. Filmed by Will Oldham, edited by Oldham and Dan Osborn (15/04/17)

•Listen and look to a Cairo Gang session (thanks John)(15/04/17)

•Read an article about Elsa Hansen Oldham in NY Times (thanks Ross)(08/04/17)

•Take a look at the trailer of David Lowery's Ghost Story. Featuring Will Oldham, Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck (thanks ray)(08/04/17)

•Take a look at Down In The Willow Garden, performed by Eighth Blackbird & Bonnie Prince Billy. Written by Bryce Dessner (08/04/17)

•Check this nice picture (thanks John)(31/03/17)

•Two older Bonnie gigs from 2003 in Paris turned up on youtube, you can see them here and here (thanks Nathalie)(31/03/17)

•Ciaran Lavery releases his A King at Night EP on Record Store Day 2017. It contains 5 covers of Bonnie Prince Billy songs (27/03/17)

•Read The Guardian interview with Lanre Bakare (thanks ray)(27/03/17)

•Here's an older interview from Uncut (thanks John)(16/03/17)

•Ned Oldham released a new song: Dark Mountain, listen here (28/02/17)

•Take a look at Michael Tunk's analog collage for My home is the sea (22/02/17)

•A new Cairo Gang record is coming up: Untouchable. Pre-order through Drag City. To be released March 24 (12/02/17)

•Read more about David Lowery's A Ghost Story (thanks ray)(12/02/17)

•It is that time again for Mrs. Robinson's Annual Will Oldham Valentine Special on whfr.fm 89.3FM. Check this Facebook event.
Every year on or around Valentine's Day Mrs. Robinson does a special radio show dedicated to the music of Will Oldham (06/02/17)

•Look at this picture that appears in Daniel Corrigan's book Heyday: 35 Years of Music in Minneapolis (16/01/17)

•To watch: two videos from Joan Shelley and Will Oldham playing two Leonard Cohen songs. Start here (30/12/16)

•Robert Arellano released his book Don Dimaio of La Plata. It contains a blurb on the back by Will Oldham. Read this interview (09/12/16)

•The movie A Ghost Story by David Lowery gets it's premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2017. Cast: Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, Will Oldham, 
Sonia Acevedo, Rob Zabrecky, Liz Franke. Read (thanks John)(06/12/16)

•Look at Victim of Providence, with some camerawork of Will Oldham. Created by Bob Arellano & Friends (thanks Jan)(07/11/16)

•A new song appeared, look and listen here. The song's created by Will Oldham as part of the documentary "Beargrass, the Creek In Our Backyard" (thanks John)(15/10/16)
Read more here

•Take a look at the trailer of The Many Storeys and Last Days of Thomas Merton by Morgan C. Atkinson. With Will Oldham as the narrator (15/10/16)

•Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties is released in Japan. It comes with a bonus CDR with 2 songs recorded live in Cafe Oto, London, March 24 2016 (thanks Fuyuki)(30/09/16)

•Dawes will release the album We're All Gonna Die. It features Jim James, Lucius, Will Oldham, and many more. Listen from here (thanks marc)(10/09/16)

•Missed that, but the 2015 DVD release of the Revenge of the Mekons documentary by Joe Angio contains, in the bonus section, a solo version of For The Mekons Et Al by Will Oldham (10/09/16)

•Matt Kivel will release his album Fires On The Plain. The song Forgiveness features Bonnie Prince Billy. To be release October 7 (thanks ray)(23/08/16)

•Update on the Chivalrous Amoekons: available through iTunes only is the song Oblivon (thanks John)(23/08/16)

•The Chivalrous Amoekons will release a Fanatic Voyage on LP and cassette. Songs from The Mekons played by Bonnie Prince Billy, Emmett Kelly and Angel Olsen.
To be released through Drag City on September 16. In the spirit of The Mekons to pay forward with all efforts to the next generation, proceeds from the sale of these 
recordings will go to The Roots of Music in New Orleans, Louisiana (thanks Oliver)(13/08/16)

•Walt Disney Records is set to release Pete's Dragon OST on August 12, 2016. The Dragon Song is performed by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, as well as The Dragon Song Revisited (thanks Jeff)(13/08/16)
Listen here & here (thanks John)

•Xylouris White's new album Black Peak will contain a vocal contribution by Bonnie Prince Billy. To be release October 7. Listen to a track here (thanks ray)(13/08/16)

•Trembling Bells release the live album The Bonnie Bells of Oxford on vinyl & cd on October 28. It was released in 2013 as download only. On Tin Angel Records (thanks John)(13/08/16)

•Bonnie Prince Billy & Bitchin Bajas sell a cassette on their tour. It seems to be a compilation of the three day residency at the Cafe Oto (thanks Rimas and Fuyuki)(23/06/16)

•London May compiled an album Devilution – The Early Years 1981-1993. Devilution comes with a booklet including never before seen photos and ephemera, an introduction by Will Oldham
and a track-by-track commentary written by London May. Read more here (thanks ray)(17/06/16) 

•Listen to Will Oldham & Cooper Crain's contribution to DRONE NOT DRONES: the 3rd annual live 28-hour drone in Minneapolis 2016.
Buy the album: it's a benefit for Doctors Without Borders (thanks John)(26/05/16)

•Look and listen to Bonny Billy – More Revery (Official Short Film) by David & Michael Udris (thanks Tonnie)(20/05/16)

•Look and listen at A Dream Of The Sea from More Revery by Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks John)(08/05/16)

•Listen to Bonnie Prince Billy & Friends' version of Rubin & Cherise from the upcoming Grateful Dead tribute (thanks ray)(28/04/16)

•To be released on June 3: ‘Refugee’. A collaborative recording project which reflects, through song, the issue of the refugee crisis in its many forms, from Syria and beyond. 
Introduced to us by Robin Adams. Including songs by Bonnie Prince Billy, Alasdair Roberts, Linda Thompson and many more.
All proceeds go to MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station). To be released on Brainfog Records (thanks ray)(22/04/2016)
Listen here to Most People by Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks John)(25/04/16)

•Sending by Cat Casual and the Holy Midnight has Bonnie Prince Billy singing along. The track is to be a part of an EP entitled The Secret Self and was apart from the EP available through bandcamp 
on April fools day only (thanks John)(04/04/16)

•Released in 2000 on CD, More Revery by Bonny Billy will be released on vinyl soon. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Temporary Residence Ltd. Out May 6 (thanks Erik)(02/04/16)

•Mark Kozelek recruits Low’s Mimi Parker and Will Oldham to sing a cover of the Waylon Jennings song Amanda. To be released on Mark Kozelek Sings Favorites,
out May 27 via Caldo Verde Records (thanks ray)(01/04/16)

•After several years in the works, the National's Grateful Dead tribute is here. Day Of The Dead, a 59-track, six-hour-long all-star box set: out May 20 via 4AD
It contains 3 tracks sung by Bonnie Prince Bily (thanks John)(17/03/16)
Available for pre-order here (25/03/16)

•Update on the Cabane release: check here for the single. More info here (thanks John)(12/03/16)

•A tape has been sold at recent gigs: Bonnie Prince Billy II - eleven songs each side. There is no information on it, it's a compilation tape with 11 songs on each side (thanks all who informed me)(08/03/16)

•Cabane will release another 7" that'll contain a song with vocals by Bonnie Prince Billy: Here, In The Wind (thanks ray)(04/03/16)

•Already out for a year: Digging My Own Grave: The Films Of Caveh Zahedi. A book containing 6 DVD's and a 7" record with a song by Will Oldham: Caveh Says.
The song was in the movie Tripping With Caveh Vol. 1 (thanks Sascha)(25/02/16)

•Listen to The Ballad of Cobra Verde by Bonnie Prince Buzzzy (thanks Sascha)(23/02/16)

•Up for pre-order, to be released March 18: Epic Jammers and Little Fortunate Ditties by Bitchin' Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks John)(01/02/16)

•Baptiste W. Hamon will release his new album L'insouciance on March 6. It includes a duet avec Will Oldham on the song Comme la vie est belle (27/01/16)

•Check this movie by Eric Daniel Metzgar: Time and Distance. It includes a song by Will Oldham written for this movie (17/01/16)

•A new record comes up in 2016: Pond Scum, it seems to be a collection of Peel Sessions. To be released at the end of January (thanks Roland)(29/12/15)
Tracklist (03/01/16)
Listen to Rich Wife Full Of Happiness from a Peel session that is not on Pond Scum. Here's the Drag City lines about the album (thanks ray)(06/01/15)/

•The first release of 2016 that contains a Bonnnie Prince Billy song is LIVE by Louisville Is For Lovers, check details here (03/01/16)

•Another record coming up in 2016 is a collaboration between Bitchin' Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy called Epic Jammers and Little Fortunate Ditties (thanks John)(29/12/15)

•Look at this commercial for Cobra Verde, and here a part of The Ballad of Cobra Verde at the end (22/12/15)(thanks Coen)

•Louisville Is For Lovers wants to raise money for an album in 2016. Anyone who donates just $5 or more will receive a full album of live songs performed by Louisville Is For Lovers bands, 
including Bonnie 'prince' Billy, Jim James and many more! (07/12/15)

•Look/listen to I Never Thought My Love Would Leave Me and I've Been A Long Time Leaving by Simo Valley (17/12/15)

•Watch Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories episode "Sauce Boy". And find Bonnie Prince Billy singing the Tim Heidecker song You're Doomed in pt. 5 (thanks John)(08/11/15)

•Look at the recording of You Might As Well Smile, by Bonnie Prince Billy and the Cairo Gang, for the Royal Dutch Documentary, as mentioned below. 
Simo has almost reached her goal, who finishes this off? (03/11/15)

•Check a wonderful Susanna cover of Home Recording and look at the recording of I'm Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas, by Bonnie Prince Billy and the Cairo Gang, for the Royal Dutch Documentary, as mentioned below.

•Check this Kickstarter project, The Royal Dutch Documentary: a fusion-style documentary on a journey through the Netherlands with Broeder Dieleman, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and The Cairo Gang 
by Simo Valley. Help Simona finish it and help yourself in getting to see some unique footage of this tour that took place in September 2014 (14/10/15)

•Jesu, the new album by Sun Kil Moon will be released January 21, 2016 on Caldo Verde Records. Guests include Will Oldham, Low, Rachel Goswell, and others (thanks John)(16/09/15)

•Available for pre-order here, a 3 LP compilation for Wim Wender's 70th birthday: Wim's - Driven By Music. With contributions by Bonnie Prince Billy and many others (11/09/15)

•Available for pre-order at Flannelgraph Records: Still On The Line: A Tribute to Jimmy Webb. Containing contributions by The Cairo Gang, Bonnie Prince Billy, Elephant Micah,
Wooden Wand and others (thanks John)(21/08/15)

•In the Garden of Evil by Charles Burns & Killoffer with exclusive new song by Will Oldham is available from Pigeon Press (21/08/15)

•Finally for sale here: Tip The Glass And Feel The Bottom by Bonnie Prince Billy and the Cairo Gang (25/07/15)

•Season2 - Episode 3 of True Detective has the song Intentional Injury by Bonnie Prince Billy playing over the closing credits.The soundtrack is up for preorder here.
The release is planned for August 14 (thanks Ross)(06/07/15)
Listen here (thanks John)(07/07/15)

•Listen to and look here at Hydrilla by Elephant Micah. The music is an alternate version of Demise of the Bible Birds that has a vocal contribution by Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(07/07/15)

•Soon to be found in recordstores and at shows: On Raglan Road by Bonnie Prince Billy, a 7" on blue and black vinyl (12/06/15)

•Joan Shelley's new album Over And Even will be released on September 4 through No Quarter. It contains harmony singing by Will Oldham. Listen here to Stay On My Shore (thanks Jan)(12/06/15)

•Coincident Pair Records released Kentucky Battleground Songs. On Pt. 1 you'll find a wonderful rendition of Merciless & Great by Bonnie Prince Billy & the Cairo Gang.
Read the full story here (thanks John)(27/05/15)

•Pigeon Press will release a Charles Burns & Killoffer collaboration. This signed & numbered, hand-bound limited edition art book features collaborative drawings inspired by the Garden of Eden story.
Includes a 7” flexi-disc with an exclusive song by Will Oldham (thanks John)(07/05/15)

•Also released on Record Store Day: Shirley Inspired. A 3LP tribute to the inspirational music of Shirley Collins. On Earth Recordings. Containing a Bitchin Bonnie Billy Bajas version of Pretty Saro.
In 2014 released as a download for the ones that helped funding the making of the movie The Ballad of Shirley Collins. Next to Ned Oldham and Alasdair Roberts, now also included Trembling Bells,
Angel Olsen (thanks Sascha)(22/04/15)
Update: on June 15 the album will come out on CD as well. You can pre-order it here (thanks Jan)(23/04/15) 

•Watch the video for Gloria, the song from the Record Store Day release (18/04/15)

•Look at this Bonnie Stillwatter/Artisanal video (thanks John)(12/04/15)

•Will Oldham sang on the song Comme la vie est belle by Baptiste W. Hamon, check this picture (thanks John)(01/04/15)

•More news on the Bonnie & Cairo release on Future Oak, check the test pressing here. The title is Tip The Glass and Feel The Bottom (thanks John)(01/04/15)

•April 18 or Record Store Day will see the light off a split 7" by Broeder Dieleman and Bonnie Prince Billy. They cover a song of each other: Bonnie covers Gloria and Broeder Dieleman covers
Three Questions, translated in Dutch to 3 Vragen. Article in Dutch (10/03/15)

•Bonnie Stillwatter is a conceptual collaboration of artistry and friendship between Will Oldham, experimental rock group Watter, and Stillwater Artisanal, a nomadic brewer that mixes equal parts art and alcohol.
This collaboration is an inspired one, the roots of which are a mutual respect and love, and the fruits of which are two side-long trips into dark cinematic folk-rock determined to find the light at the end of the tunnel.
Check The Devil Is People on Temporary Residence. Listen here (thanks Jan)(01/03/15) update (06/03/15).

•Already mentioned in 2011: The National bassist Scott Devendorf mentioned that the band is working on another Red Hot benefit: a tribute album to the Grateful Dead.
Will Oldham and the Tallest Man On Earth are working on the album (thanks Tonnie)(23/02/15)

•The MusicNOW festival celebrates its 10th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, the organizers are releasing a compilation of recordings of performances from the festival.
MusicNOW - 10 Years will be released as download and on CD on March 10 and will be available through Brassland. The compilation features Bonnie Prince Billy with a live version of Love Comes To Me.
Other participants are Andrew Bird, Dirty Projectors, Robin Pecknold and more (thanks ray)(14/02/15)

•Look and listen to Blindlessness. Video shot by Kyle Armstrong (thanks John)(23/01/2015)

•Listen to Nathan Salsburg & Bonnie Prince Billy playing The Miner's Blues by Frank Hutchison. Recorded in 2008 (thanks John)(23/01/2015)

•Listen to The Benefit Of Confrontation by Santiparro. It will come out on True Prayer on Februari 24. Alan Scheurman's debut album under the moniker Santiparro. The album is blessed with
guest contributions from Will Oldham , Kyp Malone (TV On The Radio), Adam Wills (Bear In Heaven), Melati Malay (Young Magic) and Ben Bromley (NewVillager)

•Listen to Cabane. This is the new project from former Soy un Caballo creator Thomas Jean Henri. The first release is a double a-side 7inch called “sangokaku / la gomera”,
features vocal performances by Bonnie Prince Billy, Kate Stables and Caroline Gabard. Check here and here for a physical copy (thanks Jan)(15/01/15)

•Listen to this Jason Molina song "September 11", recorded on 9/11 with Will Oldham and Alasdair Roberts (thanks John)(14/01/15)

•Listen to the new Elephant Micah single, featuring Bonnie Prince Billy, 'demise of the bible birds'. Here's the whole album (thanks ray)(13/01/15)

•Read here about a limited Bonnie Prince Billy & the Cairo Gang release on Future Oak Records in the future (thanks John)(13/01/15)

•To be released on January 27: Mindlessness on 7" with an exclusive b-side: Blindlessness. Check Drag City (thanks Jan)(21/11/14)

•The new Elephant Micah record Where In Our Woods will have vocal contributions by Will Oldham. Out January 20 on Western Vinyl (thanks ray)(10/11/14)

•A new single is coming out on December 2. Alexis Taylor and Bonnie Prince Billy: Am I Not A Weaker Soldier check (thanks Roland(01/11/14)
Pre-order here (thanks ray)(11/11/14)

•To be released on November 18: New Black Rich (Tusks) on 7" with an exclusive b-side. Check Drag City (thanks Jan)(22/10/14)

•Released on October 21 is a two song single by Doug Paisley available to purchase at iTunes. There it is also available with a deluxe version of the album Strong Feelings.
You can pre-order the 7" single at the webshop of No Quarter (thanks John)
Listen and look here to the video of Until I Find You (a duet with Bonnie Prince Billy) directed by Heather Goodchild (thanks Jason)(22/10/14)

•Check this poster available at upcoming London shows and after the shows at Luke Drozd's shop (thanks John & ray)(22/10/14)

•Probably on November 17, a new single, Mindlessnes will be released through Domino (thanks Jan)(14/10/14)

•Look at the new Quail & Dumplings video here (thanks Jan)(14/10/14)

•Check out new shirts here (thanks John)(14/10/14)

•Available here, but just a few left: Royal Dutch Tour t-shirts, only lady fit left (S&M). Mail your size for availability. Design by Robbie Simon (26/09/14)

•Available for pre-order now: Quail & Dumplings 7" (thanks John)(26/09/14)
October 31 will see the Domino release

•Coming up: a new album by Yusuf: "Tell 'Em I'm Gone" to be released October 27. Recorded all over the world, the album features 10 brand-new studio recordings,
including five originals and five carefully-chosen cover songs. Tell 'Em I'm Gone features musical contributions from Richard Thompson, blues harmonica legend
Charlie Musselwhite, singer-songwriter Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Tuareg group Tinariwen, and guitarist Matt Sweeney. The album was produced by Yusuf (thanks Dan) (26/09/14)

•Pre-order the new Bonnie Prince Billy album Singer's A Grave - A Sea Of Tongues here and here (thanks all) (30/08/14)
Check this interview and here's the tracklist

•Here's a link to the Dave Ferguson album mentioned below (27/07/14)

•Read this article in The Spokesman, mentioning a new album in September (thanks ray)(20/07/14)

•David Ferguson released an self-titled album of Cowboy Jack Clement covers. Will Oldham sings harmony on "Ballad of a Teenage Queen" (thanks Bryce)(20/07/14).

•Listen to Pretty Saro by Bitchin Bonny Billy Bajas. Available exclusively as a Kickstarter reward for feature documentary The Ballad Of Shirley Collins (thank John)(08/07/14)

•Swallowed By The Mist by ((SOUNDER)) featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy is available from Monofonus Press, August 2014 (thanks Jan)(07/07/14)

•Check the Kickstarter fundraiser for the production of "The Ballad of Shirley Collins" film. One of the rewards for joining is a Shirley Collins inspired album, that will have
songs by Sam Lee, Sam Amidon, Ned Oldham, Bonnie Prince Billy & Cooper Crain & more. (thanks John)(27/06/14)

•Swallowed By The Mist by ((sounder)) featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy can be listened to on your record player at home. By tearing out a vinyl flexi disk inserted into Monster Children #42!
The flexi only snuck into so many of #42, so you can hit the lottery at select retailers, or receive a guaranteed loaded copy from the MC USA store by chicking here (05/06/14)

•You can pre order the new Bonnie Prince Billy and the Cairo Gang 7" here. Listen here (thanks John)(19/05/14)

•A new cover song is available through iTunes: Die Young from Ke$ha (thanks John)(07/05/14)

•If you missed the 7" by Trembling Bells & Bonnie Prince Billy you can download the songs from the Trembling Bells site (29/04/14)

•Cowboy Jack Clement's final album, For Once and For All, is scheduled to be released on July 15th by John Grady's new record label I.R.S. Nashville.
The album was produced by Dave Ferguson and Matt Sweeney. It includes contributions from, amongst others: John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Bobby Bare,
Leon Russell, Jim Lauderdale, Will Oldham, daughter Allison Clement (thanks ray)(16/04/14)

•From Empty Cellar newsletter:on the near horizon, Bonnie “Prince” Billy & The Cairo Gang have joined forces to create a 7” for “We Love Our Hole” b/w “I’ll be Alright” (14/04/14)

•Swallowed By The Mist by ((sounder)) featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy for the film True To This can be heard here (01/04/14)

•A 7" by Trembling Bells & Bonnie Prince Billy will be released on Recordstoreday, April 19: New Trip On The Old Wine (21/03/14)

•True To This deluxe 3-disc box up for pre-order: 2 Blue-ray discs and a 7" vinyl recording of "Swallowed By The Mist", the original song written and performed
by ((sounder)) featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy for True To This (thanks Jan)(18/03/14).

