Palace Credits

On this page I would like to thank the people who, and sites that helped
to put this site together(in random order).
Without the contributions of everyone this site could not be what it is now.
Especially the discography and the live- and radioshows which can't be 
accurate and updated without the contributions of other people.
I hope everybody keeps sending info, so the site can stay updated and be accurate in the info it contains.
I also would like to thank all the tapetraders from who I got a lot of setlists.
If you think you should be on this list, please let me know.

The Pulpit             StunShutle             Maurice Maes(for being critical)             Peerpee
  Markus from Sweden          Jan Saghaug          Adam Harding          Ciran Cooke
     Edward McElvain               Billions Corporation               Amanda Erlanson
  Jonathan Moore(for many setlists)             Spencer Mindell             Zachary Ward
 Wayne Hall           Dominic DeVito           Palace Records           Petter Flaten Eilertsen
Nicolas Hesler          Michael McLeod(for the title)           David Vincent
Ethan Levy           Patrik Nilsson           Lutek Dabrowski           Richard Brazier
Ger Potze           Peter Holy           Cordero Roberts           Stefan Roehrich           Sascha
Peter Coward              John Comitale                 ray                  Roland Schmid

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