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Bonnie Prince Billy - Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You
	Like It or Not 						5:08
	Behold! Be Held! 					3:25
	Bananas 							2:43
	Blood of the Wine 					4:24
	Sing Them Down Together 				2:14
	Kentucky is Water 					4:06
	Willow, Pine and Oak 					3:44
	Trees of Hell 						4:00
	Rise and Rule (She Was Born in Honolulu)	6:05
	Queens of Sorrow 					3:06
	Crazy Blue Bells 					4:28
	Good Morning, Popocatépetl			2:34

		Drag City DC890 /PR75
		Domino WIG532

2000 ever? DVD Burn To Shine 04: Louisville, KY will contain a Will Oldham song (check here) (tbr ??)



Ohio River Boat Song, DC25 video (filmed by Will Oldham, edited by Will Oldham and Dan Osborn) A long version appeared in April 2017 throught the Drag City youtube account. (first available on Fodder no.2 video)
Horses (Directed by Oldham/Bellino & Koretzky/Murphy)
Come In, DC37 video (by Dianne Bellino) (available on Slitch DVD)
Old Jerusalem (by Aaron Woolf)
Agnes, Queen Of Sorrow (Greatest Palace Music version) (by David Shrigley)
Horses (Greatest Palace Music version) (by Braden King)
No More Workhorse Blues (Greatest Palace Music version) (by Harmony Korine) (available on Specialten #11 DVD)
I Gave You (by Mike Piscitelli) (available on Specialten #11 DVD)
Cursed Sleep (by Andy Bruntel)
Cold & Wet (by Einar Baldvin)
Ebb Tide (by Jennifer Parsons)
Strange Form Of Life (by Jennifer Parsons)
Lay And Love (by Vernon Chatman and John Lee)
The Seedling (by Aran Reo Mann)
Scout Niblett - Kiss (by Judah Switzer and Scout Niblett)
I Called You Back (by Mike Aho)
I Am Goodbye (by Leif Johnson, edited by Jennifer Parsons)
How About Thank You (by Mike Aho)
Hombre Sencillo (by Britt Govea and Brian Ziffer)
Hot Chip ft. Bonnie Prince Billy - I Feel Better
New Wonder (by R. Alverson)
There Is No God
Quail and Dumplings (by Ben Berman)
I See A Darkness (Now Here's My Plan version) (by Ben Berman)
Time To Be Clear (Story by Mike Ayers. Art and Production by Dustin Glick)
Trembling Bells Featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - I Made A Date (With An Open Vein) (by Shana Moulton)
Let's Not Pretend
Christmas Eve Can Kill You (edited and directed by Lara Miranda)
Scout Niblett - Nasty (by Scout Niblett)
Omaha (by Ben Russel)
Bad Man (by Claudia Crobatia)
Quail and Dumplings (Singers Grave version) (by Ben Berman)
New Black Rich (Tusks) (by Claudia Crobatia)
Blindlessness (by Kyle Armstrong)
Plastic Bubble - Neanderthal Song (Will appears as the Neanderthaler)
Gloria (by Eduard Walhout)
Coliseum - Sharp Fangs, Pale Flesh (by Ryan Patterson) features Will Oldham
When Thy Song Flows Through Me (by Ryan Daly)
Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie Prince Billy - Your Hard Work is About to Pay Off. Keep On Keeping On. (by Olivia Wyatt)
Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie Prince Billy - Despair is Criminal. (by Nick Ciontea)
Beargrass Song (by Morgan C. Atkinson)
Death To Boys - Written by Will Oldham, narrated by Vivian Bang, illustrated by Swoon, animated by Neil Whitman
Bonnie Prince Billy featuring Oscar Parsons - Mama Tried (by Steven Schardt)
Bonnie Prince Billy - No Time To Cry (by Jessica Fey)
Bonnie Prince Billy with The Roots of Music - The Curse (by Ben Berman)
Treasure Map (by Tomas Leach)
People Living (by David Andalman)
Blueberry Jam (by Tim Morton)
At The Back Of The Pit (by Jacob Forman)
In Good Faith (by Tim Morton)
Squid Eye (composed by Lori Felker)
New Memory Box remix by J Dawg (by Ben Berman)
Blackness Of The Night (by Toby Halbrooks)
Od'd In Denver (by Todd Rohal, Laura Wolford, Brian Sowell, Calvin Lee Reeder, Nick Smith, and Charlie Dijker)
I've Made Up My Mind (by Dave Rich)
Red Tailed Hawk (by James M. Johnston)
Deacon Blues (by Michael Tully)
Our Anniversary (by Andrew Droz Palermo)
I Love You (by Shawn Bannon)
Sea Song (by Dave Bryant)
I've Been The One (by Greta Zozula)
Rooftop Garden (by Kris Rey)
Miracles (by Sai Selvarajan)
Lost In Love (by Hanly Banks Callahan)
Night Rider's Lament (by Augustine Frizzell)
Arise, Therefore (by David Lowery)
The Night Of Santiago
Bob Arellano - Stoic
The Wild Kindness (by Ben Berman)
I Want To Go To The Beach (by Jacob Forman)
She Is My Everything (by Jade Healy)
Kidnapped By Neptune (by Chad Blevins)
Bananas (by Ethan Osman)

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