•A fifth iTunes single pops up: Lovin' You Is Fun (thanks John)(07/03/14)

•Empty Cellar Records tweet: "Coming soon... New jams from Bonnie "Prince" Billy and The Cairo Gang" (thanks John)(13/02/14)

•To be released spring 2014 Jerry David DeCicca's debut album Understanding Land. It has a vocal contribution by, among others, Will Oldham (thanks Wim)(27/01/14)

•To be released on March 25: Bob Dylan in the 80's, A Tribute to 80's Dylan, featuring Bonnie Prince Billy & Dawn Landes on a take of Dark Eyes.
Portions of proceeds from album sales will go to the charity Pencils of Promise. (thanks John)(27/01/14)

•Released on January 21: the fourth digital single on iTunes by Bonnie Prince Billy: There Are Worse Things I Could Do. Again under the 
 title Barely Regal (thanks Ross)(21/01/14)

•Released on December 10: the third digital single by Bonnie Prince Billy: Let Me Love You. Seems to fall under the album
 titled Barely Regal (thanks Steve)(10/12/13)

•To be released on November 26: There Is No One: Louisville Is for Lovers Tribute to Palace Brothers, an upcoming collection masterminded
 by John King. With contributions from Cheyenne Mize, The Gallery Singers, Wax Fang and Bonnie Prince Billy himself (thanks John C)(22/10/13)
 In keeping with the spirit of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's new self titled release the LPs will be available to records stores via Drag City Records.
 So contact your local record stores and request copies to be ordered from Drag City. This will also be available internationally (19/11/13)
 Check here how to get your copy! (26/11/13)

•Released on November the 19th: another new digital single by Bonnie Prince Billy: Better Than I Used To Be (thanks Sean)(23/11/13)

•Listen and look to Black Captain (Revised for Peter Willcox) (thanks Jan)(23/11/13)

•Two Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & the Cairo Gang songs will come out on 2 different compilation albums, in January: 
 We Love Our Hole on Spirit Of Akasha (Celebrating Morning Of The Earth) and
 I'll Be Alright on Morning Of The Earth - Reimagined. Check here (19/11/13)

•Early 2014 a limited edition 5" vinyl of 'Swallowed By The Mist', by ((sounder)) featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy will come out. From Volcom's
 feature film "True To This" (thanks John)(15/11/13)

•Released on November the 5th: a new digital single by Bonnie Prince Billy: That's My Kind Of Night (thanks John)(12/11/13)

•An unannounced Bonnie 'Prince' Billy album is dropped off by the man himself at Astro Black Records in Louisville (thanks Joel)(27/08/13)

•Sun Kill Moon will release a new album in February called Benji. Mark Kozelek sings about his childhood years and his life today.
 Mark is joined by guest musicians Steve Shelley, Jen Wood, Will Oldham and Owen Ashworth. (thanks Uwe)(27/08/13)

•Howe Gelb's newest recording, Thttps://soundcloud.com/benjaminvandykehe Coincidentalist, will be released on New West Records on October the 1st.
 Recorded with M. Ward and Steve Shelley, the record also features guest contributions from Bonnie Prince Billy and KT Tunstall (thanks gerd)(19/08/13)

•Listen to Mark Kozelek's love song to his mom called I Can’t Live Without My Mother’s Love. With extra vocals by Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(22/07/13)

•Check Bonnie Prince Billy doing a full performance of Imperial Statues by Paul K for his film A Wilderness Of Mirrors.
 Available in an audiobook of the same name here (thanks Robin)(09/07/13) 

•Pantaleimon released the album The Butterfly Ate The Pearl. It contains contibutions by Hugo Race, James Blackshaw, Otto Hauser and many others.
 Will Oldham sings on Morning Star (thanks robin & Uwe)(26/06/13)

•Check the Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Dawn McCarthy video for Omaha by Ben Russel (thanks Jan)(05/06/13)

•Will Oldham talks new soundtrack work for aussie surf film here (thanks Jan)(29/05/13)

•Check the Bonnie Prince Billy site for Royal Stable Words: a book with selected lyrics (thanks Filip)(07/04/13)

•From Pitchfork: Mark Kozelek, Will Oldham, Phil Elverum,Scout Niblett, Will Johnson, Damien Jurado, Jonathan Meiburg, Herman Dune, and more
 cover Jason Molina for a benefit compilation to be released on Graveface. It's titled Weary Engine Blues. Jason Molina passed away March 16 at age 39. 
 (thanks John)(25/03/13) Listen hereSolemns is available for pre-order here and here. Release date is April 15. Read about it here (thanks Jessica)(23/03/13)

•Download and listen to the two new songs Bonnie Prince Billy recorded for Dogfish Head here (thanks John)(14/03/13)

•A live recording of the Trembling Bells featuring Bonnie Prince Billy "The Bonnie Bells of Oxford" can be listened and is available for download here 
 (thanks Malcolm)(26/02/13)

•Check here the making of What The Brothers Sang and the trailer for The Lonely Life here and listen here to Roger Knox's new album Stranger (07/02/13)

•From the Drag City newsletter:Another one to spin on the record machine only is Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Marquis de Tren's new EP, "Solemns."
 But spin only one side, because the other is embroidered, or whatever they call that process of imagizing it by scraping a drawing into it.
 So you get musical and visual bang for your buck from this EP, which rules (30/01/13) 

•To celebrate the launch of Sixty-One, Dogfish Head and Will Oldham, are releasing a limited-edition record. He wrote an original song called
 Sixty-One that was inspired by this beer’s origins, and on the flip-side of the record is a rollicking Bonnie “Prince” Billy version of the
 innuendo-filled Dominoes classic Sixty-Minute Man. The record will be available only at Dogfish Head’s Delaware brewery and brewpub (thanks ray)(29/01/13)

•The THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND PROJECT is an interactive documentary to record us all singing Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land.” 
 Check Will Oldham's version here (thanks Daniel) (14/01/13)

•Check the tracklist of What The Brothers Sang, the Bonny and McCarthy’s forthcoming full length record of Everly Brothers songs (thanks Colin)(03/01/13)

•Friends Records will release a split 7" featuring Oxes with Will Oldham covering “Strong Enough” on the A side (recorded by Bob Weston).
 Out December 20, available for pre-order now (thanks Dave)(22/11/12)

•Take a look at the video for "Christmas Eve Can Kill You" here (14/11/12)

•From the Drag City newsletter: "Dawn and Bon are deep appreciators of the Everly Brothers, harmonies and sensibilities alike, and the choice of
 Dennis Linde's "Christmas Eve Can Kill You" accesses one of the underappreciated tomes of 70s Everly Brothers work, Stories We Could Tell.
 The flipside promises the rock the gift-opening party that rocks your gift-opening body - Rufus Thomas' "Walking the Dog," covered by many
 and sundry including the Stones, the Troggs, Conway Twitty, John Cale etc, - and now, Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, via The Everly Brothers."
 The single is out November 20, pre-order now (25/10/12)

•State Of Grace is the title track of the forthcoming album by Little Annie & Baby Dee. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy sings on this track, listen here.
 The album will come out on Tin Angel on November 16 (thanks ray)(15/10/12) 
•From Drag City:"Two Billies is better than one — and with a lite and greasy bowl of Fleetwood Mac to split between them, there is enough for all.
 Bonny Billy handles the Storms, with lithe grace; Billy G's deep into Oh Well. Both sides featuring gun-swinger Matt Sweeney.
 The single is out November 6, pre-order now (thanks jeremy)(09/10/12)

•From the Domino newsletter: "What better way to spread holiday cheer and celebrate the season than with the comingling voices of friends?
 This year, old friends and collaborators Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie “Prince” Billy present you with a Christmas gift; this new holiday single—comprised
 of two songs from the Everly Brothers' catalog, Christmas Eve Can Kill You and Lovey Kravezit. 
 The two songs on the single also offer a foreshadowing glimpse at Bonny and McCarthy’s forthcoming full length record of Everly Brothers songs.  The single is out November 19, pre-order now (09/10/12)

•Koori King Roger Knox US debut Stranger In My Land is a collection of songs written by Aborigine artists who Knox calls his peers and predecessors.
 The album will feature guest vocals and performances from Bonnie Prince Billy, Kelly Hogan, Dave Alvin, Sally Timms and Jon Langford form Mekons,
 the Sadies, Andrew Williams and what is also thought to be the last known recording from Charlie Louvin. On Bloodshot (thanks ray)(02/10/12)

•Check this video: Liberation Prophecy: Let’s Not Pretend by Will Oldham and Jacob Duncan (featuring Carly Johnson)(thanks John)(25/09/12)
 Here's the mp3 or FLAC download available (thans Uwe)

•Little Annie and Baby Dee are busily preparing themselves for the rest of the year, which is set to be full of music and words. Their as-yet-untitled
 collaborative album is due out on Tin Angel later this year, with special guests including Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Canadian guitarist Eric Chenaux
 and Guillemots’ Chris Cundy (thanks Adam)(16/09/12)

•Check the video for It's Time To Be Clear created by Mike Ayers, Dustin Glick and Nicklaus Deyring here (thanks John)(16/09/12)

•The Unified Field, Issue 01 offers a unique collection of perspectives in limited editions. Each issue unites a wide array of contributors under a unique
 overarching theme. For this initial release, The Unified Field is honored to present: ISSUE 01 transition. Each journal includes a hand numbered pressing on a clear
 vinyl 10” featuring tracks by: Robin Pecknold, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Amen Dunes, Department of Eagles and more... (thanks Jan)(22/08/12) 
•According to the Faun Fables website Dawn McCarthy has made a secret record this spring with Bonnie Prince Billy for a special holiday 2012 release.
 Here's also a short note about that (thanks Adam)(28/06/12)

•Catherine Irwin's next album Little Heater will have vocal contributions by Bonnie "Prince" Billy and members of Ida. Out September the 18th on
 Thrill Jockey (24/06/12)

•To be released on August the 14th: Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Fleetwood Mac Tribute. Includes Matt Sweeney And Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 
 performing "Storms". Other bands are Lee Ranaldo Band (Feat. J Mascis), Antony, Marianne Faithfull, Karen Elson and many more. On Hear Music/Concord.
 Check here for more (thanks ray)(18/06/12)

•Another new release: the Now Here's My Plan EP – a collection consisting of new versions of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy classics recorded by 
 Steve Albini, due for release in accompaniment with the Will Oldham on Bonnie 'Prince' Billy book on June 4th and separately through
 Domino on July 24th. Now Here's My Plan features members of the Wolfroy Goes To Town band with whom Bonnie 'Prince' Billy currently
 tours and records (thanks ray)(30/04/12)

•At Midheaven you can find the Hummingbird EP for download, available from May 7 .(thanks (27/04/12) (thanks Jan)

•Record Store Day has more than just music for sale. Check here for Bonnie condoms! (thanks ray) (15/04/12)
 Condoms here as well!

•Shannon Stephens will release her new album "Pull It Together" on Asthmatic Kitty. She’s brought in some guests to help her out;
 DM Stith joins the recording as does Pickwick and Bonnie Prince Billy. The album is set to release on May 22. (thanks ray) (11/04/12)

•The Marble Downs by Trembling Bells and Bonnie Prince Billy is available now as dowload or on CD or LP through Honest Jon's (11/04/12)

•This Must Be The Place, Original Soundtrack, will be released as double LP through The Vinyl Factory. To be released 23 April 2012 (thanks ray) (04/04/12)

•Honest Jons has the Duchess EP for sale by Trembling Bells, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Muldoon's Picnic (thanks horsetranq)(03/03/12).

•A new 10" is coming up: Hummingbird by Bonnie Prince Billy is to be released on Record Store Day through Spiritual Pajamas, April 21 (thanks Robin) (24/02/2012).

•Domino releases the "Will Oldham on Bonnie Prince Billy" book as a bundle including a 12" (for UK customers only) or a CD. Out May 5, 2012 (22/02/12).

•Out soon: Time To Be Clear, the next single from Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’ from the Wolfroy Goes To Town album. The release will include
 two new songs, Whipped and Out Of Mind. The b-sides will be available on vinyl and download on February 28th (thanks Dustin)(02/02/12).

•New on the market: Bonny Billy Blend. It's Kona Rose Coffee and it is 100% Kona Coffee certified Organic by HOFA. 100% Wolfroy certified too (25/01/12). 

•Out on valentines day on Spiritual Pajamas records: a double 7" with four songs by Mariee Sioux and Bonnie Prince Billy. Two originals
 and two coversongs. Pre-order here (18/01/12)

•Trembling Bells and Bonnie Prince Billy release the album The Marble Downs on Honest Jon's. They also will tour together in April (thanks Ray)(06/01/12)
 The release will be late March, early April (12/01/12)

•Gyroskope released a part of the May 23 show from Chicago in digital video format (thanks Dan)(16/12/11)

•Domino is to reissue five Palace albums on the 27th of February. The five albums are: There is No-one What Will Take Care Of You,
 Days In The Wake, Hope, Viva Last Blues, Lost Blues And Other Songs. The reissues will feature new artwork and packaging, with
 text written by Will Oldham (11/12/11).

•Pieces of The This Must Be The Place OST can be heard here. David Byrne and Will Oldham collaborate in The Pieces Of Shit.  The album is released on CD in Italy (thanks TJ)(17/11/11)

•Wolphin no.14 features "Will Oldham telling an eerie bedtime story". It's the short David Lowery film Pioneer (thanks Joel)(17/11/11)

•Read this interview and listen to a demo version of Time To Be Clear (thanks Jeffrey)(13/10/11)

•From Drag City: The folks at Gyroskope filmed Bonnie's performance this summer in sweet home Chicago's Millennium Park.
 We want to give you the first glimpse at this amazing performance. Footage for "Island Brothers" and "There Is No God" are
 currently available, with more to come.
 Also available is a "remix" version of "Quail and Dumplings". (27/09/11)

•Knitting Factory Records released "The Mindeater" by Bonnie Prince Billy & The Phantom Family Halo on CD and digital download (27/09/11)

•Anna Ternheim will release The Night Visitor. An album produced by Matt Sweeney who also plays guitar. Will Oldham does some backing vocals (19/09/11)

•Check the video by Ben Berman for Quail and Dumplings here.  Starring Kennan Gudjonsson and Nina Nastasia.(14/09/11)

•A new Bonnie Prince Billy digital single is out now: Quail & Dumplings with two songs not available anywhere else (13/09/11)

•A new Bonnie Prince Billy album will be out on October the 4th available through Drag City: Wolfroy Goes To Town
 Featuring Ben Boye, Van Campbell, Shahzad Ismaily, Emmett Kelly, Danny Kiely and Angel Olsen (thanks Christopher)(06/09/11)

•In this Januari 2011 interview with Alex Neilson he says: "I'm currently writing a bunch of duets for Will (Oldham) and Lavinia to sing in the near future."
 Check this video that might be one of the songs (thanks Tonnie)(06/09/11).

•A new song named Mother Nature Kneels is available from here. Long Haul went down to Arkansas to check in with the residents about what's going 
 on with those mysterious wave of thousands of small earthquakes that have rattled the towns of Guy and Greenbrier since September, 2010. 
 They shared the tape they collected with Bonnie "Prince" Billy, who wrote an original song to contribute to the narrative (10/07/11) 
•Haggard Harper Bonnie 7" is available now. Check Spiritual Pajamas (21/06/11)

•The 10" and Afternoon Book, a collaborative effort between artist Ashley Macomber and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy will be out late summer 2011.
 On Black Tent Press (thanks Daniel)(14/04/11)
 For pre-order now (01/06/11)

•Check the video for There is No God and download the ringtone from Drag City (23/05/11).

•From Drag City: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy will have another 10" single coming out on June 19: There Is No God b/w God Is Love. This time in support 
 of our dying oceans, and the lives that depend on them. For pre-sale now (20/05/11)

•For pre-sale now available: "The Mindeater" a 10" by Bonnie Prince Billy & The Phantom Family Halo. On Sophomore Lounge Records and Tapes (05/05/11).

•Sufjan Stevens' album Seven Swans is reimagined. The Bonnie Prince Billy contribution All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands 
 can be heard on twentyfourbit (27/03/11)

•Another 10" is coming up: Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy - Must Be Blind b/w Life In Muscle. To be released April 19.
 For pre-order on Drag City now. Will come out on Domino as well (22/03/11)

•From Blurt: Drag City to release audiobook of Rudolph Wurlitzer's Slow Fade as read by Will Oldham and D.V.deVincentis on April 19th (thanks Anders)(12/03/11)
 Check here for more info on the audiobook/tour (thanks leo f.)
•To be released in April on Sophomore Lounge Records and Tapes: a 10" by Bonnie Prince Billy & The Phantom Family Halo
 "The Mindeater". Check this video from June 25, 2010 (thanks Cuneyt)(07/03/11)

•From Drag City: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy will have another single coming out on April 19, reuniting him with his Superwolf brother Matt Sweeney (24/02/11)

•Check this video for New Wonder by R. Alverson (thanks Tucker)(18/02/11).

•Coming up is a new 10" by Bonnie Prince Bily & The Cairo Gang. Two songs on it, the release will be February 21 on Domino
 & Drag City (thanks all)(25/01/11).

•David Byrne and Will Oldham will pen music for a new film from the Italian director Paolo Sorrentino 'This Must Be the Place'. Sean Penn
 stars in it (thanks all)(25/01/11).

•Somewhere in April the book Bonnie Prince Billy by Alan Licht & Will Oldham will see the light of day. Check this. (thanks Ken)(17/01/11).

•Check this Babblers version of Kevin Coyne's Come Down Here. From Brooklyn Vegan (thanks Uwe)(11/12/10).

•Sufjan Stevens' album Seven Swans will be reimagined. It will contain the Bonnie Prince Billy contribution
 All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands. Available in March 2011 (thanks Daniel)(29/11/10).

•The Trembling Bells with Bonnie Prince Billy 7" is available now at Trembling Bells gigs and at Honest Jon's (29/11/10).

•From Pitchfork: The electro-pop nerds and the bearded folkie goof off and sing along to this rework of the One Life Stand cut;  the video off Hot Chip's  I Feel Better (thanks Chris)(11/11/10).
  •Drag City reports the release of the digital version of Without Work You Have Nothing b/w Afraid Ain't Me (thanks Jan)(16/10/10).

•From Trembling Bells facebook: "We'll soon be recording our new album and a single for for release at Christmas time - Bonnie Prince Billy singing one
 of our new songs called New Years Eve's the Loneliest Night of the Year with us backing him and us backing Mike Heron on his song
 'Feast of Stephen' (thanks Peter)(01/10/10).

•Air Traffic Control presents Dear New Orleans. A benefit album to the city of music, 5 years after the levees broke. Next to The Wrens, Mirah, Laura Veirs
 and many others it contains Love In The Hot Afternoon by Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. Available 24/08. (thanks Daniel)

•Cheyenne Marie Mize offers Among the Gold as a free download (thanks Uwe) (08/08/10).

•There's a split single with The Black Swans coming up (keep an eye on Drag City). They sing songs on it from Larry Jon Wilson;
 check this (thanks Eamonn)(03/08/10).

•The Adult Swim Singles Program with the first single by Matt Sweeney and Bonnie Prince Billy can be found here (19/05/10).

•Check "Hombre Sencillo" starring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, a film directed By Britt Govea and Brian Ziffer (thanks Jan).  The Grassroots Record Co also reports that Bonnie 'Prince' Billy records 7 songs, including three duets with Mariee Sioux to
 be released late summer this year on new boutique 7inch / Digital only label "Spiritual Pajamas" (18/05/10).

•From Pitchfork: After putting out several open-minded mixtapes over the years, the purveyors of all things random and cartoon-ish at
 Adult Swim are prepping their own online singles series. Starting this Monday, May 17, the Adult Swim Singles Program will host a brand
 new track from eight different artists on the network's website. Scheduled for May 17: Superwolf (Will Oldham and Matt Sweeney) (thanks Jan Peter) (16/05/10).

•According to the Backseat Sandbar the song "I Feel Bonnie" as mentioned underneath, will be released as a 7? in the UK for their Record Store Day
 on April 17th. That day will also be the releaseday of a compilation called "It Happened Here," featuring studio recordings and live recordings from
 Russian Recordings in Bloomington, IN. Packaged with the LP is a 7-inch single featuring BPB with a live version of "Beware Your Only Friend" 
 (thanks Jacob for that last item) (28/03/10).

•From Pitchfork: Hot Chip are gearing up for the release of One Life Stand's next single, "I Feel Better", due April 19 on Parlophone in the UK and April 20 in
 the U.S. on Astralwerks. In addition to an insane new video, the song has also been remixed by none other than Bonnie "Prince" Billy 
 himself, Will Oldham. He adds his signature vocals to a surprisingly club-ready mix, turning it into a new song called "I Feel Bonnie" (thanks all!) (23/03/10).
 According to the  Backseat Sandbar the song will be released as a 7? in the UK for their Record Store Day on April 17th (28/03/10).

•Finally, the music of Brett Eugene Ralph's Kentucky Chrome Revue is released on CD. Through Noise Pollution. The record features
 contributions by 21 country gunslingers, indie icons, and punk rock desperadoes, including Will Oldham, Jolie Holland, Freakwater's
 Catherine Irwin, and members of Slint, Sebadoh, Silver Jews, Royal Trux, and A Perfect Circle (16/03/10).

•Check the Daytrotter Session from March 15, 2009 here (thanks Malcolm) (15/03/10). 
COLISEUM joins the Temporary Residence family and completes new album. Many Louisville musicians contributed to the
 record - Jason Noble, Will Oldham, Peter Searcy, Jeremy and Nick from Young Widows among others.
 A summer release date with album title, cover art, and track listing to be announced in the coming months (thanks Ryan S.) (09/03/10).

•Play, Guitar, Play a non-LP preview song is available for download now at Drag City (thanks Liam) (23/02/10).
 Pre-orders of the new album can be placed now at Drag City (thanks Frank) (24/02).
 Initial copies of the album come with a 7" (23/03/10).

•From Backseat Sandbar; March 22 will be the release date of a Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang album "The Wonder Show of the World"
 (thanks Jessica) (15/02/10).

•Grassroots Records and (((Folkyeah!))) announce Be Yourself: A Tribute To Graham Nash's "Songs For Beginners".
 The album contains a Bonnie Prince Billy contribution: Simple Man (Hombre Sencillo). To be released May 25 (thanks Dave) (09/02/10).

•Nuala Kennedy released Tune In, her new record features Bonnie Prince Billy on vocals on at least one song (thanks Graeme) (31/01/10).

•Three-Four Records will release "Does your cat know my dog?", a 12'' compilation with a live version of Love Comes To Me.
 Pre-orders taken from January (thanks Daniel) (27/12/09).

•Bonny Billy and The Picket Line - Funtown Comedown for pre-sale now at Drag City. Also available, for a limited time, a download for
 Death to Everyone (not on the album) (thanks Frank) (19/11/09).

•Angie Hart released a new album Eat My Shadow. The song Little Bridges has Bonnie Prince Billy singing along (16/11/09).

•For pre-sale the double CD Stroke a benefit album for Chris Knox. Check here a part of the song by Will Oldham (thanks Liam) (13/11/09)

•Face A Frowning World: An E.C. Ball Memorial Album will contain two contributions by Bonnie Prince Billy: John the Baptist and
 Beautiful Star of Bethlehem. The latter sung together with Dave Bird and Catherine Irwin. Check the tracklist here.

 Out on December 8 on Tompkins Square (thanks Daniel) (02/11/09)

•From the Drag City newsletter: Bonny Billy and The Picket Line - Funtown Comedown. Live (in the studio) is the Bonny
 one with next-generation bluegrass band known as The Picket Line. They’re the official dance band of Funtown, a metaphysical
 little community in the woods outside Louisville. Bonny and the boys (and girl) run through a set of B’P’B classics, some
 Palace songs and a few classic country covers. Vinyl only.
 (And download exclusively on the new-and-retro-improved www.dragcity.com) (thanks Robin) (30/09/09)

•Drag City will release a new BPB 7" containing two live covers of songs by Susanna K. Wallumrød; Stay & People Living.
 Pre-order now, to be released October 20 (thanks Rimas) (29/09/09).

•Mike Aho directed the video for How About Thank You (thanks Jessica) (04/09/09)

•According to this blog Will Oldham contributes to an album of cover versions of Chris Knox songs which will be called Stroke (thanks Michael)
 Bonnie played "My Only Friend" by Chris Knox live at the Harvest Records anniversary (18/08/09).

•Check here the video for Some Glad Day from Brian Harnetty's upcoming record Silent City (tbr August 11) (thanks Sascha) (15/07/09)
 In Europe this record will be released on September 28 on Ruminance Records.

•This Immortal Coil recorded re-interpretations of Coil songs. These will be available in October on The Dark Age Of Love.
 Bonnie Prince Billy sings on Ostia (thanks Sascha)(02/07).

•Soulsavers will release a new album in August. Prior to that a 7" will come out: Sunrise sung by Bonnie Prince Billy.
 The B-side will have Mark Lanegan singing You Will Miss Me When I Burn. Check this article and listen from here.
 (thanks Joel)(14/06/09)

•The soundtrack for the Thomas Campbell movie The Present contains an unreleased BPB track; New Wedding.
 Available for pre-order now, July the 7th it will be out on CD at Brushfire Records (14/06/09)

•For US customers Among The Gold is also availble for digital download, check the details here (29/05/09)

 Among The Gold will be the next release by Cheyenne Mize and Bonnie Prince Billy. On Karate Body Records.
 The record contains six old time songs from 1873-1915. Listen to two of them here.
 The first 500 cream colored records are sold out, the next 500 will be on black vinyl, for order on their myspace (09/03/09)
 Karate Body Records will also release a vinyl version of Louisville is for Lovers Vol. 9 (01/03/09)

•A tour single is released; Susanna and Bonny Billy sing... Forever And Ever and In Spite Of Ourselves (27/04/09)

•In bookstores a compilation pops up; Unfinal Call, a sum of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy worx. Tracklist here (thanks Ross) (17/04/09)

•A video for I Am Goodbye, directed by Leif Johnson (edited by Jennifer Parsons) can be found on the Drag City site (thanks Tonnie) (06/03/09)

•Bonnie is on the new Black Nasty album "SHARK TANK", he duets on the tribute to Eazy-E song "Eazy". Listen to the
 song on his my space (19/02/09)

•The sampler TFF Rudolstadt 2008 features an exclusive live recording of Rich Wife Full of Happiness (thanks Sascha) (19/02/09)

•Pre-orderering Beware is possible at Domino and Drag City.

 You can listen at Drag City to a demo version of Beware Your Friend (Skel) (19/02/09)

•Released through iTunes and Amazon; One Day At A Time, a cover of a Yusuf Islam song by
 Bonnie "Prince" Billy with Bewarers (03/02/09).

•Brian Harnetty has made a record that features the collaboration/singing of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.

 The album is called Silent City and it's coming out this spring on Atavistic Records (thanks Yuri) (20/01/09).
 Check out a video for Sleeping In The Driveway here (06/02/09)

•Louisville Is For Lovers Vol. 9 is up for pre-order now and it contains a Bonnie Prince Billy w/Cheyenne Mize song; The Girl In Me (06/01/09)

•Candi Staton's new record Who's Hurting Now? contains a song written by Will Oldham. This song Get Your Hands Dirty is earlier released
 on Louisville is for Lovers vol. 8. It will be released on Februay 9 on Honest Jon's Records (02/01/09).

•According to maker of the album art, the Oldham Brothers EP will not be released (thanks Phil) (31/12/08).

•According to the Temporary Residence Limited news letter Young Widows have assembled the all-killer-no-filler
 split single series, featuring four new, unreleased Young Widows jams, split up over four separate 7" singles,
 accompanied by a handful of their favorite friends and artists on the opposite sides of each single.
 Those artists include Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Melt-Banana, Pelican, and a final mystery artist to be named at a later date.
 All songs by all artists are brand new and exclusive to this series. The artwork for the four singles fits together
 to form one large, beautiful puzzled image.
 The serie starts with the Young Widows/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy single in February (thanks Kjetil) (01/12/08).

•According to Drag City 2009 will bring a new Bonnie Prince Billy album; Beware (thanks Tonnie) (28/10).
 Check promo story at Domino (21/11/08).
 Pre-order has started at Domino (10/02/09)

•"Flower of Evil", the second solo album from Susanna Wallumrød contains twelve cover versions as well as two Susanna originals.
 One of the cover versions is Joy and Jubilee. On two others Will Oldham sings along; Jailbreak and Without You.
 Released through Rune Grammofon on October 20 (thanks Jan) (14/10/08). 

•Wim Wenders has a new movie in production, titled Palermo Shooting, and it’s set to a soundtrack featuring Will Oldham,
 Grinderman, Iron & Wine, and Portishead. Pitchfork mentions: Will Oldham and Matt Sweeney bring us a new song
 "Torn and Brayed" (plus "Death to Everyone" from the Bonnie "Prince" Billy album I See a Darkness makes an appearance) (27/09/08).
 It seems that the OST of Palermo Shooting will be released through City Slang early November (14/10/08).
 Listen to the song here (21/11/08).

•The Oldham Brothers will release an EP somewhere in the fall. Check out the artwork here (19/08/08).

•Just released and already sold out: a new single on Gold Robot "Notes for Future Lovers". Containing two new songs with lyrics
 by John Harmon and music by Bonnie Prince Billy (14/08/08).

•Another live album will be released in October; Is It The Sea? by Bonnie Prince Billy with Harem Scarem and Alex Neilson.
 For pre-order at Domino already (thanks Eamonn) (23/07/08).
  The vinyl version contains two unlisted extra tracks!Holly Throsby's record "A Loud Call" has a contribution by Bonnie Prince Billy.
 TBR July 12 by the Australian record label Spunk (29/06/08)
 Listen on her myspace to "Would You" featuring Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks Sascha).

•The Italian band Numero 6 has their new EP free to download on their site. Bonnie Prince Billy sings in Italian on Da Piccolissimi Pezzi
 (thanks Boris) (23/05/08).

•Drag City has released "Lie Down In The Light", a new album by Bonnie Prince Billy, on May 19.
 Listen to a demo version of "So Everyone" on the Drag City page (thanks everyone who sent this news) (23/04/08).
 Also available through Domino, P-Vine & Spunk.

•Benten Films is about to release The Guatemalan Handshake on DVD, starring Will Oldham as Donald Turnupseed.
 Will and Sheila Scullin perform in the movie the Moldy Peaches song Jorge Regula with new words.
 Read more about the film and see a trailer here (11/04/08).

•The Californian Guitar Trio will release their album Echoes on May 20. It contains the Lynyrd Skynyrd song Freebird
 and the Krokodil song And I Know featuring Bonnie Prince Billy. (thanks Graeme) (11/04/08).

•Dosh's new album Wolves and Wishes has Will Oldham singing on the song "Bury the Ghost". Out on May 13,
 brought to you by Anticon (thanks Anders) (01/04/08).

•Check Mike Aho's video for the live version of "I Called You Back" here (18/03/08).

•Louisville is For Lovers Vol. 8 contains a Bonnie Prince Billy song "Get Your Hands Dirty". Released February the 5th (11/01/08).

•Sun Kil Moon's new album "April" will come out on April 1 through Caldo Verde Records. Will Oldham sings on two tracks
 Read more here (thanks Neely) (07/01/08).

•Mike Aho is currently working on an animated video for "I Called You Back" for the new live album Wilding In The West (22/12/07).

•On January 23 a new Bonnie Prince Billy live album will be released; "Wilding In The West" (thanks Akira) (13/12/07).

•Another release will see the light of day in December on Sea Note: Wai Notes by Dawn Mc Carthy and Bonny Billy;
 demo versions for the Letting Go, check this (thanks Sascha) (06/12/07).
 Order it from Drag City's Special Offers page (13/12/07).

•Baby Dee's new album 'Safe Inside the Day' is produced by by Matt Sweeney and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, who also played on the
 record, along with Andrew WK, Robbie Lee, Max Moston (Antony and the Johnsons), Bill Breeze (Psychic TV), John Contreras
 (Current 93), James Lo (Chavez) and Lia Kessel, all of whom bring extra fullness to Dee's old-world pop sensibilities.
 To be released on January 22, 2008 on Drag City. Brainwashed (thanks Tonnie) (20/11/07).

•The new release from Bonnie Prince Billy is "Ask Forgiveness". TBR November the 19th. You can pre-order from Domino now.
 The Drag City release is on November 20. It's an album with cover versions of songs by R.Kelly, Björk, Danzig, Merle Haggard
 Phil Ochs and Mickey Newbury (thanks Frank) (23/10/07).

•Check out the video for Kiss on Pitchfork, one of the new songs from Scout Niblett's next album This Fool Can Die Now, featuring
 Will Oldham (thanks Bokoffzki) (03/10/07).

•Scout Niblett's next album This Fool Can Die Now, is scheduled for release October 9 on Beggars Banquet/Too Pure.
 Niblett recorded the album with Steve Albini and the album features a guest appearance from Will Oldham on four songs.
 From Pre-Fixmag (thanks Dave).
 Listen to one of those songs; Kiss through Pitchfork. (thanks Anders) (31/08/07).

•Drag City has a videoclip for The Seedling, directed by Aran Reo Mann (thanks Neely) (29/07/07).

•Soy Un Caballo's album Les Heures de Raison contains La Chambre, a song on which Will Oldham sings in French.
 The album is available through Matamore Records (thanks Graeme) (12/06/07). 

•Valgeir Sigurdsson's new album Ekvílibríum contains two songs sung by Bonnie Prince Billy. The album will be released July the 9th.
 It's available for pre-order through Bedroom Community now (thanks Anders) (02/06/07).
The release is set on September 10 (thanks Graeme) (14/07/07).

•According to the May issue of the Italian magazine Blow Up the Italian band Numero 6 is working on a new album that will be released
 this autumn; many guests will appear, Bonnie Prince Billy will be one of them. He will sing a song in Italian (thanks Boris) (08/05/07).

•Joya has been released now as a Bonnie Prince Billy album through iTunes (thanks Peter) (08/05/07).

•Pitchfork reports about a new compilation on Engine Room Recordings; "Guilt By Association". It contains Will Oldham doing
 a cover of Mariah Carey's Can't Take That Away. It seems to be the same version as on the Agnes CDS (thanks Anders) (26/04/07).

•The DVD version of "Half-Cocked" contains the movie "Radiation" from 1998 by Michael Galinski and Suki Hawley.
 Featuring cameos by acts like Stereolab, Will Oldham, and Come (thanks Dan) (30/03/07).

•Current 93 will release "Birdsong in the Empire", recorded live in Toronto in 2005. 1000 copies will be manufactured
 in a full colour digipak. C93 were then: David Tibet, Ben Chasny, Maja Elliot, Joolie Wood, John Contreras,
 William Breeze, Baby Dee, Simon Finn, Andria Degens and Will Oldham (26/03/07).

•The Soulsavers new album "It's Not How Far You Fall, It's The Way That You Land" has Will Oldham singing with Mark
 Lanegan on the Neil Young song Through My Sails. The album will be released April 2nd through V2.
 A 4 track sampler is circulating (26/03/07).

•Pitchfork reports about The DVD "Burn to Shine 4: Louisville" (thanks Jan) (02/03/07).

•A 7" single is being sold on the current tour. The single contains John the Baptist and Strange Form Of Life (both live)
 (thanks Colin) (29/01/07).

•Puff The Magic Dragon featuring Bonnie Prince Billy and Red will be on "Songs For The Young At Heart" by
 Stuart Staple and Dave Boulter. You can download the song here. To be released Februari 23 as CD, CD Book and
 2x10" on City Slang (thanks Jan & Konrad) (29/01/07).

•Listen to "Knoxville Girl" by Charlie Louvin featuring Will Oldham here (thanks Anders) (25/01/07).

•On March the 20th "Strange Form Of Life" will be released on single with 3 songs from Daytrotter Session from
 last August. Read the Pitchfork article (thanks Neely) (18/01/07).

•Check Drag City for the video of Ebb Tide, directed by Jennifer Parsons (05/01/07).

•The Louisville Is For Lovers compilation volume 6, contains a Bonnie Prince Billy contribution;
  "Love Is Pleasing" (23/11/06).

•More news on the Charlie Louvin album can be found here (thanks Marc) (20/11/06).

•"Do It Again: a Tribute to Pet Sounds" is out now on Houston Party Records. The Oldham Brothers are doing a
 version of "Wouldn't It Be Nice" (10/11/06).

•Pre-order Cold & Wet on 7" and CD single at Domino now. The single will be released November 14 (24/10/06).

•Bonnie Prince Billy will be the guest on "Poolside Chats with Neil Hamburger", a new live-to-internet TV-style talk show,
 airing this Tuesday, October 24, at 9 PM Pacific Standard Time. The show, which broadcasts live from Tom Green's
 house in the Hollywood Hills, can be viewed free of charge at www.tomgreen.com. The episode will be archived after
 airing for future viewing. It will last one hour, and viewers can call in with their questions for Bonnie Prince Billy.
 Bonnie and Neil recently collaborated on a series of 30-second advertisements for "The Letting Go" (23/10/06).

•Pink Nasty's new album "Mold The Gold" is out. Recorded by Paul Oldham & Steve Squire. Bonnie sings on no less
 than three tracks. The album ends with the over-the-top album closer "Don't Ever Change", her power duet with
 Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks Thomas) (29/09/06).

•Tompkins Square Records reports that Country Music Hall Of Famer Charlie Louvin is finishing his album with producer
 Mark Nevers in Nashville. The album features guests like Will Oldham, Jeff Tweedy, Tom T. Hall and Elvis Costello
 to name a few (thanks Roman) (29/09/06). 

•Drag City has another future Bonnie release on their news page; Lay and Love 12"/CDs (thanks Brett)
 Also check commercial #4 for The Letting Go on You Tube (20/09/06).

•According to Drag City Bonnie will be on Conan O'Brien Tuesday September the 19th.
 Also check commercials #2 and #3 for The Letting Go on You Tube (16/09/06).

•The Letting Go can pre-ordered from Domino now. There is a limited 2CD version that includes "Little Lost Blues"
 but that one is sold out already there (01/09/06).

•The Sammy Harkham/Will Oldham book project from Buenaventura Press should be out next year. It's apparently based
 on a folktale about a werewolf. Will is writing something like 8 songs it (thanks Devin) (06/08/06). 

•The videoclip for Cursed Sleep (directed by Andy Bruntel) can be seen on You Tube (thanks Patrik) (29/07/06).

•Look at Part One of a three-part commercial for "The Letting Go". The tracklist is here. (thanks Patrik) (25/07/06).

•Spacemoth 5th Anniversary Compilation 2 contains a song by Bonnie Billy & Oscar Parsons called "Monolith Lamb".
 It's a Japanese release, check the Spacemoth site (02/07/06).

•On 06/06/06 Homesick Hank released their second album "Leave It Behind". Recorded by Paul Oldham with guest performances
 by Bonnie Prince Billy and Catherine Irwin (07/06/06) (thanks Sascha).

•Some future Bonnie Prince Billy releases: 12"/CDs Cursed Sleep (July), LP/CD The Letting Go (August),
 12" Cold & Wet (November).
 Cursed Sleep will have harmonies from Dawn McCarthy aka Dawn The Faun from the Faun Fables.
 The album will have Jim White on drums, Paul Oldham on bass and Emmett Kelly on guitar (14/05/06).

•An interview with Will Oldham in The Rolling Stone mentions a new album, coming out possibly this fall (thanks Joey) (07/05/06).

•The Guardian reports about Bonnie's collaboration with Harem Scarem and about rehearsels being recorded
 (thanks Richard) (22/04/06).

•The Soulsavers - "It's Not How Far You Fall, It's The Way That You Land". New album.
 Soulsavers (Rich Machin, Ian Glover) return with a new album. This time round they have joined up
 with Mark Lanegan who provides vocals on 8 of the albums 12 tracks.
 The album also has cameo appearances by Will Oldham, Jimi Goodwin, PW Long & Rich Warren.
 It's an eclectic recording, a unique mix of hip-hop, rock, country, soul & gospel.
 The album was recorded throughout 2005 between the bands home base in the North of England
 and Los Angeles. The record is in its final stages, with a final mix due to take place over the next few weeks
 and a summer release." (thanks Jan) (10/04/06).

•Will Oldham will appears on "Do It Again: a Tribute to Pet Sounds" that comes out on
 Houston Party Records in the fall. Other artists are Iron and Wine, Daniel Johnston, Vic Chesnutt and
 more. The Oldham Brothers perform "Wouldn't It Be Nice" (thanks Mileta) (30/03/06).

•Listen to Pink Nasty's "BTK Blues" and you'll hear Will Oldham sing along somewhere in the song
 (thanks Sascha) (11/03/06).

•Soundtrack of an Exhibition composed by Susan Stenger [Band of Susans] with contributions by Robert Poss,
 Alan Vega, Alexander Hacke, F.M. Einheit, Will Oldham, Kim Gordon, Mika Vainio, Bruce Gilbert, Ulrich Krieger,
 Warren Ellis, Jim White, Jennifer Hoyston, Andria Degens, Spider Stacy. Read more here. (thanks Mark) (16/02/06).

•The song His Hands (see below) is written for Candi Staton. Her new album "His Hands" will be released
 at the end of March on Honest Jon's Records / EMI (05/02/06).

•Wrinkle Neck Mules will release their album "Pull The Brake" March 7 on Shut Eye Records.
 The album features special guests appearances by Bonnie "Prince" Billy (singing on Lowlight),
 Brian Jones (Agents of Good Roots), Anne Marie Calhoun-Simpson (Old School Freight Train),
 Rob Evans (Watts Passage), Matt Pierson, and Bo Vaughan (thanks Tonnie) (25/01/06).

•A new song named His Hands by Bonnie Prince Billy is available through iTunes Musicstore (thanks obroemme)

•Jnana Records takes pre-orders now for the 5 CD compilation "Not Alone". Curated by Mark Logan and
 David Late Tibet, this set features mainly previously unreleased material by 75 artists.
 All the proceeds from the sale of this project will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontierès specifically to
 target their work on the AIDS epidemic in Africa.
 Bonnie Prince Billy has an unreleased song on it called "Song For Doctors Without Borders".
 Check the complete tracklist on the Jnana Records site! (13/12/05).

•Tract Records is releasing a single disc version of the Will Oldham tribute "I Am Cold Rock. I Am Dull Grass."
 It's up for pre-order now and will be released in December (06/11/05).

•A Silver Palace 7" is out, only available through Drag City retailers. It's an "interview" with on one
 side David Berman and on the other side Will Oldham "answering" the interviewer by playing fragments
 of familiair songs (from known albums) (29/10/05).

•Drag City has the song "Hearts" for download. Written by Aram Stith and performed live by Bonnie
 Prince Billy (thanks all who informed me!) (20/10/05)

•Billboard has an interview with Tortoise about the Tortoise & BPB album "The Brave And The Bold".
 It's released in January 2006. On Overcoat and Domino (08/10/05).

•Check Carrie Yury's site for a CD-EP called "Mutter". The players are: Richard Schuler (drums),
 Colin Gagon (producer, keyboards), Will Oldham (vocals, guitar), Paul Oldham (engineer, bass)
 (thanks Han) (19/09/05).

•Specialten issue 11 is a DVD which contains the video of "I Gave You" (thanks Martin) (12/09/05).

•Drag City has released a new Bonnie Prince Billy live 2LP/CD "Summer In The Southeast" on
 Sea Note November the 15th. (thanks Rob) (26/08/05).

•Pink Nasty's second album "Mold The Gold" will have Will Oldham as a guest player on it (thanks Sascha) (18/08/05).

•Drag City and Domino released an enhanced Superwolf CD single on July 27. It contains,
 next to "I Gave You" and the video for this song, three non album tracks.
 Domino also released a 7". (19/07/05).

•Will Oldham appears on the soundtrack of contemporary artist Matthew Barney's movie
 "Drawing Restraint 9". The soundtrack has been written by Björk (who also act on the film).
 It is mostly instrumental stuff using Japanese traditional instruments (see Björk's site for
 further info) but the track "Gratitude" has Will on vocals, with lyrics adapted from a letter
 to general MacArthur by a Japanese citizen...
 The soundtrack has hit the stores in late July (19/06/05).

•Drag City News talks about a Bonnie Billy live album and about the enduring myth of a Silver Palace record.
 For the autumn of 2005 (02/06/05). 

•Lucky Dog has released "Songs For The Young At Heart", an 7" David Boulter and Stuart A. Staples.
 Will Oldham will sing with Red on "Puff The Magic Dragon". Released on 7" July the 18th (26/05/05).

•The Silver Jews will release an album called "Tanglewood Numbers" in October. According to the
 Corduroy Suit Will Oldham will play on it (thanks Evan) (29/04/05).

•The OST to the movie Sprout contains an unreleased Superwolf track called "Demon Lover".
 Released on Record Collection (11/04/05).

•The video for "I Gave You" is on the Mike Piscitelli site, the director of the clip (thanks Robert) (11/04/05).

•Pitchfork reports about an upcoming Tortoise/Will Oldham cover album. To be released in the fall
 on Overcoat Recordings (thanks to all who informed me!) (04/04/05).

•Taken from the Jnana site: Durtro Jnana is proud to announce the release of a very special set of music,
 ‘Not Alone’. Curated by Mark Logan and David Michael, this set will feature mainly previously unreleased
 material by 75 artists. All the proceeds from the sale of this project will be donated to Médicins Sans Frontierès
 specifically to target their work on the AIDS epidemic in Africa.
 Bonnie Prince Billy has recorded an as yet unreleased song for this compilation. Along with songs from
 the Anomoanon,  Devendra Banhart, Damon ad Naomi, Six Organs of Admitance, Jim O'Rourke, Thurston Moore
 and many more.
 The projected release date for this project is September 2005 (13/03/05). 

•Durtro reports that the album "Black Ships Ate the Sky" by Current 93 will have a line-up including
 Will Oldham. You can order already now a subscription edition that will include another CD of
 alternate material and mixes from the recording sessions, and a little something extra too.
 Each subscriber will be thanked by name on the album sleeve (20/02/05).

•Will Oldham has produced the new Alasdair Roberts album "No Earthly Man". Will also sings
 on 4 songs and plays piano and bass on one. It will be released in March on Drag City (thanks Ger) (17/02/05).

•The Comics Reporter has an interview with Alvin Buenaventura of Buenaventura Press, he mentions
 an upcoming book/record collaboration between artist Sammy Harkham and musician Will Oldham
 (thanks lady m.) (31/01/05).

•The Sea Lion 12" by Sage Francis and Will Oldham is out on Epitaph (thanks Tonnnie) (11/01/05).

•Listen to a live version of "My Home Is The Sea" from the Superwolf album
 on the Drag City site (thanks Séb) (17/12/04).

•Specialten DVD Magazine #7 contains the video "No More Workhorse Blues" by Harmony Korine.
 (thanks Martin) (11/12/04).

•The Bonnie Prince Billy and Matt Sweeney album "Superwolf" will be released through
 P-Vine (January 7), Domino and Spunk (Jan. 17) and Drag City (Jan. 25) (07/12/04).

•Will Oldham plays on three songs of the new Red album. The album is named "Nothin' To Celebrate"
 and will be released early 2005 on Universal Music (thanks Séb) (03/12/04).

•The Wire magazine of this month has a 2CD called The Wire Tapper 12, it contains a
 Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney song called "Bed Is For Sleeping" (19/11/04).

•The song "Sea Lion" featuring Will Oldham will appear on the Sage Francis release
 "A Healty Distrust" coming out February 2005. There seems to come a Sea Lion 12"
 as well coming in November (thanks Tonnie) (25/10/04).

•"No More Workhorse Blues" on CD single will contain "Ruby" and the Judee Sill cover "The Kiss"
 as well as the video of No More Workhorse Blues directed by Harmony Korine.
 The single will be available through Drag City and Domino around October 18th (thanks Anders) (05/10/04).
 The 7" B-side will have "The Color Of My Dreams, If I Had Dreams". (thanks Victor).
 This last song is actually the same version as Ruby.... (thanks Andrew) (21/10/04).

•Will Oldham is the feature in a documentary by Caveh Zahedi that just premiered at the
 "Don't Knock the Rock" Film Festival in Hollywood.
 The 30 minute film is entitled "Tripping with Caveh" and can de ordered on DVD through
 Caveh's site.
 In the doc, Will and Caveh take hallucinogenic mushrooms together and then
 spend the day getting to know eachother.  The film features live performances
 of Classic Will Oldham tunes, as well as one Leonard Cohen cover (20/09/04).

•Where first was a mentioning off Will Oldham playing with Sage Francis on an EP called Damage, this
 song will appear on the Sage Francis release "A Healty Distrust" coming out early 2005 (18/09/04).

•The "No More Workhorse Blues" video by Harmony Korine can be seen at the Drag City site (23/08/04).

•Unhip Records will release somewhere in 2005 a Red Red Meat tribute. Next to a contribution
 of Will Oldham the following bands might be on it as well: Mark Robinson, Low, Mike Watt, Fruit Bats,
 Iron and Wine, M. Ward, Mark Lanegan, Calexico, Modest Mouse and a few others (thanks Jan Peter) (16/08/04).

•Drag City and Domino will release "Agnes, Queen Of Sorrow" on enhanced CD single and 2 track 7"
 According to Domino it will be released August the 23rd.
 The CD contains the video by David Shrigley as well as two unreleased songs from the
 Greatest Palace Music sessions; "Werner's Last Blues to Blokbuster" and one song that has never been
 released before called "Pussyfooting" (07/08/04).

•Isota Records will release a compilation CD of tracks from their singles club in September.
 It will contain Will Oldham's "Barcelona". The CD will contain one track from almost all the singles.
 Other bands on it are Colin Gagon (aka EZT), Department of Eagles (who used to be known as
 Whitey On The Moon UK), The Black Keys, Gerald Collier, Chris T-T, Boyskout, Low Flying Owls,
 Uberhund, Birds Of America, The Capsules, One Ring Zero and Charmless.
 The title is "The Isota Records Singles Club: A Short Tale of Beauty/Madness/Greed".
 Pre-orders will be taken from now. There are also a few copies of some of the singles left (21/07/04).

•Drag City will release "No More Workhorse Blues" on CD single as well, somewhere this fall.
 It will contain the video of this song directed by Harmony Korine (thanks Lutek) (20/07/04).

•From Drag City News; there will be an album coming from Bonnie Prince Billy and the Wolfman (06/07/04).

•Brightblack and Bonny Billy released a split EP "Pebbles and Ripples", for sale on the Summer Tour.
 For sale at Drag City's Special Offers (06/07/04).

•Domino has a videoclip on line for the new version of "Horses" here (thanks Matthew) (01/07/04).

•Domino has a videoclip on line for the new version of "Agnes, Queen Of Sorrow" here.
 Also to be seen on the Drag City site (28/06/04).

•Last April Bobby Bare Jr's Young Criminal's Starvation League released "From The End Of Your Leash".
 The song Valentine has Will Oldham sing-a-long. Find a sample of the song here. (02/05/04).

•Plexifilm is about to release Dutch Harbor on DVD with special features like; an alternate soundtracks
 taken from the live improvised screenings, featurette on the Boxhead Ensemble with new interviews and
 footage from the US and European film tours (thanks Evan) (17/04/04).

•Issue #14 of Comes With A Smile will be up this week and the CD that comes with the magazine
 contains an exclusive Bonnie Prince Billy song. It's a live version of "Antagonism" (28/03/04).

•The Tweaker song "Ruby" featuring Will Oldham can be heard here. It will be  on the album
 "2 am wakeup call", the album can be pre-ordered here and will be released on  April the 20th (28/03/04).

•Brightblack and Bonnie Billy have recommended each other three songs to cover for a split ep for
 a summer release (26/03/04).

•Viceland has a brief notice on Cockfighter, a project from Matt Sweeney and Will Oldham.
 Who knows more?? (21/03/04).

•The Irish magazine Foggy Notions (#3) has an exclusive Bonnie Prince Billy song on the 19 track
 CD "Notions of Sound Volume 1". It's called "When I Go" and this is a re-recorded version of
 "Lessons From What's Poor". This is the same version as on this Drag City sampler (thanks Alex) (01/03/04).

•In March Sage Francis will release the EP "Damage" including a coorporation wilth Will Oldham
 (thanks Tonnnie) (22/02/04).

•From Tract Records: The Will Oldham tribute CD is coming together and the final track list
 is coming close. A rough and incomplete track list is up on the website.
 The first 500 copies will be a double disk set with all the great songs that just wouldn't fit on
 disk one. The release date is March 29, pre-order the limited version now.
 More details on the ORDER page of the TRACT website (26/01/04).

•The new Tweaker album "2 am wakeup call" will come out April the 20th on the iMUSIC/Waxploitation label.
 The Will Oldham song is called "Ruby". An instrumental version of Ruby will be released on limited edition
 vinyl split 7” through Waxploitation (16/01/04).

•The tracklist of the Greatest Palace Music album by Bonnie Prince Billy can be found here
 The release date is March 23 (thanks Leo Fabriek) (15/01/04).

•The soundtrack to "Seafarers" will be released February 24 on Drag City as 12" and CDEP (14/12/03).

•The December issue of Wire mentions: "Will Oldham has just finished composing a soundtrack for 
 "Seafarers", Jason Massot's documentary about seamen in Rotterdam, the world's largest port.
 In fact, Oldham liked the film so much he has not even asked for a fee (Hollywood composers take note).
 The documentary will be doing the rounds at international film festivals next year.
 More information can be found at www.jasonmassot.com" (thanks Paul) (29/11/03).

•Read more about the Greatest Hits album here (01/09/03).

•Drag City announces a Greatest Hits album by The Palace Brothers for this fall (14/05/03).

•The new Brightblack recording "ALA.CALI.TUCKY" is recorded by Paul Oldham and has some
 singing by Will Oldham. For ordering look on the Brightblack site, limited 1st pressing of 500 (05/05/03).

•Drag City has released a sampler named "Now Who's Crazy". Containing an alternate version of
 Bonnie Prince Billy's "Lessons From What's Poor" (13/04/03).

•Drag City has just the DVD+CD "SLITCH" wich contains the Dianne Bellino film "SLITCH".
 In the movie Will can be seen as a surfer.
 With this film the DVD will also contain the Palace Brother's video for "Come In".
 The music with the movie is done by The Continental OP (04/04/03).

•Louisville Is For Lovers 2003 contains a Bonnie Billy & Mary Feiock song called "There's Something
 About What Happens When We Talk". Released through Double Malt Music. 
 Mail Mr. King for ordering one of the 1000 numbered copies (17/03/03).

•Isota Records wil repress the 7" "We All Us Three Will Ride" b/w "Barcelona".
 Limited to 1000 copies. This will be black vinyl in a replica of the original hand screened sleeve. (14/03/03)

•Will has contributed an exclusive song to the movie "All The Real Girls". The OST will be released
 March 18, 2003 on Sanctuary Records. The song is called "All These Vicious Dogs" and will play over the
 opening credit sequence. Update (april 3): The song is a different version of "Even If Love".

•Plain Recordings has released, in their tribute to movies series, You Can Never Go Fast Enough,
 a tribute album to Monte Hellman's Two Lane Blacktop. It contains the Will Oldham/Alan Licht
 track called "Don't Cry, Driver".
 The album is out Februari 25, 2003 and feature also Calexico, Giant Sand, Mark Eitzel, Sonic Youth,
 Wilco, Alvarius B., Roy Montgomery, Steve Wynn, previously issued material by John Fahey, Roscoe
 Holcomb, Leadbelly and others.

•The new Bonnie album Master and Everyone is released January 28 on Drag City and Domino.
 The first 2000 copies sent to retail stores contain the CD single Happy Child/Forest Time.

•From the Monitor news letter: "It looks like in the works is a 7" containing two cover songs played
 by the OXES, sung by Mr. Oldham. One is complete, and the other is in the works.
 Expect to see this sometime in 2003. Are you strong enough?"

•The same Monitor newsletter says that Will has told about an amazing experience recording
 "Can't Take That Away (mariah's theme)" with Buddha Monk (from Wu Tang and O.D.B )
 with Ian "lock it on" Williams on guitar. (more info seems to follow..)
 The song is a cover from Mariah Carey's album "Rainbow" from 1999.

•The Rock the Blockade CD is available from Secret Eye Records.
 Tracks recorded at live concerts in Havana and Pinar del Rio, Cuba including songs from:
 Havanarama, Will Oldham (No Gold Digger, Madeleine Mary), David Pajo and Speed To Roam.

•Drag City has just released the 12" "Slitch Music". The DVD+CD "SLITCH" will contain
 the Dianne Bellino film "SLITCH". With this film the DVD will also contain the Palace Brother's
 video for "Come In". The music with the movie is done by The Continental OP.

•The AMALGAMATED SONS OF REST EP is out now on the California label GALAXIA.
 The seven song EP is on CD as well as on a limited 12" with an etched B-side.
 Recorded 10-12 September 2001 by Paul Oldham and played by Jason Molina of Songs:Ohia,
 Alasdair Roberts of Appendix Out and Will Oldham.

•The Swedish singer/songwriter Nicolai Dunger has released an album, entitled "Tranquil Isolation"
 on which Will does piano, guitar and backing vocals.
 The album is recorded at Paul Oldham's Rove Studio and has Paul on bass, Pete Townsend on
 drums, Jessica Billey on violin, and Wink on electric guitar. The songs are all Nicolai Dunger's
 compositions, and includes the track Hey Mama which has been performed live by Will during
 his March 2002 tour.

•The Monitor newsletter says that Will has told about an amazing experience recording
 "Can't Take That Away (mariah's theme)" with Buddha Monk (from Wu Tang and O.D.B )
 with Ian "lock it on" Williams on guitar. (more info seems to follow..)
 The song is a cover from Mariah Carey's album "Rainbow" from 1999.

•Palace Records reports that there will be a split 7"with rainYwood available during the west coast tour.
 Containing Kate Wolf covers. The single is available through Drag City, mailorder only.

•The compilation CD "Shellac Curated All tomorrow's Parties 2.0" contains an unreleased track by
 Bonnie Prince Billy called "Early Morning Melody" by Kate Wolf.

•"Sonic Youth presents All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1" compilation CD contains a Papa M song called
 "How Can I Tell You I Love You?", mixed by the Continental OP with Will on zip guitar and backing vocals.
  Published on Bearded Music/BMI.

•Will recorded a song for a one sided 10" that comes with the book "Forest Time" a photobook by
 Erik Wesselo. This is for sale now through bookstores in the USA and Europe.
 You can see a picture of Will and Erik Wesselo here. 
 Here's the cover of the book and the lyrics of the song.

•Jade Tree Records has released a split CD with Songs:Ohia/My Morning Jacket on April 2nd, 2002.
 The Songs:Ohia track is "translation" from the session with Will Oldham and Alasdair Roberts,
 all three perform on the song.... Here's an MP3 of "translation".

•Papa M has released a new album "Whatever, Mortal" on Drag City and Domino. Will Oldham does bass,
 piano and backing vocals (thanks Olivier).

•Chris Vrenna, former member of Nine Inch Nails has released "The Attraction to All Things Uncertain"
 under the name Tweaker. Will Oldham sings on the track "Happy Child".
 Released on September the 18th on Six Degrees/Ryko Records.

•PJ Harvey has said in an interview in the October '00 issue of Aloha (Dutch magazine) that Will has asked
 her to record an album of  country duets together. Now (14/03/01) Will said in an interview with
 Tom Barman that they will record songs from Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn.

•From a Caroline distribution sheet: "Things to look forward to on Lost Blues 3; the still missing Trudy Dies
 (orginal A- side), In My Mind (David Allen Coe cover still in print), Ephant (from the Box of Chocolates era),
 Water (early BBC session), and more, more, more- lots more".

other old news


•Listen to Vish Khanna's Ep. #775, with Will Oldham & Lori Damiano (21/05/23)

•Listen to a new song by Bonnie Prince Billy here (21/05/23)

•Check the Talkhouse Podcast: Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy) with David Wax (thanks ray)(07/05/23)

•February 9 had Will Oldham talking to Keith Waits on Louisville ARTxFM. Amongst other things talking about a brand new album coming up in a few months and playing You May Want To Stay (15/02/23)

•Night Of The Bastard, a movie by Eric Boccio has a brand new song by Bonnie Prince Billy: You May Want To Stay (15/02/23)

•Listen to Good To My Girls as performed by Bonnie Prince Billy (15/10/22)

•Listen to The Way as performed by Bonnie Prince Billy (09/10/22)

•Emmett Kelly has produced Seance! With Zabrecky. The album comes out on In The Red records (01/10/22)

•Alan Licht released a CD version with remastered audio and updated artwork from the original digital version of Three Chords and a Sword: Solo Cover Versions 1988-2021 
It has a cover of Stable Will (24/09/22)

•Listen to Brogan's Run Episode 8: Will Oldham (thanks ray)(04/09/22)

•Listen to WRSI with Bonnie Prince Billy on Baby Jessica, Johnny Cash & shape-note singing (thanks John)(19/08/22)

•Check out this Rig Rundown with Matt Sweeney and Emmett Kelly form Superwolves (20/05/22)

•Check out this Essential Tremors podcast with Will Oldham/Bonnie Prince Billy (03/05/22)

•This week had the world premiere of The Darktown Sermons by Jay Bolotin. In the Darktown Sermons live song and animation share the stage. 
A somewhat confused Preacher (voice of Will Oldham) descends a ladder from heaven where he visited the angels. Read here about it (thanks ray)(08/04/22)

•A couple of days ago this gig took place 20 years ago, made available by Bob Arellano: Bootleg Bonnie! ~ Anacortes (March 29) 2002 (01/04/22)

•Take a look at the trailer for Hands That Bind, a film by Kyle Armstrong, featuring, among others, Will Oldham as barkeep (06/03/22)

•Listen to songs selected by Will Oldham here (06/03/22)

•Tune on 28/02/22 from 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm into WMSE: DJ Johnny K talks with Superwolves on Armed Fauxes Radio about their Milwaukee show @ The Back Room At Colectivo on March 7 (thanks ray)(25/02/22)

•Frizz and Bob are joined by Will Oldham. Listen here while they talk about life, music, Scotland, Johnny Cash and about his appearance in a Kanye West video (thanks ray)(04/02/22)

•Bill Callahan and Will Oldham discuss their collaborative album, read here(18/01/22)

•Bill Callahan and Bonnie Prince Billy merge their musical minds, by Amanda Petrusich read here (thanks ray)(18/01/22)

•Take a look to a recorded live stream from Tim Heidecker with Bill Callahan and Will Oldham, that took place on January 6, 2022 (07/01/22)

•Read and listen to an interview with Will Oldham and Matt Sweeney on WAMC (thanks ray)(14/12/21)

•Wildsam Announces New Guide: Kentucky Bourbon Country. Local contributors include, among many others, singer-songwriter Will Oldham (thanks ray)(04/12/21)

•The 20th-anniversary version of Fish & Crabs is available on red vinyl, now directly from Bob Arellano. 
Inner Dunes, the recordlabel where it was released on in 2019 has disappeared, but Bob saved some copies.
As extra track on the vinyl there's an unreleased live version of West Palm Beach sung by Bob Arrellano and Will Oldham, recorded in 2017.
The digital version now has 3 bonus tracks from that period, with Will Oldham on organ and slideguitar. Check here (27/11/21). 

•Jonathan Richman picks 10 favourite tracks for a weekend playlist, asked by Will Oldham to do so (thanks ray)(08/11/21)

•The band Springtime with Jim White, Gareth Liddiard and Chris Abrahams will release their self-titled debut album on November 5. It contains a cover of West Palm Beach (25/10/21)

•Listen to When I'm President, a poem by Shannon Burns read by Will Oldham from the Leveza Radio site (thanks Sascha)(17/10/21)

•Read here The Guest List: Superwolves: Matt Sweeney and Will Oldham tell about the books they like (12/10/21)

•Listen to episode #16, the last one of a series on the music of Will Oldham on Concertzender (12/10/21)

•Read here about ‘Dans le Chambre du Sultan’, the new film from Javier Rebollo, it is set to start shooting in may, and will feature Will Oldham - apparently horse riding and singing in Arabic (thanks ray)(25/09/21)

•The movie Hands That Bind by Kyle Armstrong will be screening at the Calgary International Film Festival. Will Oldham play barkeep (25/09/21)

•The Everly Brothers documentary Harmonies from Heaven can be watched on BBC 4: starring among others Will Oldham (25/09/21)

•Listen to the Low Profile Podcast #44 with Sean O'Hagan. Find out he's working on an album with Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks John)(13/09/21)

•Bob Arellano released a new old album, check here: Havanarama / Havana Club (13/09/21)

•Coming out soon: the self-titled album by Feast Of Smoke. That is Amber and Paul Oldham, with help a.o. from Jeremy Gagon, Neil Hagerty and George Wethington (13/09/21)

•Listen to New Partner re-imagined by Horse Apples (13/09/21)

•Listen to episode #14 and episode #15 of a series on the music of Will Oldham on Concertzender (02/09/21)

•Here's an interview with Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy recorded August 7 on TUSK TV (thanks frankie)(20/08/21)

•Read here: Maxwell’s: An Oral History, with contributions by Will Oldham, Matt Sweeney and many others (20/08/21)

•Check out the earlier directors cut of Scout Niblett & Will Oldham's song Kiss (thanks Thaddeus)(20/08/21)

•The Superwolves Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy take over the airwaves in an hour long NTS radio show (thanks ray)(25/07/21)

•Listen to Bed Is For Sleeping covered by Horse Apples (13/07/21)

•New on the Superwolves merchtable: a Not Fooling poster (13/07/21)
Also: check out this doubledecker bus

•Listen to episode # 13 of a series on the music of Will Oldham on Concertzender (13/07/21)

•David Ferguson releases video, directed by Will Oldham for his Guy Clark cover Boats To Build, off his upcoming solo LP, read the story behind it here and look at the video here (thanks ray)(02/07/21)

•Rough Trade presents a live Online Q&A with Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy via Zoom joined by special guest host TBA (for UK peeps only) (thanks Dan)(17/06/21)

•Here's an interview with Will Oldham & Matt Sweeney in the LA Times (thanks ray)(17/06/21)

•Bonnie “Prince” Billy will have an on-line conversation with Mairi Campbell from Scotland as part of scotland's 'folk film gathering' on Thursday 01/07/21 at 7pm (thanks ray)(15/06/21)

•Check out Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy on Office Hours Live at about 42 minutes in (15/06/21)

•Listen to episode #12 of a series on the music of Will Oldham on Concertzender (08/06/21)

•Look and listen to Thee Superwolves' Shorty's Ark tutorial (08/06/21)

•From June 16 you van listen to the Murder Ballad Podcast ‘Songs In The Key Of Death’ From Nevermind Media Set With Songs From Will Oldham & SAD13
Read about it here and here (thanks ray)(03/06/2021)

•A geographical guide to Superwolves: Will Oldham and Matt Sweeney guide us through the cities that have defined their lives and careers (thanks ray)(29/05/21)

•Get a set of Kentucky playing cards and check who's on the 2 of hearts (29/05/21)

•Sparce and Spindly by Yawning Chasm contains a Palace Brothers cover: Ohio River Boat Song (29/05/21)

•David Ferguson who recorded and played with Bonnie Prince Billy will release a new record in September through Fat Possum: Nashville No More (29/05/21)

•Listen to Episode 101 of Broken Records podcast: Superwolves: Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney, hosted by Rick Rubin (thanks Aldwin)(18/05/21)

•Listen to episode #11 of a series on the music of Will Oldham on Concertzender (08/05/21)

•The Guide to Films About Music, by Musicians: Will Oldham and Matt Sweeney take you on a cinematic journey (07/05/21)

Check out the playlist Will Oldham and Matt Sweeney made for the Italian Rolling Stone (07/05/21)

•Listen to a live version of Make Worry For Me, recorded for the BBC (02/05/21)

•Listen to Just The Two Of Us: Der exklusive Zündfunk Gästemix von Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney (28/04/21)

•Already released October last year on Dust-to-Digital: a box set containing the flip side of 78-rpm records that Harry Smith included on The Anthology Of American Folk Music. 
It has liner note contributions by more than 80 artists, writers, and musicians that have been inspired by Harry Smith’s work including Will Oldham (on one song) and many others (28/04/21)

•Read Return Of The Superwolves by Chris Deville on Stereogum (23/04/21)

•Matt Sweeney & Will Oldham on Magic Sam – 1957-1966 West Side Guitar (23/04/21)

•Read about Superwolves on FolkRadio (23/04/21)

•Check out Emmett Kelly's debut album The Feast of Brass Snakes. Out on HaHa (thanks John)(14/04/21)

•Check out What's On Bonnie "Prince" Billy's shelf here. Via Drag City's Instagram you can also see What's on Matt Sweeney's shelf (09/04/21)

•Listen to episode #10 of a series on the music of Will Oldham on Concertzender (09/04/21)

•New limited formats of Superwolves are available to buy from Domino Mart: Make Coffee For Me: bean coffee from Brazil selected by Matt Sweeney and 
Make Worry For Tea – a 75g Rose/Basil infusion specially created by Bonnie “Prince” Billy made by The Old Tea House, Covent Garden (31/03/21)

•Read Howl Like a Superwolf by Chris Heath in GQ Magazine (25/03/21)

•Will Large has written "Affects, indexes and signs Will Oldham and the authenticity of the voice in popular music" Read here (30/03/21)

•Listen to the Dutch Concertzender, to part 9 of a serie on the music of Will Oldham (07/03/21)

•Check this new Alan Licht album: Three Chords and a Sword: Solo Cover Versions 1988-2020, it contains a great version of Stabe Will (05/03/21)

•Here's footage of a recently found 1998 gig in Annadale, NY at the Bard College by Will Oldham and the Anomoanon (thanks Tonnie)(05/03/21)

•Listen to Week-End Mixtape #20: Bonnie Prince Billy and Matt Sweeney (28/02/21)

•Check out Brothers of the Fang: From Pups to Superwolves (19/02/21)

•Read here what Bob Arellano has to say about his just released album Last Poems and what roll Will Oldham had in it (07/02/21)

•Listen to the Dutch Concertzender, to part 8 of a serie on the music of Will Oldham (31/01/21)

•Listen to Ep. #591: Matt Sweeney talking about Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Superwolf, Chavez, Gone Glimmering and more (09/01/21)

•Look at Our Library about the Louisville Library featuring Will Oldham as The Librarian and singing a Phil Ochs song (thanks Sascha)(16/10/20)

•Saturday Keynote Panel: Beautiful Processes for Ugly Times. Dealing with our Musical Lives in 2020. 
Will Oldham, Jessica Linker, RMLLW2LLZ, & Jon Langford of the Mekons. Saturday, October 10th at 5 PM. Register here (04/10/20)

•The Dutch Concertzender is making a series of programs on the music of Will Oldham. There are already 5 parts now. Start here to listen (04/10/20)

•Listen to the podcast One Nation Under Whisky, Season 4, Ep 16 of 23 September: Whisky and Music with Will Oldham (thanks ray)(26/09/20)

•On October 13 Mike Ayers's book One Last Song: Conversations on Life, Death, and Music will be released. Mike Ayers talks to musicians about what piece of music they 
want to accompany them on their journey to the afterlife. Will Oldham is one of the musicians who is interviewed (thanks ray)(05/09/20)

•Listen to a new Bonnie Prince Billy demosong on The Deep End with Joey Mudd (show #334, around minute 20) (12/08/20)

•Here's a tribute to Viva Last Blues from France: A Decouvrir Absolument Hors Serie #15 - Tribute To Palace (thanks gdp)(12/08/20)

•Listen to a review of New Partner on the episode "The Hall of Presidents & New Partner" of The Anthropocene Reviewed, from March 28 2019 (thanks Jeff)(02/08/20)

•Here's an interview in Portugese with Will Oldham. Will mentions a duet album with Bill Callahan that they're working on (12/07/20)

•Dum Drugs plays a cover of No More Workhorse Blues (thank Ryan)(12/07/20)

•Check this Bonnie Trailer by Deeper Into Movies. Which can be seen on July 10, 11, 12 through ParadiseTV (02/07/20)

•Listen to Wijzang from the new album, De Liefde Is De Eerste Wet, from Broeder Dieleman. It's a Dutch translation of 2/15 from Get On Jolly by Bonny Billy & the Marquis de Tren (30/05/20)

•Read an interview with Matt Sweeney. Amongst other items he speaks of the collaboration with Will Oldham (thanks ray)(28/05/20)

•Will Oldham can be heard as Bubble Man singing Mirror Man in episode 6 (Vulture With Honor) of Duncan Trussell’s animated Netflix show The Midnight Gospel (thanks ray)(28/04/20)

•Already made in November 2019..; listen to the Apology podcast by Jesse Pearson with Will Oldham (thanks ray)(20/04/20)

•Louisville Academy of Music presents Songwriting with Will Oldham/Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(14/04/20)

•Listen on WFMU-FM to part 2 of an interview with Will Oldham that took place on April 7 (thanks ray)(14/04/20)

•Listen on WFMU-FM to part 1 of an interview with Will Oldham that took place on March 31. Part 2 will take place on April 7 (thanks ray)(07/04/20)

•Bonnie Prince Billy is one of the artists who will play an on-line show for Band Together, 
A benefit organisation raising funds for free food delivery to those in need in the Santa Fe area (thanks ray)(07/04/20)

•You can listen to Bonnie Prince Billy who covers some songs to help us through this Corona crisis (I guess), start here (27/03/20)

•Max Porter talks to Max Liu about collaborating with Bonnie Prince Billy (27/03/20)

•Rough Trade Edition No. 35: It’s Going to be a Bright New Day: Would You Rather, with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy is Max Porter asking Will Oldham questions (thanks Tonnie)(09/03/20)

•Read an interview with Bonnie Prince Billy on Parklife DC (thanks ray)(09/03/20)

•WOUB speaks briefly with Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(09/03/20)

•Listen to NGF51 podcast: Will Oldham of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and his Life’s Work (thanks ray)(08/03/20)

•Read a re-posted interview with Bonnie Prince Billy from 2010 (thanks ray)(08/03/20)

•Listen to the ArtxFM show OhManYes! with Julie Gross from january 28. Guest is Will Oldham who is interviewed and plays a song (02/02/20)(thanks frankie)

•Listen on NTS to Bonnie "Prince" Billy who shares some of his favourite tracks from Cat Power, Van Morrison & more (28/01/20)(thanks Tonnie)

•Read here:Will Oldham on Old Joy (thanks Jeff)(21/01/20)

•Read here song by song about I Made A Place (thanks frankie)(17/01/20)

•The new Louisville Is For Lovers Vol. 15 Dreaming In Love City will be released on February 4. 
It has no music by Bonnie Prince Billy but there's a photo of him in the accompanying calendar (17/01/20)

•Can You Make the Band Name Bigger? is a book documenting 15 years of the poster art of Luke Drozd. 
It contains a poster made for a Bonnie Prince Billy gig, incuding comments by Bonnie (thanks Tor)(13/12/19)

•Hotel Magazine #6 has content by Will Oldham. Available for pre-order (09/12/19)

•Meg Samples has recently recorded with Bonnie Prince Billy and others (09/12/19)

•Drag City Limits presents Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Jacob Duncan performing I Have Made a Place, for a Steamroom Session (07/12/19)

•Read an interview in Exclaim! with Bonnie Prince Billy by Vish Khanna (thanks ray)(19/11/19)

•Listen to Edith Frost covering I Send My Love To You, live in New York City in 1996 (thanks Tonnie)(17/11/19)

•The December issue of Uncut has an interview with Bonnie Prince Billy (08/11/19)

•Bandcamp daily has ‘a guide to Will Oldham’s various personas’ (thanks ray)(08/11/19)

•Here's a John Sayles interview now Matewan has entered the Criterion Collection (thanks ray)(02/11/19)

•Joan Shelley is interviewed by Marc Maron on his WTF Podcast, with talk about Louisville and a small piece on Will Oldham (thanks Bradley)(02/11/19)

•On November 12 Jack Carneal (who played drums in the Anomoanon and in the Palace Brothers) will release Destroy Your Safe and Happy Lives, a book with memoirs of playing in a rock & roll band (thanks Bradley)(15/10/19)

•Listen to Mi Heim Es Et Meer by Köster & Hocker. It's on their album Fremde Feddere (10/09/19)

•Deathprod will release Occulting Disk on double vinyl October 25 via Smalltown Supersound. The liner notes are written by Will Oldham (thanks Coen)(30/08/19)

•Look at the clip for Joan Shelley's Fading, featuring Will Oldham singing along (30/08/19)

•Here's an interview with the late David Berman and a Louisville Tribute by Will Oldham, Brett Ralph and Tim Barnes (18/08/19)

•Listen to the song Bonnie by Cecilie Anna which is a tribute song to Will Oldham (18/08/19)
In October the song will appear on her album New Bird

•To be released in October on 2-DVD and Blue-Ray: Matewan by John Sayles. Will Oldham plays Danny Radnor (thanks Jerry)(23/07/19)

•Superwolf features on this rather weekly scotch / music pairing playlist from Scotch Whiskey (thanks ray)(23/07/19)

•Read about Jay Bolotin who is currently at work on The Book of Only Enoch, a film featuring the voices of Will Oldham, Michael York, and others (thanks ray)(16/07/19)

•The September issue of Uncut has an interview with Joan Shelley and has some Will Oldham quotes (thanks ray)(16/07/19)

•Will Oldham is the narrator on new documentary The Butterfly Trees. Screening in July on the Flyover Film Festival in Louisville (thanks ray)(21/06/19)

•Hands that Bind is a film written and co-directed by Kyle Armstrong. One of the faces in the film is Will Oldham.
The movie is currently filming near Hanna and Youngstown in Canada (thanks ray)(20/05/19)

•Topology of Sirens - A Film by Jonathan Davies will feature, among many others, Will Oldham.
The movie will explore the musicality of Los Angeles' hidden sights and sounds, with production commencing in summer 2019 (thanks ray)(20/05/19)

•Mojo magazine 307, of June 2019, contains a free CD with the Will Oldham song New Partner (probably from Songs of Love and Horror)(20/05/19)

•Listen to The Deep End with Joey Mudd and Will Oldham. You can listen to a new BPB song there! (12/05/19)

•Watch Alexis Taylor play a live version of Jolly One (2/15) (thanks Tonnie)(12/05/19)

•Jake Xerxes Fussell has a new album out named Out Of Sight. The album announcement comes with a statement from Bonnie Prince Billy espousing Fussell’s genius (thanks ray)(08/04/19)

•Listen to an episode of CJ Boyd's podcast Worst Show Ever with Will Oldham telling a story of dishonesty and the aggravating effects it can have on tour (thanks ray)(28/03/19)

•Here's an interview with Will Oldham talking Songs of Love and Horror in Leoweekly (thanks ray)(19/03/19)

•The whole of Palace’s spring 2019 lookbook is now on-line and can be viewed here (thanks ray)(19/02/19)
Will Oldham features on pages 11, 12, 19 and 21.

•Check out the Palace Skateboards spring 2019 collection teaser (thanks ray)(14/02/19)

•Read here an article about Elsa Hansen Oldham and her husband (30/01/19)

•Read here also about the 20th anniversary of I See A Darkness (thank Blair)(28/01/19)

•Read here about the 20th anniversary of I See A Darkness (thank ray)(25/01/19)

•Here's the original painting of the sleeve of the Bonnie Prince Billy/Naked Shorsellers split single (25/01/19)

•Listen here to ClifTones with JC Denison, Episode 40: Will Oldham/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (21/12/18)(thanks ray)

•December 14 at the Speed Art Museum: Screenings of the short mockumentary Beyond the Song, a forensic look at the classic novelty song 
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer directed by Brandon Shell, produced by Tim Morton, and starring Will Oldham (thanks Tonnie)(10/12/18)

•Watch the first two episodes of The Shivering Truth now - and hear Will Oldham and Tunde Adebimpe in the end credits (10/12/18)

•Read this: Will Oldham would rather be drinking with a brewer (thanks Coen)(30/11/18)

•Will Oldham talks Songs of Love and Horror in Slant Magazine (thanks ray)(12/11/18)

•Will Oldham unmasked in GQ Style (thanks ray)(12/11/18)

•Listen to Laish playing I Would Prefer Not To. The song has a line in it about Bonnie Prince Billy (12/11/18)

•Will Oldham talks death, loss and laughter before Berkshire Bonnie “Prince” Billy show. Listen here (thanks ray)(22/10/18)

•Will Oldham can be seen as the quirky narrator of Our Library, a documentary about the Louisville Public Library system. Read more here (thanks ray)(18/10/18)

•Check out this interview in Rolling Stone: Will Oldham: My Life in 15 Songs (thanks ray)(02/10/18)

•Already online for a while but check Death To Boys, written by Will Oldham, narrated by Vivian Bang. From the book Stories for Ways and Means (thanks frankie)(22/09/18)

•Here's an interview with Will Oldham in Indyweek (thanks ray)(22/09/18)

•Check the trailer of The Old Man & The Gun to hear a Easy Doest It by Bonnie Prince Billy. It looks like it will not be on the soundtrack though (thanks Sean)(22/09/18)

•Read about the year 2016 now on the Drag City site (15/09/18)

•Listen to I Like Fucking My Gun sung by Bonnie Prince Billy on an episode of Animals on HBO (thanks Tonnie)(15/09/18)

•According to Alex Neilson's twitter message, Alex, Alasdair Roberts and Jill O’Sullivan will play some UK shows at the book launch for Will Oldham’s book of 
collected lyrics “Songs of Love & Horror”. Covering songs from his catalogue as well as a smattering of our own Oldham-inspiredz. More details to follow (thanks ray)(05/09/18)

•Read about the years 2014 and 2015 now on the Drag City site (05/09/18)

•Why Oldham County has a statue that looks like Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(25/08/18)

•Read about the 23 best films of the 2000's, accoriding to The Washing Post, among the list is Old Joy (25/08/18)

•Read about the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 now on the Drag City site (25/08/18)

•Read about the years 2009 and 2010 now on the Drag City site (03/08/18)

•Read about the year 2008 now on the Drag City site (17/07/18)

•‘Live from a Dark Room’ offers a pictorial history of Louisville’s punk, indie music scene from ’80s to present day.
Read about Will Oldham and other photgraphers (thanks ray)(13/07/18)

•Read about the year 2007 here now on the Drag City site (13/07/18)

•Read about the year 2006 here now on the Drag City site (08/07/18)

•Will Oldham, Matt Sweeney, and Rick Rubin Talk 'Superwolf', read here (thanks ray)(01/07/18)

•Read about the year 2004 & 2005 here now on the Drag City site (26/06/18)

•Read about the year 2003 here now on the Drag City site (17/06/18)

•Listen here to the performance of Susanna and Friends, including the singing of Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(08/06/18)

•You can listen on The Past and The Curious Ep. 21 to Will Oldham sharing the story of John Ledyard (03/06/18)

•The year 2001 read is here now on the Drag City site (03/06/18)

•Here's an interview with Cat Power with a Bonnie Prince Billy reference (thanks ray)(03/06/18)

•And even more readings on the Drag City site, now on the years 1999 and 2000 (27/05/18)

•And more readings on the Drag City site, this time on Bonnie Prince Billy 1998 (12/5/2018)

•More readings on the Drag City site on Palace 1994 and Palace 1996 (29/04/18)

•Read an interview with Lisa Kaplan of Eighth Blackbird here. She mentions a recording of songs for release on Bryce and Aaron Dessner’s record label (thanks ray)(25/04/18)

•Read and look at the Eighth Backbird show from April 21 here (thanks ray)(25/04/18)

•Longtime collaborator/guitarist Roadie will release his album Unfamiliair Skies on May 25. Bonnie sings along on Hope Is All I'm Holding that was released earlier as a single (17/04/18)

•Read this Drag City piece about Palace 1995 (17/04/18)

•Take a look at the video for Kira Skov's Lilac Sky featuring Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks Robin)(17/04/18)

•Listen to a Bonnie Prince Billy cover by The Boring Couple (thanks ray)(07/04/18)

•Watch Watter and Bonnie Prince Billy perform at Zanzibar (thanks Robin)(07/04/18)

•Read this Drag City piece about Palace Brothers (thanks Tor)(07/04/18)

•Is there a new Bonny album coming up? check here (thanks John)(29/03/18)

•Listen to last year's Mrs Robinson's Valentine Special here (thanks Tonnie)(20/02/18)

•Listen to the Big Blend Radio Interview: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (thanks Christopher)(13/02/18)
Read more on the visit here

•An animated version of Jack London’s classic 1906 novel White Fang was screened at the Sundance Film Festival. 
The film is expected to be released later this year. The film features an original song performed by Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(22/01/18)

•Take al look at this promo of Cold Case - Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, to see Will Oldham play along (thanks Tonnie)(24/12/17)

•The musical puppet tribute named Make Believe Neighborhood, which celebrates Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood‘s 50th anniversary, features musical 
contributions from Bonnie Prince Billy, Andrew Bird and others. It will be performed February 2 – 25 at the In The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre 
in Minneapolis. Martin Dosh is the musical director (thanks ray)(24/12/17)

•Ned Oldham has released the final songs of his Dark Mountain EP. Listen from here (01/12/17)

•Volume 3 to 5 of the Louisville Is For Lovers compilation albums are reissued. Volume 3 contains a Bonnie Prince Billy song. Check from here (01/12/17)

•Take a look at footage from 2005 of the Green Man Festival. Superwolf starts at 4:44 minutes (thanks ray)(26/11/17)

•Listen to Avey Tare cover Will Oldham’s West Palm Beach (thanks John)(26/11/17)

•Read about Ned Oldham's EP Dark Mountain (thanks ray)(26/11/17)

•Listen to Murmur 63 : Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "Home School You" (thanks ray)(12/11/17)

•Listen here to PBS 'American Masters' series: Bonnie Prince Billy profiled / interviewed on (thanks ray)(12/11/17)

•Listen to Duncan Trussel's podcast episode 264, having an interview with Will Oldham (03/11/17)(thanks ray) 

•Flamenco singer Rosalía recorded a cover of I See A Darkness on her abum Los Ángeles. Read here about her and look at a live version here (thanks ray)(26/10/17)

•Take a look at the video of Lo Carmen's Sometimes It's Hard (featuring Bonnie Prince Billy on vocals, not in the video) (thanks ray)(26/10/17)

•Listen to the 'Nerds on Tour' podcast with Will Oldham (thanks ray)(01/11/16)

•Read this interview on the Royal Dutch Tour Documentary and more (thanks ray)(01/11/16)

•The Royal Dutch Tour Documentary reviewed (25/10/16)

•Take a look at the video for Matt Kivel's 'Forgiveness' featuring Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks ray)(09/10/16)

•The Royal Dutch Tour documentary by Simo Valley premieres in London at the Doc n Roll Film Documentary festival on November 7 (30/09/16)

•Bonnie Prince Billy joined Cat Stevens on stage in Nashville on September 27. He sung along on ‘welcome home’ and ‘all kinds of roses' (thanks ray)(30/09/16)

•Read back the Ask Me Anything with Will Oldham from September 7 (thanks marc)(10/09/16)

•Will Oldham makes a mixtape for Turkey (thanks Cuneyt)(21/07/16)

•There's a new beat in town: dance the Double. Check on Emmett Kelly and Jim White's album here (19/07/16)

•Will Oldham and David Berman, two weeks ago, working on a Ramones cover at Beech House Recording (thanks Tonnie)(23/06/16)

•Check Mike Aho's message here and here (thanks John)(23/06/16)

•Read: God's Small Song (thanks Cuneyt)(17/06/16)

•Read: Olivia Wyatt by Will Oldham (thanks Cuneyt)(17/06/16)

•Read: Be Especially Careful: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and the Art of Immersive Songwriting (thanks Jeff)(10/06/16)

•Here's an interview with Bonnie Prince Billy in Salon (thanks ray)(05/06/16)

•Look at Bonnie Prince Billy perform If I had The World To Give from the Grateful Dead at the Saturday Sessions (25/05/16)(thanks John)

•Listen to this Q&A, post concert talk with Bryce Dessner and Will Oldham (25/05/16)(thanks ray)

•Listen to a new episode of Aquarium Drunkard's podcast. The re-tooled debut features Jason P. Woodbury’s interview with Will Oldham AKA Bonnie “Prince” Billy, 
discussing two new albums: his collaboration with Bitchin’ Bajas and a collection of sessions he recorded with BBC legend John Peel, Pond Scum (thanks John)(28/04/16)

•Thursday April 21 there's a Will Oldham/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy evening presented by Songs For Walter/TheAwful Truth.
Expect covers of Will's songs that will span his incredible back catalog. At the Strangebrewbar in Manchester (thaks ray)(20/04/16)

•April 14, Will Oldham has come as Defender to the Speed Museum in Louisville: The Defenders gives a Louisville celebrity the opportunity to 
share his or her guilty pleasure favorite with a theater full of people, and afterward, defend it to the crowd and take questions . The outcome remains a secret. (thaks ray)(20/04/16)

•The May issue of Mojo magazine has Bonnie Prince Billy meditating on John Peel (thanks Alan)(04/04/16)

•Read a short interview with Will Oldham in knoxnews (thanks John)(01/04/2016)

•Listen to Emmett Kelly & Rob Mazurek from their upcoming album Alien Flower Sutra (thanks John)(25/03/16)

•Take a look at Despair Is Criminal from Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie Prince Billy by Nick Ciontea (thanks ray)(25/03/16)

•Read here about the origin of the words on Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties (thanks John)(17/03/16)

•Check this Bad Bonn Song Book Tutorial: Bonnie Prince Billy on Lay and Love (thanks Tonnie)(08/03/16)

•Read/listen to Bonnie “Prince” Billy who Tells of His Royal Roots (thanks ray)(23/02/16)

•Read Bonnie "Prince" Billy tours great, smells great (thanks ray)(18/02/16)

•Listen to Your Hard Work is About to Pay Off. Keep On Keeping On. By Bonnie Prince Billy and Bitchin' Bajas (thanks ray)(18/02/16)

•Where the hell is 'Kentucky Route Zero'? (thanks ray)(18/02/16)

•Read Will Oldham's Fourth Dimension by T. Cole Rachel (thanks John)(10/02/16)

•Listen to Lara Hrycaj's Annual Valentine's Special with Will Oldham as guest is happening again and this year is it on Valentine's Day. 
You can listen in on Sunday, February 14th, from 9pm - Midnight EST via the radio at 89.3fm or online at WHFR (09/02/16)

•Upcoming event on WFMU: Thursday, February 11th, from 9am - Noon: Will Oldham: Music legend the Bonnie "Prince" Billy stops by to perform
some songs and to talk at length about a great variety of projects and points of interest. (thanks John)(09/02/16)

•Check out Bonny Prince Billy in wood by Claudette Schreuders. To be seen at the Note To Self exhibition at the Jack Shainman Gallery in New York until March 12 (thanks ray)(09/02/16)

•talons' released Work Stories, a digital album containing the song Bonnie Billy (thanks Roman)(01/02/16)

•Read this interview on Pond Scum (29/01/16)

•Listen/read an interview with Will Oldham on Fogged Clarity (27/01/16)

•Look at a video for When Thy Song Flows Through Me by Ryan Daly. Read more about Pond Scum (thanks John)(24/01/16)

•Watch and listen how Bonnie sings along with Nuala Kennedy's Astar on Fair Annie of the Loch Royanne. It's from the 2012 version of Celtic Connections (thanks John)(24/01/16)

•Bonnie “Prince” Billy covering Leonard Cohen’s Hunter’s Lullaby, listen here (18/01/16)(thanks John)

•Check this fun page: Music Will Oldham likes (28/12/15)

•Look at Bonnie Prince Billy and Nathan Salsburg perform The Moonshiner (28/12/15)(thanks John)

•Listen to Pantscast #3 and hear an 8-minute excerpt from the new book by Zach Dodson, Bats of the Republic, read by Will Oldham (22/12/15)(thanks Tonnie)

•Read: People’s Picks: Behind Bonnie "Prince" Billy - The Roots of Will Oldham (thanks John)(07/12/15)

•The Louisville Music Awards 2015 has nominated Bonnie Prince Billy, as best folk artist, also nominated is Joan Shelley (thanks ray)(03/11/15)

•Check this cartoon (thanks Cuneyt)(03/11/15)

•In 2016, Les Waters will reprise his role as A Man during previews and opening for The Glory of the World. During the remainder of the run, Louisville-based internationally
renowned singer-songwriter Will Oldham, better known by the stage name Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, will replace Waters in the role (thanks ray)(25/10/15)

•Read The Other Misfit, Lost in Song, and a small piece as run-up for the Big Sur weekend (thanks Marc)(29/09/15)

•Will Oldham nominates Eamon O’Leary for inclusion in This Long Century (16/09/15)

•Check this Fifteen Questions interview with Will Oldham aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (thanks ray)(11/09/15)

•Check this video: Will Oldham singing along with a chamber orchestra on Song 8 - Strange New Figurine (thanks John)(04/09/15)

•Check this video for Leave It Behind by Homesick Hank ft. Bonnie Prince Billy. It's a song from 2006, it seems to be re-released as the b-side of their new single Believe (thanks John)(01/09/15)
It's pressed in very limited edition on vinyl, check here (11/09/15)

•The Cairo Gang Goes Missing: an interview with Emmett Kelly (29/07/15)

•CHeck this recent upload on youtube: Elisyan Fields, a movie from 1994, starring Will Oldham (thanks Tonnie)(25/07/15)

•Watch the video for Sharp Fangs, Pale Flesh by Coliseum, starring Will Oldham (thanks ray)(19/07/15)

•Watch the video for The Benefit Of Confrontation by Santiparro featuring Will Oldham (thanks John)(23/06/15)

•Check Will Oldham's mix tape for Resurfaced Bourbon Edition in Louisville (thanks ray)(20/06/15)

•The Cairo Gang Goes Missing. This new album of the infamous Cairo Gang will be released on June 23 through God? (thanks John)(27/05/15)

•Look at: Singer's Grave A Sea Of Tongues: An Exploration Into The Heart of Matter (thanks John)(07/05/15)

•Will Oldham interviewed Sir Richard Bishop here (thanks John)(28/04/15)

•Watch Pioneer, a short film by David Lowery. Starring Will Oldham and Myles Brooks (thanks John)(16/04/15)

Watch Mike Aho's The Lonely Life. Starring Will Oldham (thanks John)(16/04/15)

•Read how Will Oldham interviews Masaki Batoh (thanks John)(01/04/15)

•Check Emmett Kelly playing Troublesome Houses (thanks John)(01/04/15)

•Check Alan Licht's new website (thanks John)(01/04/15)

•Read: Will Oldham in The Long Century (thanks Jan)(27/03/15)

•Read more: The Brown School and the origins of Louisville's indie rock scene (thanks ray)(27/03/15)

•Look and look at Will Oldham and Todd Brashear singing I Just Want To Have Something To Do at a gig that marks
the Wild and Wooly store closing at Headliners in Louisville on March 23 (thanks John)(27/03/15)

•Listen to Horses by Will Oldham on piano and read the thoughts that led to this recording (thanks John)(13/03/15)

•Read this interview with Olivia Wyatt by Will Oldham (thanks John)(13/03/15)

•Listen to Trudy Dies by Hamilton Leithauser (thanks John)(13/03/15)

•Check out the Winger Brothers in Louisville. With "Debra Winger" as the singer. Listen here for more (thanks Tonnie)(01/03/15) update (06/03/15)

•Check out a the Cairo Gang session here (thanks John)(01/03/15)

•Will Oldham stars in the videoclip for Neanderthal Song by Plastic Bubble (thanks ray)(01/03/15)

•Listen/look to Emmett Kelly/The Cairo Gang play Where Are You Tonight? (thanks John)(12/02/15)

•Check out the Annual Valentine's show: it's happening on WHFR this year. It is on Sunday February 15 from 9pm-Midnight EST.
People can listen in the metro Detroit area at 89.3 FM on the radio, online via the WHFR site or using any smart phone radio apps (can find some on the whfr website). 
Will Oldham should be calling in during the show. 
Please email questions and song requests to whfr@hfcc.edu OR on the Facebook Event page: 

•A new episode of the original web series, Music Makes a City Now, featuring a host of Louisville's native musical talent. From the University of Louisville's music school to the internationally
acclaimed indie artist Bonnie Prince Billy. See the latest episode, "All Together Now" and catch up with the rest of the series on YouTube (thanks ray)(31/01/15)

•Check out the video for the Cabane song Sangokaku, featuring Bonnie Prince Billy on vocals (thanks John)(31/01/15)

•Listen to some good old live recordings from 2001, provided by BenJammin van Dyke, who played drums at the time (23/01/15)

•Listen to A Fogged Clarity Session by Bonnie “Prince” Billy and listen or read the interview (thanks Dave)(17/01/15)

•Listen to Rhubarb playing I See A Darkness and New Partner (15/01/15)

•Listen how Canyon Ryde cover Christmastime In The Mountains (thanks Jan)(13/01/15)

•New Year Carol - Song Benefits Alzheimer's Research: a traditional lyric with original music composed and performed by Ned Oldham.
All proceeds for this song received before January 1, 2015 will be donated to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund. Please hurry and buy/donate here! (18/12/2014)

•A new Bonnie "Prince" Billy acoustic session & interview will be released along with the redesigned website of Fogged Clarity on January 15 (thanks John)(18/12/2014)

•In David Mitchell's new novel The Bone Clocks, an author's audience at a lecture is doubled in size because of a sold out Bonny Prince Billy concert in Reykjavik.
"It's a decent turnout at the House of Literature, but half of the two hundred attendees are here because the Bonny Prince Billy concert was sold out, and a portion of the silver-haired
contingent showed up because they love Dad's films." The scene is set in September 2019. (thanks Lesley)(28/11/2014)

•The Lonely Life is available for download, starring Will Oldham. Start here (24/11/14)

•Look behind the scenes: shooting the Bonnie video New Black Risk (Tusks) (24/11/14)

•Read an article in the Nashville Scene (thanks ray)(21/11/14)

•Look at the new video for New Black Rich (Tusks) (thanks Jan)(14/11/14)

•Read an article in the Bluegrass Situation and one in Bomb Magazine (thanks John)(11/11/14)

•Check this Bonnie Prince Billy Sea of Tongies poster and interactive website through Domino Records (thanks John)(09/11/14)

•In the latest issue of Uncut Will Oldham reveals eight of the records that have soundtracked his life, dated December 2014 and out now (thanks ray)(09/11/14)

•Listen to Dave Ferguson playing Love In The Hot Afternoon. Look at Bonnie throwing frisbee (thanks Greg)(03/11/14)

•Read this interview in the Chicago Sun Times (thanks ray)(01/11/14)

•Check this:a video game from Kentucky Route Zero - voiced by Will if you call the number - (thanks John)(01/11/14)

•James Coomarasamy will be talking Kentucky culture and politics and Johnny Cash with Bonnie 'Prince' Billy on October 28 (thanks Cuneyt)(27/10/14)
Listen here and here (28/10/14)

•Check out the trailer for Revenge of the Mekons, featuring Will Oldham (thanks John)(26/10/14)

•Will Oldham interviews Cat Steven/Yusuf, read here and listen to a new song of the album there too, Will is singing backing vocals on it (thanks ray)(14/10/14)

•Read this piece on I See A Darkness. One of the albums you can take straight to hell (and back) (14/10/14)

•Read Essential Albums: Bonnie “Prince” Billy surveys his disarrayed record collection (10/10/14)(thanks ray)

•Read this interview in Aquarium Drunkard (thanks John)(10/10/14)

•Listen to Vish Khanna's excellent telephone interview with Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks Jeff)(05/10/14)

•Check out Jim White's collaboration with George Xylouris: Xylouris White (05/10/14)

•Read "Long Dark Blues" about Jason Molina. Included his introduction to Will Oldham (thanks ray)(05/10/14)

•Check Will Oldham's Top Ten Movies (actually Top 15) here (01/10/14)(thanks John)

•Listen to this feedmeweirdthings interview with Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks John) (26/09/14)

•Will Oldham is participating in next saturday's sponsored walk in Louisville to raise funds for alzheimer's sufferers. Donate here! (thanks ray)(04/09/14)

•Will Oldham and Dawn Landes sing in a Cottonwood on the banks of the Ohio River near the mouth of Beargrass Creek (thanks John)(30/08/14)

•Evan James Houston announces that his music video for the Bonnie Prince Billy song I Am A Cinematographer has been accepted into New Orleans Film Festival 2014 (thanks John)(30/08/14)

•Check this piece in the Courier Journal from Louisville (thanks ray)(30/08/14)

•Check this article at Pop Matters (thanks John)(04/08/14)

•Read an interview at Inlander (thanks ray)(20/07/14)

•Listen to a telephone interview on the radio on Marfa Public Radio here, broadcast July 10 (thank ray)(11/07/14)

•Check out this iPhone case (thanks ray)(07/07/14)

•Check this article in the Washington Post (thanks John)(06/07/14)

•Ned Oldham releases a new 7". For pre-sale through No Quarter, available August 19 (27/06/14)

•The June version of Musik Express has an interview with Bonnie Prince Bily, you can read here (thanks John)(27/06/14)

•From The Cairo Gang: available as of June 1, the good peeps at Burger Records have made a new cassette of The Cairo Gang live at their shop in Fullerton, CA (listen!) (05/06/14)(thanks John)
Featuring tunes from Tiny Rebels, Mixtape No.1, and The Corner Man, as well as a couple dope covers! (26/05/14)(thanks John)
Check here for more Cairo stuff.

•Will Oldham's name appears alongside others on the cover of the May issue of Les Cahiers du cinéma #700. In the 2 page article, Will goes through some pictures and clippings that are pinned on his
office (wolfroy-like pink) wall. Written in French (thanks Nathalie) (14/05/14)

•Look here at a video for Bad Man by Claudia Crobatia (thanks John)

•Looks like there's a new video coming (07/05/14)

•Listen to this podcast What Happens Next (thanks ray)(02/05/14)

•Listen to this interview from Sharing Needles With My Friends (thanks Andrea)(29/04/14)

•Listen to ART-FM today: check (thanks John)(18/04/14)

•Open notebook: Will Oldham (thanks John)(14/04/14)

•Check here The songs of Will Oldham – a slowcoustic cover project (day one) (thanks Jan)(18/03/14)

•Look at Jerry David DeCicca's video for a song from his forthcoming album: First and Last. lt features backing vocals from Kelley Deal and Will Oldham plus Wurlitzer by Spooner Oldham (07/03/14)

•Join Bonnie today for "It's Valentine's Day, Signifying Wolf!" on @ARTxFM from 4-6pm eastern standard time (thanks John)(14/02/14)

•The third issue of Apology is "strange and wonderful". Among many other items, it includes poetry by Leopoldine Core and Will Oldham (thanks John)(11/02/14)

•The annual Mrs. Robinson Will Oldham Valentine Special 2014 is happening again this year on WHFR on Februari 9.
The show is happening from 9-midnight EST. Will should be calling into the show at around 10pm.

•Slint's Spiderland comes in a box set that contains, among other things, a 104 page book with over 100 never-before-seen photos documenting Slint's entire history, as well as lyrics to the songs on Spiderland,
and a forward by Will Oldham (thanks John)(03/02/14)

•Music Makes A City, narrated by Will Oldham, is out on DVD (thanks ray)(27/01/14)

•Check Oscar Parsons' cool leatherworks (21/01/14)

•Elise DuRant's debut feature film Edén starring Will Oldham will make its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam on Sunday, January 26th, 2014 (16/01/14)

•Shirtkiller sells Bonnie Prince T-shirts of the self titled album and the album as well (16/01/14)

•Read this royal dialogue: Will Oldham discusses performing solo and his gospel influence (thanks ray)(20/12/13)

•Drink I See A Darkness beer from the Tired Hands Brewing Company! Bottled with artwork from Will Oldham (thanks Steve)(10/12/13)

•Read two interviews with Will Oldham here and here (thank ray)(10/12/13)

•Subbacultcha interviews Will Oldham (page 20) (thanks Tjeerd)(08/12/13)

•Sunday December 1 from 6:00-8:00 PM US EST, Will Oldham will return to Louisville's ARTxFM to play all kinds of xmas music on-air for two hours.
He will be joined in the studio by Brett Eugene Ralph (Malignant Growth, Fadin' Out, Rising Shotgun, Kentucky Chrome Review).
The whole broadcast will web-stream live on ARTxFM (thanks Ken)(26/11/13)

•On November 22 Will Oldham will lead the afternoon masterclass with Georgetown University American Musical Culture majors and minors.
Open to all for attendance (thanks ray)(19/11/13)

•Listen here to an interview with Will Oldham & Kevin Titzer and look here for more on the Troublesome Houses Exhibit (thanks John)(04/11/13)

•More on the Troublesome Houses Exhibit (thanks Marc)(28/10/13)

•Read: Brute Choir an interview with Bonnie "Prince" Billy (thanks John)(28/10/13)

•More from Ace Hotel: an interview with Will Oldham (thanks John)(28/10/13)

•For a positive change in perspective, Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy) recommends drone & experimental music @ Ace Hotel (thanks John)(30/09/13)

•Listen to a Bonnie Prince Billy session at the Ace Hotel by Jackpot Recordings (thanks John)(23/09/13)

•Check this interview on WFPK with Wild and Woolly's Todd Brashear and Will Oldham (thanks John)(22/09/13)

•Check this interview Minds In Music (thanks John)(11/09/13)

•Take a look at the Alan Bumstead site on Bonnie Prince Billy vinyls (11/09/13)

Mick Turner will release Don't Tell The Driver on November 19 (05/09/13)

•Here's an interview in the Yakima Herald (thanks ray)(05/09/13)

•ShirtKiller sells new Bonnie T-shirts: look (05/09/13)

•Check this Kreative Kontroll podcast: Vish Khanna speaks with Will Oldham (thanks John)(05/09/13)

•From November 1 to December 14 The Louisville Visual Art Association will host “Troublesome Houses: An Art Exhibition Inspired by the Music of Will Oldham”
 (thanks ray)(27/08/13)

•Meet Frank Ellis, the character Will Oldham will be playing in West African Stowaway by Chad Blevins (thanks John)(23/07/13)
 They still need some money for their budget, check here. Here's the facebook page (thanks Maya)(25/07/13)

•Listen to Vish Khanna speaking with Will Oldham (thanks John)(23/07/13)

•Keep an eye on I Used To Be Darker, a movie by Matt Porterfield, starring Ned Oldham (23/07/13)

•Check this map to find A Map Of The Most Critically Acclaimed Rock Stars From Each State. From Kentucky it's Bonnie Prince Billy! (22/07/13)(thanks Daniel)

•Here's are Bonnie interviews in the Anchorage Daily News and Anchorage Press (22/07/13)(thanks ray)

•Listen to Cheyenne Mize's new album Among The Grey (thanks ray)(29/06/13)

•Listen and look to Ohio River Boat Song and I Am Goodbye here by Will Oldham with Liberation Prophecy (thanks Willem)(05/06/13)

•Alasdair Roberts will put out a limited split 7" between Alasdair (performing with his friend Ivor Killan) and Ex Sebadoh's Eric Gaffney.
 It should be available within the next couple of months on Happy Soul Records (27/05/13)

•On July 23 a new album by The Cairo Gang will come out. It's called Tiny Rebels. Here is the press release 
 There is a video to go with the announcement (26/05/13)

•Will Oldham, also known as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, wishes Willie Nelson a Happy Birthday (thanks John)(21/05/13)

•Listen to Angel Olsen here (thanks John)(21/05/13)

•Will Oldham will host a 2 hour slot ever monday from 4 to 6pm (eastern time) every monday on Art+FM in Louisville. The name of
 the show is Unbroken Ear. Audience input for flow will be appreciated (thanks ray)(02/05/13)

•Check this video by Cheyenne Mize from her upcoming album Among The Grey (thanks John)(02/05/13)

•Listen here to a longer version of an older interview from August 2012 (thanks ray)(02/05/13)

•Will writes about Hawaii in Nowhere magazine issue 7 (thanks ray)(25/03/13)
•Check a commercial for Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's What The Brothers Sang here and listen to WFPK here (12/03/13)

•A story about the recording of the Patience 7" in Ireland in 1996 can be found here (thanks ray)(12/03/13)

•Matt Sweeney joins Endless Boogie, read here (thanks Wim)(12/03/13)

•Listen to the anual Mrs. Robinson Will Oldham Valentine Special this year here (12/03/13)

•Listen to Broeder Dielemans' versions of two Will Oldham songs he played during his session for Dwars (10/02/13)

•Another interview can be found here (thanks ray)(07/02/13)

•In this month's MOJO magazine, Will Oldham and Dawn McCarthy join us to explore and celebrate the "complex, experimental and
 exciting" musical world of Don and Phil Everly (thanks ray)(30/01/13)

•More links to recent interviews: WexBlog, Pittsburgh Tribune,  Pittsburgh City Paper, Columbus Alive, Charleston Daily Mail, The Other Paper (thanks ray)(29/01/13)

•Read an interview with Bonnie Prince Billy in the Post-Gazette here (thanks ray)(23/01/13)

•Listen to the Pictish Trail doing a cover of Master and Everyone (thanks Ken)(23/01/13)

•“Wonder”, The Lives of Anna & Harlan Hubbard is being written and produced by Louisville, KY-based producer Morgan Atkinson.
 Will Oldham will be the voice of Harlan and Katie Blackerby that of Anna (thanks David)(13/01/13)

•From Drag City: "... enjoy the pleasure of smelling like Bonnie yourself, any place you want - in the comfort of your own home, or, for the voyeur, 
 out in (or near the) public - with the latest scent from Sanae Intoxicants, "Bonny Billy." (thanks Cuneyt)(08/12/12)

•A cameo for Will Oldham in the video for Scout Niblett's song Nasty (thanks Leo F)(08/12/12)

•Westerly is a feature length documentary film about surf icon Peter Drouyn and his controversial metamorphosis into Westerly Windina. 
 Will Oldham & Matt Sweeney compose the music. Fundraiser (thanks ray)(08/12/12)

•A Wilderness of Mirrors, the feature film about Lexington musician Paul K, shot and edited by John Bosch, has opened with a special screening on Nov. 15
 at the Kentucky Theater. Will Oldham performs one of Paul’s songs "Imperial Statues" as part of rock opera subplot in the movie (thanks Thaddeus)(20/11/12)

•Bob Corn plays a cover A Minor Place on Fields Of Corn by Bob Corn & Matteo Uggeri. Check here (22/10/12)

•The 12 minute movie Magnetic Reconnection by Kyle Armstrong will make its world premiere at the 2012 edition of AFI Fest, which runs from
 November 1 to 8 in Los Angeles. It will then head to New York City's Imagine Science Film Festival, which runs November 8 to 16.
 The film will feature an original score from Jim O'Rourke, along with narration from Will Oldham (thanks Chris)(15/10/12)

•Listen here to Zach Condon of Beirut talking about, amongst others, Ease Down The Road (thanks Cuneyt)(24/09/12)

•On October 23 The Cairo Gang will release The Corner Man on Empty Cellar Records (pre orders ship 25/09). Listen to Now You Are One Of Us from here
(thanks Michael)(09/09/12) (update 21/09/12)

•Eden - a film by Elise DuRant will have Will Oldham starring. Elise is trying to cover a last-minute funding gap, therefore she started a Kickstarter
 fundraising webpage. People can donate to the film here. Filming starts October 2012 in Mexico (16/09/12) 

•Check this interview: The Bonnie Situation on the Bonnie book (thanks ray)(22/08/12)

•Angel Olsen will release her new album Half Way Home September the 4th on Bathetic Records. Emmett Kelly plays along on the album as well
 as on the tour that she makes through the US and the Netherlands and Belgium (20/08/12).

•July the 7th in Lexington Bonnie Prince Billy played as The Chivalrous Mekons a bunch of Mekons songs! Check from here (thanks Oliver)
 Listen here to The Bonnie Prince who was kind enough to call in from his Louisville home for a half-hour chat regarding his upcoming gig in support 
 of eastern Kentucky's legendary arts collective Appalshop (thanks Willem)(09/07/2012)

•From ((sounder)): 'The Lonely Life', a short film starring Will Oldham will hopefully come out in the fall. The film will accompany the new ((sounder)) record
 entitled, ‘The Howlingest Call’ and is written and directed by Mike Aho (thanks John)(08/07/12)

•Watch the KEXP session from 13/06/12 in Seattle, WA here (thanks ray)(28/06/12)

•Paradise Animals cover Bonnie's Wolf Among Wolves, listen here (thanks Uwe)(24/06/12)

•On July the 17th the vinyl only compilation In A Cloud II: New Sounds From San Francisco will be released through Secret Seven Records. It contains a 
 song by Amber & Paul Oldham's band Lucky Eyes. As well as 12 other previously unreleased recordings from Ty Segall, Vetiver, Papercuts, Sonny & 
 The Sunsets, Chuck Prophet, Kelley Stoltz, Paula Frazer, and more. The LP was also mastered by Paul Oldham. Check the cover (18/06/12)

•Arbouretum have covered Bonny & Sweeney's Four Screams on their tour CDR Covered In Leaves (thanks Robin) (04/06/12).

•Richard Haswell has released a cover of New Partner on his For Tomorrow EP, download here (04/06/12).

•Poetry Magazine of June 2012 contains a poem by Will Oldham "To Hell With Drawers" (thanks Tonnie)(03/06/12).

•Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Plays Not My Job, listen and read here (thanks Daniel)(03/06/12).

•Last year Ned Oldham disappeared to shoot a film in Baltimore called I Used to Be Darker, in which he plays a musician whose marriage is
 unraveling. His music is also featured in the film, directed by Matt Porterfield (thanks ray)(03/06/12).

•Read this story by Stav Sherez, author of A Dark Redemption, on Will Oldham, and how a powerful anecdote became a crucial element
 of his latest novel (thanks ray)(03/06/12).

•Look at Ben Berman's video for the Now Here's My Plan version of I See A Darkness (thanks Robin)(08/05/12).

•Listen to BBC Radio 6 at 10.00 o'clock sundaymorning on May the 6th, to Cerys who discusses the new book Will Oldham on Bonnie "Prince" Billy, the
 written conversations  of Will and his long-time friend and associate Alan Licht, who probes his highly individualistic approach to music making and the
 music industry. There will also be live music from Scottish folk rock band Trembling Bells who have joined forces with Bonnie "Prince" Billy.

•Joanna Oldham released a book Good Morning #1 on Family in Los Angeles. Joanne Oldham has quietly been making art in a range of mediums for several decades.
 Though mostly known for a scattering of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy releases, including the cover for I See a Darkness (thanks John)(27/04/2012).

•Susanna released a new album: "Wild Dog". The guests on the album are Emmett Kelly from Bonnie ”Prince” Billy´s band and Jeremy Gara
 from Arcade Fire appearing on all ten tracks while Shahzad Ismaily is credited on seven tracks and Jo Berger Myhre on two (20/04/12).

•Listen to the annual Will Oldham Valetine's show on WHFR here (thanks John)(15/04/12).

•Will Oldham will be writing from Louisville every Wednesday about loved and significant music here, check the March 28 contribution (04/04/12).

•Check a serie of interviews: One Two, Three, Four Five (thanks all!)(02/03/12)

•It's that time of the year again for the annual Will Oldham Valetine's show on WHFR. Questions and requests are encouraged from fans.
 They can email whfr@hfcc.edu by noon EST Sunday Feb 12. Then listen in the Dearborn-Detroit area at 89.3FM or on the internet from 9.00 pm - midnight.
 Check the Facbook event here (07/02/12).

•Bonnie Prince Billy played the 100th Black Cab Session. Watch Black Cabtain & Coconuts (02/0/12).

•Naomi Burkhart has released Swallowed By the Sky. The album contains traditional songs, Naomi's recycled originals and a cover of Big Friday (11/12/11).

•The Travel Almanac has Will Oldham on the front cover. Inside there is an interview Will Oldham talking about travels and Portugal (thanks Vitor)(02/12/11).

•Check this Telerama session from November the 3rd in Paris (thanks Julien)(21/11/11).

•Will Oldham will be live on guardian.co.uk/music at 3pm GMT on Monday 21 November to answer your questions (thanks Eamonn)(17/11/11)
 The answers are here (21/11/11).

•On October 15, on the Cincinnati, OH radio program "Trash Flow Radio," after playing an hour of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy rarities, Will Oldham was interviewed
 on-air for about 100 minutes. The entire three hours can be downloaded, ad-free, in three parts, from here, here and here (18/10/2011)

•Listen to WFPK's Wild and Woolley reviews. Bonnie speaks and plays a song (thanks frankie)(14/10/11)

•A star studded curatorial compilation, Handpicked Songs 1955-1962 is a shot of Louvin Brothers magic. This LP features 14 tracks performed
 by the Louvin Brothers, each personally selected by the likes of Beck, Emmylou Harris, Will Oldham, Kris Kristofferson, Jim James, Dolly Parton
 and many more. On Light In The Attic (14/10/11)

•Check two interviews here and here (thanks Jeffrey)(09/10/11)

•Will Oldham has been interviewed for Revenge Of The Mekons, a documentary feature directed by Joe Angio, he wrote on facebook:
 It's a wrap! Final shoot with Will Oldham this afternoon in Louisville. Now on to the home stretch of the edit (thanks Olivier)(29/08/11).

•Two more interviews here and here (01/06/11)

•Read here a telephone interview with Will Oldham (thanks Uwe)(20/05/11).

•Read here an interview with Will Oldham (thanks Daniel)(20/05/11).

•Angel Olsen's (of Babblers and Island Brothers fame) release Strange Cacti is out now on 12" (13/05/11).

•Old Calf will release a new album; Borrow a Horse will be out on April 12 on No Quarter. Old Calf is Ned Oldham and Matty Metcalfe (22/03/11).

•Drag City reports: "Will Oldham does his comedy like no one else, and it's full-on flaming in the latest season of The Internet Shack" (thanks Daniel)(22/03/11). 

•Check this Bonnie Prince Billy interview by misterbuckets (thanks Daniel)(22/03/11).

•Listen to Will Oldham and Todd Brashear on Louisville's WFPK. Talking about the blueprints for a new album and more! 
(thanks Christopher)(12/03/11).

•Listen to the Mich Vish Interracial Morning Show of Februari 23 with guest Bonnie Prince Billy (thank Daniel)(10/03/11)

•Look at Bonnie Prince Billy play live in 2003, filmed by Lance Bangs (07/03/11).

•Check this version of Death to Everyone by Woody and Paul (thanks Serp)(24/02/11).

•Cheyenne Marie Mize covers Bonnie 'Prince' Billy for Valentines Day, listen here (18/02/11).

•The Annual Mrs. Robinson Will Oldham Valentine's Special will be on Sunday Feb 13, 2011 on WHFR from
 9:00pm - Midnight EST. It can be heard on the radio at 89.3FM in the Dearborn-Detroit, MI area or online at http://whfr.fm.
 The annual valentine's special is dedicated to Will Oldham. Will should be calling in this year too (11/02/11).

•Director John Bosch has been working for many years on a documentary film about singer/songwriter Paul K, who formerly
 led the band Paul K & the Weathermen. A trailer for the still-unfinished movie can be seen on this site, you can see Bonnie Prince Billy
 sing a song (thanks Ken)(03/02/11).

•Read this R Kelly interview by Will Oldham (thanks all)(01/02/11).

•Will Oldham was in Rotterdam at the world premiere of New Jerusalem. Together with Rick Alverson and Colm O'Leary they answered some 
 questions about the movie afterwards (01/02/11).

•Check here, at the bottom of the page, two lost Palace/Drag City promo sheets. Also added are two older Palace promo pics (big thanks to Daniel)(26/01/11).

•Listen to this Fogged Clarity session by Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks Dan)(08/01/11)

•Download the New York show from December 7 at Maxwell's here (thanks Uwe)(08/01/11)

•Read and listen to this Fogged Clarity interview with Will Oldham (01/01/11)

•Check this piece by Bonnie Prince Billy about Alasdair Roberts' album No Earthly Man (23/12/10)

•New Jerusalem, a film by R. Alverson will premiere at the 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam Januari 26 - Februari 6.
 Will Oldham acts in it. (thanks Daniel)(21/12/10)

•Look at this Babblers page by Pascal Regis (21/12/10)

•Sundance 2011 will have the screening of the short David Lowery movie Pioneer. Will Oldham acts in it.
 Look at the trailer. (thanks Jessica)(13/12/10)

•Check Drag City's news report on Bonnie art (thanks Daniel)(09/12/10)

•Check this, this and this report about the Babblers (thanks Cristopher)(02/12/10).

•Check Jolie Holland play (End of) Traveling (29/11/10).

•Look at this video "what am weyoui waiting for?" from Richard T. Walker (thanks Jan)(02/11/10).

•Check this interview at KCSB (thanks Daniel)(02/11/10).

•In the movie Jackass 3D Will Oldham has a small cameo as a gorilla tamer (26/10/10).

•Check this nice live show at Amoeba (thanks Uwe)(26/10/10).

•Check this interview at Music Illuminati (thanks Lance)(16/10/10).

•Watch Will Oldham say a few words about freedom of thought here. Check the total film "In The Woods: Pathway" here (26/09/10).

•Will Oldham plays the hunter in The Edge of Town (2008) by Christopher Ciancimino. Watch it online here (thanks Angelo) (31/08/10).

•Check this: there's a new solo Ned Oldham 3-song 7" out, just announced today. Free MP3 and release information here (25/08/10).

•Check this article about Will Oldham in the Irish Times (thanks David) (01/08/10).

•According to Pitchfork, Will Oldham plays a Beaver on "Squidbillies", the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim show about
 a family of Appalachian squids (thanks Daniel) (01/08/10).

•Judith Godreche's album Toutes Les Filles Pleurent  contains How About Thank You written specifically for this album.
 Check this review (thanks Daniel) (01/08/10).

•In May Drew Danburry released his latest album Goodnight Dannii. I has a song on it named Will Oldham (01/08/10).

•Check this article about Will Oldham (11/06/10).

•Madame & Little Boy is a video essay by Magnus Bärtås. The story of Madame and Little Boy (the code name of the Hiroshima bomb) is narrated
 by Will Oldham (thanks Anders) (16/05/10).

•A short film made by Will Oldham and Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales founder Sam Calagione, titled Robot Brewery Tour, features
 Will Oldham as Jonathan Smart. Check here and watch here (thanks Tonnie) (23/04/10).

•Brett Eugene Ralph also released a book of poetry last summer, Black Sabbatical, available from Sarabande Books. Will Oldham wrote this
 blurb for the back cover: "When I was a teenager I used Brett Ralph's facility with language as an excuse for hope. As an adult, beyond
 idealism, I still find Brett's speech, verse, and prose sustaining, inspiring, even rescuing" (16/03/10).

•The Cairo Gang released Holy Clover, a 7" record on Endless Nest in San Francisco, and Tin Angel in England.
 blackest rainbow released Twyxt Wyrd from The Cairo Gang on LP (09/03/10).

•Fanfarlo have released an iTunes only live EP which includes a cover of "A Minor Place". Check this. (thanks Rich) (31/01/10).

•Coming out in 2010 New Jerusalem (or The American), a film by R. Alverson. Will Oldham plays Ike (thanks Gigi) (11/01/10).

•Liam Hayes and Plush released Bright Penny last year. The album contains the song O Street, years ago played by Palace with
 Liam Hayes (11/01/10).

•Thomas A Minor and the Picket Line, who accompanied Bonnie on Funtown Comedown, released an album.
 This is on their myspace: The Picket Line has an album, Thomas A Minor and the Picket Line. Seven songs of pure joy,
 or depression to whatever personality you might be. Send us an email at thepicketline@gmail.com for more info (03/01/10).

•Puritan Blister blog compiled a number of compilations named "Songs Will Oldham taught me": start here (27/12/09).

•Best music of 2009 according to Bonny Billy to find in Artforum magazine (thanks Jeffrey) (14/12/09).

•Just out in English: a comic book about the life of Johnny Cash: I See A Darkness by Reinhard Kleist.
 The book is already from 2006, it started in German language and is now available in other countries. Note that (at least) the Dutch
 version has a part about "Hurt" where the American one has the same part about "I See A Darkness" (thanks Robert) (07/12/09).

•Check this "old" poem by Jack Underwood (Thanks Cuneyt) (07/12/09).

•Rob Klerkx covers I See A Darkness. Check here (thanks Serp) (03/11/09).

•Yo La Tengo released "They Shoot, We Score".  The CD collects all of their music - plus outtakes - for the motion pictures Junebug,
 Old Joy, Game 6 and Shortbus (thanks Gerard) (03/11/09).

•Today Sodapictures has released Wendy and Lucy on DVD (29/06/09).

•Mark Kozelek has released a live album; “Find Me, Ruben Olivares – Live In Spain”. It contains a version of New Partner.
 On Caldo Verde Records (thanks Uwe)(14/06/09)

•Harem Scarem released their version of Is It The Sea? on their (2008) record Storm In A Teacup on Vertical Records (29/05/09).

•Filter Magazine has an interview with Cheyenne Mize (thanks Dominic) (29/05/09).

•Check Epsiode Four of The People's Project Program for a interview with Ashley Webber (29/05/09).

•An interview in A.V. Club and in Vanity Fair (14/04/09).

•Check Dusted, it features a series of music-related lists compiled by their favorite artists, this time Bonnie Prince Billy (28/03/09).

•Laokoongruppe released an album named Walzerkönig. The title song contains a line about Will Oldham, check the video here
 (thanks Roman) (26/03/09).

•Check a clip for Death In The Sea by Thomas Campbell (thanks Tonnie) (26/03/09).

•Bonnie has appeared in the end titles of the BBC Culture Show BBC2 on March 24, an extended version will be repeated on March 27 (26/03/09).

•More interviews in: The Skinny & The Sunday Herald (thanks Peter) (26/03/09).

•Interview on-line in German and in Mojo and Plan B (19/03/09).

•Find two Will Oldham covers by Redemption Thong here, as well as one mix of Let's Move and Lay & Love (thanks Sascha) (17/03/09).

•A White Session by Bonnie Prince Billy is re-scheduled and will be broadcast on wednesday the 18th by France Inter instead of the
 earlier mentioned monday the 16th (thanks Frankie) (16/03/09).

•Black Flowers have released the album I Grew From A Stone To A Statue on Bo'Weavil recordings. Among others Alex Neilson and Alasdair Roberts
 are playing and singing on the album (thanks Andrew) (13/03/09).

•The LA Times has an interview with Will Oldham (09/03/09).

•April's Uncut magazine has an article where in Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy discusses his eight finest releases (03/03/09).

•The Guardian has an interview with Bonnie Prince Billy. Listen to it here (thanks Mike) (01/03/09).

•Financial Times has an interview with Bonnie Prince Billy (thanks Michael) (27/02/09).

•The Wire #301, March 2009 has Bonnie Prince Billy on the cover and an interview inside. Check the pictures that didn't make the magazine here (19/02/09).

•The New Yorker has a long article on Bonnie Prince Billy by Kelefa Sanneh, look here (thanks everyone!) (31/12/08).

•Released earlier this year; Graeme Thomson's book "I Shot A Man In Reno: A History of Death by Murder, Suicide, Fire,
 Flood, Drugs, Disease, and General Misadventure, as Related in Popular Song". Will Oldham is one of the interviewees
 talking about the Everly Brothers and there's a passage on where Death To Everyone came from (thanks Graeme K.) (26/12/08). 

•Santiago Mostyn released a photobook Excerpt: All Most Heaven, named after the All Most Heaven EP by Will Oldham & Ryan Murphy (12/12/08).

•Ernst Molden has released a version of "I See A Darkness" in Austrian language named "I siech wos finstas". It's on his album
 Foan (thanks Uwe) (12/12/08).

•Mark Kozelek has released The Finally LP on Caldo Verde. It contains covers of songs by Low, Will Oldham, Hüsker Dü, Stephen Sondheim and others.
 New Partner was first released on the single disc version of "I Am Cold Rock I Am Dull Grass" (thanks Uwe) (12/12/08).

•Sons of Noel and Adrian have covered "Lessons From What's Poor" on their self titled album. Out on Shelsmusic (thanks JaaP)(18/11/08)

•The Guardian has an article on pop music's relationship on death, Will Oldham appears in the article (15/11/08).

•The movie Old Joy is currently scheduled to be shown in Germany, there is a limited scheduled during the next weeks,
 check out the dates here (thanks Olivier) (28/10/08)

•Listen to The Weaker Soldier by Redemption Thong here (thanks Sascha)(28/10/08).

•Emma Pettit's book Old Rare New - The Independent Record Shop contains an interview with Will Oldham.
 Published by Black Dog Publishing (thanks Tonnie) (22/07/08).

•A new fanpage is launched by Filippo from Milan. It's in Italian; My Holly Home (17/06/08).

•Will appears in another Kelly Reichardt movie: "Wendy and Lucy". He plays Icky (thanks Cuneyt)(29/05/08).

•Pantaleimon remixed and realised: ‘Heart of the Sun’. June will see the release of ‘Heart of the Sun’, the CD of remixes
 and re-imaginings of the ‘Mercy Oceans’ album. There are some previously unreleased tracks, including a cover of
 Bonnie "Prince" Billy's 'Even if Love', which didn't quite make it on ‘Mercy Oceans’ for aural reasons. However, this cover
 version has now been gently manipulated and star-mangled by Susan Stenger (source: Durtro news)(29/05).

•You can see Naomi Bedford play Riding on her myspace page (21/05/08).

•The short movie "Tripping With Caveh" is now for sale as download here (01/05/08).

•Will Oldham is doing a spring residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin, CA (thanks Jason)(17/04/08).

•A while ago already The Lesser Birds of Paradise made The Bored Love EP, it has a cover of Take However Long You Want (11/04/08).

•Found in the Margins posted an interview with Will Oldham about his favourite past and present reading material (thanks Chris) (01/04/08).

•Yeti #5 has an interview with Will Oldham (01/04/08).

•Bookstore Family in Los Angeles will be hosting a colossal in-store art show, featuring 26 artists that have supported and inspired the store.
 The show is titled 'Thank You' and celebrates the one year anniversary of the store. The show includes a range of mediums: from
 oil paintings by Dave Eggers, music videos by Mike Mills for Barr, etchings by Ashley Macomber, photography by Will Oldham,
 water-colours by Kyle Field, drawings by Geoff Mcfetridge, sign art by Aaron Rose, and embroideries by Vanessa Davis.
 Showtime is from Feb. 28 - March 31 (19/03).

•Octopus magazine #10 has published a Will Oldham poem. Its called "Rabbit Of Lil" (thanks James) (03/03/08).

•January the 15th Bonny Billy co-hosted Root Hog Or Die at East Village Radio (thanks Andrew) (20/01/08).

•Check some favorite records of Bonnie on the Domino site and on the Lost Blues site (20/01/08).

•Human Bell (Dave Heumann, Nathan Bell, Peter Townsend, Michael Turner & Matt Riley) has recorded a new album at Paul Oldham's
 Rove Studio. To be released on Thrill Jockey January 29 (07/01/08).

•The December issue of Music Angle has a huge three-part interview with Bonnie Prince Billy about making Greatest Palace Music 
 (thanks Matthew) (06/12/07).

•Naomi Bedford will release an album named 'Dark They Were & Golden Eyed'. It contains a cover of Riding. Check out her myspace
 to listen to that version soon (20/11/07).

•The 2DVD documentary on the Dirty Three by Taiyo Films has Will Oldham among many others who tell their personal Dirty Three stories
 (thanks Tonnie) (20/11/07).

•Listen to "Der Kleine Prinz" and find a German version of The Way by Erholungspark Marzahn (thanks Sascha) (20/11/07).

•Piney Gir Country Roadshow released “Greetings, Salutations, Goodbye”, a CD single featuring a cover of 'Ease Down The Road"
 (thanks Sasacha) (18/10/07).

•Rachel Unthank and the Winterset cover A Minor Place on their latest album "The Bairns". It's a 23 second version (thanks Heini) (30/09/07).

•Will Oldham is producing the upcoming Baby Dee album (thanks Cuneyt) (31/08/07).

•Holly Throsby's  EP "One Of You For Me" contains a cover of Three Questions (thanks Sascha) (31/08/07).

•David Gray's new album "A Thousand Miles Behind" contains a cover of One With The Birds (thanks Sascha) (31/08/07).

•Will Oldham has a cameo appearance in chapter 15 of "Trapped in the Closet" with R. Kelly (thanks Jen) (31/08/07).

•Arbouretum, the band of Dave Heumann is touring Europe in August, check them out (06/08/07).

•Download and listen to a remixed version of I Send My Love To You by Magical, Beautiful here. Originally released in
 2006 through I Hear A New World Records (06/08/07).

•Will Oldham and Zach Galifianakis appear in the Kanye West video for Can't Tell Me Nothing (thanks everyone!) (27/07/07).

•The Glasgow band BMX Bandits' last cd, Bee Stings has a cover of After I Made Love To You on it. Thusfar only released in
 Japan. The rest of the world has to wait a little longer. (thanks Graeme) (14/07/07).

•Earlier this year Blacken The Black released the album "Entrance To The Exit" on Echokammer. It contains a cover of
 Death To Everyone (thanks Sascha) (20/06/07).

•Pitchfork reports a gig of the Californian Guitar Trio at the The 930 Listening Room in Louisville who had as guest
 Bonnie Prince Billy singing on the Lynyrd Skynyrd song "Freebird" (thanks Ian) (11/05/07).

•Bonnie's album "The Letting Go" is among the ten finalists for the Shortlist Music Prize, a peer-selected award that
 recognizes the most creative and adventurous albums of the year (29/04/07).

•The Broken Family Band released "Alone In The Makeout Room", a 7" with as B-side "I Send My Love To You" (20/03/07).

•Biffy Clyro released "Saturday Superhouse" which contains lyrics about Will Oldham, check here (thanks Sascha) (20/03/07).

•Now available Zoetrope Vol. 11, No.1. Will Oldham designed the magazine. Here's a Pitchfork report (09/03/07).

•On the VBS original series Soft Focus, Ian Svenonius interviews musicians whom they revere and admire.
 For the premiere episode Ian and Will Oldham had a conversation, it's shown in four parts on the site (thanks Jan) (02/03/07).

•The Lost Blues site has a list of the best albums of 2006 according to Will (06/02/07).

•The Broken Giant, a movie that Will did the music for, is now available on DVD. It's commercially available, at least in
 the US. (29/01/07).

•You can listen to Rhubarb's version of I See A Darkness at Last FM (29/01/07).

•Old Joy can be seen on TV in Holland on Friday, January 26, Nederland 2 from 00:25-01:35 (thanks Tonnie) (18/01/07).

•Old Joy will open in the UK & Ireland on the 26/01/07 (opening at the Watershed in Bristol, The Irish Film Institute and
 the Curzon Soho). Check Myspace for the film which contains information on screening venues, synopsis, images and so on.
 For more info check Sodapictures (18/01/07).

•Check the video for "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror" by Jeffrey Lewis here (thanks Thelma) (18/01/07).

•The CMG Fantasy Podcast, Vol. 1 contains a cover of "The Seedling" by Benoit Pioulard (thanks Sascha) (11/01/07).
 The song's available fro download as well, here (thanks Jan)

•F&M released a christmas cd called 'This Gift Buys Our Gift'. It features a version of 'Christmastime In The Mountains'.
 On Shameless Records Canada (thanks Sascha) (05/01/07).

•There's a Will Oldham interview with Stop Smiling here (thanks Steve) (14/12/06).

•Seekers Who Are Lovers have released the "You Are The Pride Of Your Street" CD. It contains a cover of "Hard Life".
 On Soundsister Records (thanks Sascha) (01/12/06).

•Atlantis in Alkmaar (Holland) will organize a Will Oldham night on February 20th, 2007. Anyone who wants to sing a Will
 Oldham song is welcome to play there, contact Joost (28/11/06).

•The movie Old Joy by Kelly Reichardt will be shown at the The Stockholm Film Festival, on 18th and 22nd November (thanks Bjorn) (14/11/06).

•The movie Old Joy by Kelly Reichardt will be shown at 'The Times BFI London Film Festival' on Tuesday 31st October
 15.30 at Odeon West End (24/10/06).

•An interview with Will Oldham can be heard here from WBEZ in Chicago (thanks Zach) (16/10/06).

•An interview with Will Oldham in the Reyjavik Grapevine can be found here (thanks Hilmar) (13/10/06).

•The German Intro Magazin has an interview with Will (thanks Bo) (29/09/06).

•The German Rolling Stone has Bonnie Prince Billy on the cover (thanks Uwe) (29/09/06).

•Listen to Derek Joe Brockett's version of Rider on his myspace (29/09/06).

•The Guatamalan Handshake, a film Will Oldham performs in, will be screening in multiple cities for the month
 of September, it started in Germany at the Oldenburg Film Festival. Check the site for details (16/09/06).

•A session with four songs played for Daytrotter plus an interview with Will can be found here (thanks Scott) (04/09/06).

•An interview with Will at Pollstar is here (01/09/06).

•Cadaverous Condition has released the album "To The Night Sky". It contains a cover of "Black".
 Listen to the song on myspace or on their own site! (27/08/06).

•Trost has released her new album "Trust Me", it features a cover of "Black", on Four Records
 Trost has also set different music to the lyrics from "Madeleine-Mary" in the song "Filled With Tears" (thanks Sascha) (16/08/06).

•Rhubarb has released a cover of "I See A Darkness" on his "Live at Forest Cafe" album (07/08/06).

•A review of the new song "God's Small Song" from the forthcoming single can be found here (thanks Anders) (20/06/06).

•A concert set by Bonnie Prince Billy and Harem Scarem, recorded at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh on
 April the 12th, will be broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland tonight (Tuesday 30 May, 8pm).
 The programme (Global Gathering) will be available to Listen Again on the website for a period of 7 days.
 (thanks Richard) (30/05/06).

•The Fader magazine issue 36 contains an article on Bonnie Prince Billy. Here's a review for the upcoming
 single "Cursed Sleep". The picture you see is from the article in The Fader magazine (30/05/06).

•Will Oldham appeared in the MTV2 show "Wonder Showzen" on May 12.
 Download the show from here. (thanks all who informed me) (20/05/06).

•Old Joy is on the program of the Tigers On Tour minifestival through Holland.
 Check for dates and places here (thanks Coen) (07/05/06).

•Far Off Town—Dunedin to Nashville has had it's World Premiere screening at the Nashville Film Festival
 on Monday, April 24. The movie is a documentary about New Zealand underground rock legend
 David Kilgour and his journey from the small NZ town of Dunedin to Music City to record with his pals
 in the alternative country band Lambchop. Also appearing in the film are Kilgour’s New Zealand bands
 The Clean and The Heavy Eights. Others making an appearance are David Berman of the Silver Jews,
 Will Oldham, Jason and the Scorchers, Bill Lloyd and The Long Players, Billy Joe Shaver, Mandolin Mike,
 Allison Moorer, Jason Loewenstein and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott (thanks Jan) (29/04/06).

•The Norwegian artist Captain Democracy has a cover of "I Am A Cinematographer" on his site.
 Enter "Musikk" and then scroll down to "Coverlåter" (thanks Jan (29/04/06).

•Kreuzberg Cafe by Andre Herman Düne and Clemence Freschard contains covers of Stablemate,
 I See A Darkness and You Will Miss Me When I Burn. Along with 3 covers of Nick Cave and 3 of
 Leonard Cohen. Order here (14/03/06).

•The single disc version of the Will Oldham tribute I Am A Cold Rock. I Am Dull Grass is released.
 On Tract Records (11/03/06).

•Courier-Journal has an interview with Will Oldham about Old Joy and acting (thanks Tonnie) (11/03/06).

•Tom Barman sung a part from Gulf Shores on the Dutch TV show "De Wereld Draait Door" on
 Tuesday February 14. Look at the program from here (it's in the first minutes) (16/02/06).

•In Prescott, AZ a new community radio show just started. Podcasting and online streaming as well.
 The show focuses on 6 degrees of separation between artists and the musical networks they work in.
 Will Oldham was the focus of the first show. Listen to the show starting here (16/02/06).

•Here are some words about Old Joy and some news on a future release (thanks Jeff) (30/01/06).

•Check out this link for an in-depth interview with Carrie Yury about Mutter (30/01/06).

•Check out this site to find in the mp3 of "Kamikaze Kitten Don't Fear The Reaper But Run From Raindrops"
 some Palace content... (thanks Sascha) (30/01/06).

•The movie Old Joy by Kelly Reichardt will be shown at the Film Festival Rotterdam at Pathe 7 on
 January 28, 29, 31 and Februari 4 (thanks Tonnie) (25/01/06).

•The movie Old Joy by Kelly Reichardt will be shown at the Sundance Festival, January 20, 21, 24 & 28.
 Will plays Kurt who is still the free spirit, unrooted, drifting through life who reunites for a weekend
 camping trip in the mountains outside Portland, OR with Mark (thanks Dave) (10/01/06).

•Check the Lost Blues site for Will's favourite albums and some questions from 2005 (01/01/06).

•Check here for Will's favourite gigs from 2005 (thanks Peter) (01/01/06).

•Mojo #146 asked Will "The Best Thing I've Heard All Year". Will tells about seeing Patty Loveless
 at a bluegrass festival at Poppy Mountain (thanks Tonnie) (01/01/06).

•The Independent Online has an article about Kevin Coyne and mentions Will Oldham as well (thanks Uwe)

•The French band Experience has released a cover album "Positive Karaoke With A Gun". It contains
 a cover of "I See A Darkness" (thanks Fabrice) (28/11/05).

•"Burn to Shine is a film series produced by Fugazi's Brendan Canty and directed by film maker Christoph Green.
 We travel from town to town and film bands performing in houses that are about to be demolished or
 burned to the ground. They document the doomed house, the bands, and the demolition, put it together
 in a 45 minute movie, put it out on DVD and move on to the next town. Each DVD/town has a different
 curator that is entrenched in the respective music scene and who can pick out what he or she considers
 their favorite bands. This allows us to put the bands in a geocentric context."
 The next Burn to Shine is gonna happen in Louisville KY, November 27, featuring:
 Dead Child, Verktum, Lords, Liberation Prophecy, Shipping News, Parlour, Lucky Pineapple,
 My Morning Jacket, Ultra Pulverize, Magik Markers, Will Oldham, The Commonwealth,
 Vhs Or Beta (thanks Peter) (25/11/05).

•The Rough Trade album City & Eastern Songs by Jeffrey and Jack Lewis contains the song
 "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror" about meeting Will Oldham on the L-train. It's the same
 song that came out earlier this year on the Art Star Sounds compilation but a different version.
 (thanks Martin) (12/11/05).

•Ned Oldham appears on the new album of Thomas Denver Jonsson "Barely Touching It".
 Ned sings on "Silver Boy". On Kite Recordings. (thanks Mike) (06/11/05).

•A. Loudermilk has released his collection of poems "Strange Valentine", published by
 Southern Illinois University Press. One poem is dedicated to Will Oldham named
 "In Minor Places, a fantasy". The book also includes poems about or dedicated to Patti Smith,
 Nina Simone, Liszt, and Crooked County.
 More information about the book can be found here (30/10/05).

•According to IMBD Will Oldham will be acting in the movies "The Land" by David Wike and "Old Joy" by
 Kelly Reichardt (thanks David) (29/10/05).

•Mojo magazine #143 has a piece about Will Oldham on Kevin Coyne's "Babble" (thanks Daniel) (19/09/05).

•The Art Star Sounds Compilation contains the Jeffrey Lewis song "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror".
 Available through Anti-Folk (thanks Scott) (03/09/05).

•The BBC has recorded the Green Man set. Check here to see and listen to "I See A Darkness"
 (thanks Rob) (26/08/05).

•A Bonnie Prince Billy and Matt Sweeney session will be broadcast on September the 1st on BBC Radio 1
 One Music on Rob Da Bank's Show (thanks Steve) (24/08/05).

•The Metro has an interview with Will (thanks Dan) (18/08/05).

•The Guatmalan Handshake presents a new preview for September here. Look out for Will in there.
 (thanks Nafees) (07/08/05).

•VPRO radio has re-broadcast the 1998 and 1999 sessions Bonnie Prince Billy did for "De Avonden".
 Listen to it on-line from here (07/08/05).

•WFPK has broadcast the Lebowskifest Showcase 2005 from July 22. Will played "I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good"
 from the Big Lebowski soundtrack. You can listen to the show from here (thanks Lady M) (03/08/05).

•Doveman has covered "New Partner", an MP3 can be found on their site (thanks Dominic) (24/07/05).

•The Dayton Citypaper has an interview with Will Oldham (thanks TJ) (26/04/05).

•Jarvis Cocker has chosen to put Johnny Cash's version of "I See A Darkness" on his Desert Island Disc
 (thanks Steve) (25/04/05).

•Steve Adey has recorded "I See A Darkness" for his album "All Things Real". Listen to a part of
 the track on his site (16/04/05).

•Temporary Residence has released  "Everything Comes & Goes", a Black Sabbath tribute album
 with experimental rock, folk, and electronic bands reinterpreting classic Ozzy-era Sabbath tunes.
 The Anomoanon have recorded "Planet Caravan" (04/04/05).

•Will Oldham on the Misfits; "Unholy Passion" at Pitchfork (thanks Jan Peter) (07/03/05).

•Devon Sproule and Paul Curreri have released "Hard Life" on their album "Duets". An mp3
 can be found here (thanks Sascha) (05/02/05).

•Poet Lee Ann Brown gave new words to "A Minor Place", she calls it "The Words Of Love".
 An mp3 can be found here (starts around 15 minutes) (thanks Sascha) (05/02/05).

•The Monterey County Weekly has an interview with Will Oldham (thanks lady m.) (31/01/05).

•Drag City reports that Will Oldham has produced the new Alasdair Roberts album "No Earthly Man".
 Out in March 2005. Check this new Alasdair Roberts discography (thanks Sascha) (26/01/05).

•Check the Lost Blues site here for Will's favorite records and films of 2004 (16/01/05).

•Play this little quiz here (thanks Jan Peter) (10/01/05).

•Hinkley has released "Frail and Pokerfaced", an EP that contains a cover of "O Paul"
 Download the song from their site, a version of Meaulnes can be found there as well (thanks Sascha) (10/01/05).

•Mt. Eerie has released the 3LP "Live In Copenhagen" which contains the Amalgamated Sons Of Rest
 cover "I Will Be Good". On Burnt Toast Vinyl/Washington Inc. (thanks Sascha) (28/12/04).

•Fincherboy has released Yeah!, a two song CDR containing a cover of "Black".
 It's released as a part of an artproject, where you can pull art from old cigarette automatos.
 On Parapop. You can download the song from the site (thanks Sascha) (13/12/04).

•Cotery has released an MP3 album called Coterie Songs. It contains a cover of
 "There is no-one what will take care of you". Check the album here (13/12/04).

•Check www.bonnieprincebilly.com (09/12/04.

•Pitchfork on the Superwolf album here and here (03/12/04).

•The Channel has released the album "Personalized" on C-Side Records, it contains a cover
 of "Black". This song can also be found on CD2 of "I Am A Cold Rock. I Am Dull Grass"; the
 tribute to Will Oldham's music (thanks Sascha) (12/11/04).

•The Anomoanon has released "JOJI" on November 2nd through Temporary Residence Limited, in
 Europe Houston Party Records will distribute the album (09/11/04).

•No Through Road covers "I Send My Love To You", find it here (thanks Sascha) (18/10/04).

•The song "A King At Night" appears in the Shane Meadows film "Dead Man's Shoes"
 although I haven't seen it on the OST CD (thanks Simon & Dan) (05/10/04).

•The French band Querencia has released an MP3 album which includes a cover of "At Break Of Day".
 You can download the song form their MP3 page (05/10/04).

•Pitchfork on Pussyfooting (05/10/04).

•The song "My Donal" appears in the movie "Sprout" (29/09/04).

•Check Thistleblossom's version of "Allowance" through the media part of his site (05/09/04).

•The summer issue of Signal to Noise has a cover story on Bonnie Prince Billy (22/08/04).

•Snow Patrol does a cover of "New Partner" on their CD single "Spitting Games". The song is
 from a Steve Lamacq session from 2002. Available through Jeepster (thanks Sascha) (16/07/04).

•From the Harmony Korine site: Bonnie Prince Billy Video; Korine has created a video for the Bonnie
 Prince Billy track 'No More Workhorse Blues,' a re-recording for the album 'Greatest Palace Music'.
 The 'Mrs. Cottonball' photos, which were put on this site a few months before, are from the new
 video, which should air places soon (thanks Vance) (14/07/04).

•Jolie Holland played "One With The Birds", "(I Was Drunk At The) Pulpit" and "A Minor Place" live in 2004 (13/07/04).

•Will Oldham is going to act in the movie The Guatemalan Handshake from writer/director Todd Rohal.
 Will plays Donald. Read more at Pitchfork (thanks Charlie) (01/07/04).
 Keep an eye on the journal.

•The Bonnie Billy tour diary of the recent tour in Japan in the new issue of Paper Magazine
 can be found here (20/06/04).

•Another interview is in the Houston Press (thanks Lady M) (01/06/04).

•Bonnie Prince Billy graciously accepts artrat's invitation to face the music here (thanks Lady M) (01/06/04).

•Check here for a short clip made on "Today I Was An Evil One" (thanks Sascha) (27/05/04).

•Derek DePrator and The Atomic Crash have released "When The Train Left The Station"
 on Handsome Productions. The CD version of the album includes the Palace song "Idle Hands Are
 The Devil's Playthings" (thans Sascha) (10/05/04).

•Kludge Magazine has an interview with Will Oldham in two parts (thanks Lady M) (06/05/04).

•Long time Bonnie collaborator Colin Gagon has released "Goodbye Little Doll" with his band EZ T
 on Monitor Records (05/05/04).

•The new Anomoanon CD "The Derby Ram" will be released on May the 4th.
 In the USA available through Secretly Canadian distribution on Box Tree Records.
 In Europe it's out on Houston Party Records.
 Watch the Anomoanon site for news on very limited early mail-order availability of The Derby Ram! (04/05/04).

•An interview with Will Oldham in Stylus Magazine is here. (thanks Steven) (04/05/04).

•An interview with Will Oldham in Synergy Magazine is here (thanks Cameron) (21/04/04).

•May's issue of Mojo Magazine has an interview with Will Oldham (thanks Evan) (17/04/04).

•Check out Lutek's great Will Oldham Live Photo Gallery (10/04/04)

•foxy digitalis has an article called "the bonnie 'prince' billy reader", see for yourself what that means (05/04/04). 

•Tape Op magazine #40 has an interview with Paul and Will Oldham. There's a bonus article on-line
 (thanks Laud) (04/04/04).

•The new Uncut magazine has an interview with Will Oldham and contains highlights from his film
 and music career (thanks Dan) (04/04/04).

•The Daily Telegraph Arts Section from April the 1st has an interview with Will Oldham (thanks Ian) (04/04)/04

•Check Oldham's mix tape "to pleasure our collective ear, brain and spirit; provided your ear,
 brain and spirit is particularly concerned with disease" (thanks Adam) (30/03/04).

•Here you can see which songs Will Oldham has listened to lately (thanks Leo Fabriek) (28/03/04).

•The Independent from March the 19th has an interview with Will Oldham (thanks Dan) (22/03/04).

•Killing The Buddha has an article on Will Oldham by Laurel Snyder (thanks Jeff) (22/03/04).

•The Brightblack CD "ala.cali.tucky" will be rereleased through Galaxia in April.
 Last March Brightblack also recorded 3 cover songs on recommendation of Will Oldham for
 a summer release (21/03/04).

•The Palace of Sin forum is opened here, leave your message! (19/03/04).

•The Guardian from March the 17th has an interview with Will Oldham (thanks Jeff) (17/03/04).

•Arbouretum, the band of David Heumann who played with Will frequently the past few years,
 have released their debut CD. Check their site and read the comments of Will and Matt Sweeny (16/03/04).

•The Broken Family Band has released a 7" on Harvest Time Recordings. The single contains
 "I Send My Love To You" on the B-side and will be available as part of HTR subscription series
 and individually as well (thanks Simon) (10/03/04).

•FreeWilliamsburg has an interview with Will Oldham as well (thanks Art) (02/03/04).

•Dustded Magzine has an interview with Will Oldham on the new Greatest Palace Music album (thanks all!) (28/02/04).

•Simple Kid has a cover of "I See A Darkness" on his CD single "Truck On" on 2M Recordings (thanks Sascha)

•Theath has covered "Grand Dark Feeling Of Emptiness" and "Raining In Darling" on a split cassette with
 Come On Die Young (thanks Sascha) (23/02/04).

•The Record Collector coming out Februari the 19th in the UK will have an extensive career overview charting
 his progress from acting and Box of Chocolates through the Palace and Bonnie years and right up to Palace
 Greatest Music. Accompanying the article is an interview with Will in Dublin back in June last year.
 Of course, it being Record Collector, there is an extensive discography as well. Barring guest vocal
 and musician appearances it has everything so far released (thanks Evan) (02/02/04).

•Pedro Leite from Instiga plays "No More Workhorse Blues", check his MP3 here (01/02/04).

•Pitchfork has an article about different things that will come here (09/01/04).

•Check the Lost Blues site for Will's favorite albums of 2003 (05/01/04).

•The Anomoanon have an MP3 of an unreleased song called "Pleasant and Delightful" on their site

•Oldman Lowdown will play "I See A Darkness" on December 29 in Lexington, KY, The Dame (08/12/03).

•The current issue of Wire has an interview with Will Oldham (24/11//03).

•Santa Cruz plays "After I Made Love To You". Listen to their version here (13/11/03).

•Here to find "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" by Bonnie Prince Billy 24/01/01, Paris (04/11/03).

•The Anomoanon have an MP3 of an alternative version of "Cherries" on their site
 On the Portrait of John Entwistle 10" is another version (30/10/03).

•Nicolai Dunger's new single "Hunger" can be viewed from October 31 in streaming
 video here (30/10/03).

•Some pictures from April 2001 can be seen here (thanks Rita) (24/10/03).

•In Eindhoven (NL), at the Van Abbe Museum Erik Wesselo has an exhibition. You can listen to
 "Forest Time" while looking at his pictures. Exhibition until November 9 (thanks Tonnie) (23/10/03).

•The Anomoanon 10" to the portrait series on Western Vinyl can be ordered now.
 Their portrait of the late John Entwistle, bass player for the Who, consists a cover
 of John Entwistle's "Heaven and Hell" as well as original songs written from Entwistle's
 point of view (14/09/03).

•Play this quiz to see which Oldham album you are (09/09/03).

•Look here for "a comic strip adaption" of I See A Darkness by Marc Bell (05/09/03).

•Another recent interview with Bonnie Prince Billy can be found on Seven Days Newspaper (03/09/03).

•The Frames have just released "The Roads Outgrown". It contains "New Partner", the same
 version as on their split 7" with Calexico (26/08/03).

•A recent interview with Bonnie Prince Billy can be found on Straight.com (15/08/03).

•Speed To Roam has just released their album "Later Days" on Rove Records. The band includes Palace/BPB
 players Paul Oldham(bass), Peter Townsend(drums), David Bird(guitar), Jason Hayden(guitar)
 They play the 4th of July in Louisville at Uncle Pleasants (03/07/03).

•Zwan has covered "Just To See My Holly Home"; listen to the MP3 start here (16/06/03).

•The Anomoanon website is up and running with more details to come!! (19/05/03).

•By Coastal Cafe has released Live At The Budokan 7" on KitchenSounds records. It contains a
 cover of "I Am A Cinematographer" (15/05/03).

•East Bay Express has an article and interview with Will Oldham (08/05/03).

•Check here for a cool animation on "I Am The Sky" (23/04/03).

•Check Laurent Orseau's pictures from the gig in Paris at La Guinguette Pirate on March 30 (23/04/03).

•The Irish magazine Foggy Notions (#1) has Will Oldham on the cover and an article inside (22/04/03).

•Sammy Harkham, who made drawings for several Bonnie Prince Billy albums, has put up
 a site where you can buy comics and shirts (and soon prints) of his work (21/03/03).

•Careless Talk Costs Lives #5 (out March 1)will have a Will Oldham interview (20/02/03).

•London based band Lincoln has covered New Partner on their New Partner EP (20/02/03).

•Tue-Loup has covered Christmastime In The Mountains. To find on-line here. Click "SPECIAL" then
 "TELECHARGER" (20/02/03).

•Longtime Oldham collaborator Bob Arellano's first full-length album "Havana Club" is out.
 Eleven tracks of electronic-tinged indie-Latin ballads.
 Order from the Havanarama site, where you can also download a free MP3.

•February's issue of Uncut contains a free CD which includes "Three Questions" of "Master and Everyone"
 Also there is a short Q&A session conducted by email (thanks Jim).

•Check out the Monitor Records site gor the first part of "GOING FOR IT!"- a video short by Baby Leg,
 featuring Bunny Billy and OXES. Will plays an eccentric  magazine journalist interviewing a band
 (Oxes in real life) at a coffee shop...things get really twisted.

•Rising Shotgun has released it's debut album "Don't Forsake Kentucky" on Norse Records.
 Will about Rising Shotgun: "Such a great band existing so briefly... You play for an audience that
 isn't there, existing on an aesthetic level above the heads of most of the discharged soldiers
 who've hired sitters for the night."
 Played with former members of Palace and Silver Jews. Recorded by Steve Albini.
 Order from Brett Ralph. USA/Canada $15 post-paid. Europe/Australia $18.00 post-paid.

•Read an article about Will Oldham in the Observer.

•Temporary Residence released "Asleep Many Years In The Wood" by The Anomoanon
on November the 5th. Joining the band are brother Will (aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy),
David Heumann and David Michael Curry on viola.

•The Frames released "Breadcrumb Trail", a live CD containing "Ohio River Boat Song" and "New Partner".

•Check here for Will's top ten of musics he likes on August the 15th.

•Colin Gagon and the Capsules has released a 7" on Isota Records.
 Colin also plays on the Fluke Starbucker 7" on Isota Records. Check out their
 other releases on the site as well, nice stuff!

•Pictures from 06/04/02 Chico, CA, Senator Theatre by Carla Fraters are to find here.

•Pictures from the ATP festival on 28/04/02 by Myles are to find here.

•Pictures from 08/09/01 Beloit, WI, Beloit College, Folk & Blues Festival by
 Jason Pogodzinski are to find here.

•Sammy Harkam, who did the drawings in "I See A Darkness" and "Ease Down The Road", has published
 a book of comics called "Kramers Ergot". The book can be ordered here.

•Katatonia has covered "O How I Enjoy The Light" on their latest single "Tonight's Music" (thanks arto).

•Here to find is an interview with Will Oldham in Australia (thanks Jan Peter).

•The soundtrack CD of "Dean Quixote" an indie film, contains songs from Beachwood Sparks,
 Olivia Tremor Control and Guided By Voices. Spink covers Will Oldham's "New Partner" (thanks Jan Peter
 and Olivier).

•Pitchforkmedia has a Will Oldham interview.

•Rory McVicar made a Will Oldham message board, check his Minor Place and place a message!

•PJ Harvey played "Will's Song" in the program "Later with Jools Holland", October the 12th 2001. She introduced
 the song as having been co-written with Will Oldham... she said that he wrote the words, and she
 set them to music (thanks Ewan).

•The previously released vinyl single by The Frames - New Partner b/w Calexico - Clothes of Sand (Nick Drake)
 has been re-issued by Volta Sounds (thanks Seán).

•An interview/feature on Will Oldham in support of his (upcoming) show in Omaha is here to find.

•Monitor Records has polaroids on view from the Bonny Prince Billy Euro tour.

•David Scott made some photographs for songs by Will Oldham, look here.

•The whole new Sparklehorse album is being set to short films.
 Amongst Jonathan Donahue of Mercury Rev, Jason Lytle from Grandaddy, Scott Minor, Tom Waits,
 Chan Marshall, Danny Clinch, Guy Madden, and The Quay Brothers, Will Oldham also directed a movie.
 The whole film should be part of the Edinburgh Film Festival in August (thanks beezle).

•Will Oldham and Bryan Rich produced the recordings for the soundtrack for the Bryan Rich film
"Breaking The Codes (genocide and truth in Burundi)".

•Check out Lost Songs and Other Blues for, among other info, pictures from Will in France.

•On-line music magazine www.muse.ie has placed an interview with Will here.

•PJ Harvey says in an interview in the October '00 issue of Aloha (Dutch magazine) that she spend a lot
 of time with Will Oldham while being in New York and that Will has asked her to record an album of
 country duets together (thanks Sjoerd Bruil).

•Dianne Bellino directed SLITCH; "A short film about a young girl growing up in an Italian-American family".
 Music by Continental OP (Will Oldham & David Pajo). There will be 8 new songs for this movie.
 (from Papa M site, thanks Johan Nilsson)

•Pictures of Havanarama by Bruce Myren from 01/03/00 are here. Notice Will sitting in the corner.

•Spikemagazine has a lenghty view on Will Oldham by Stephen Mitchelmore.

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