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download September 11 by Jason Molina ft. Will Oldham and Alasdair Roberts

September 11

Recorded September 11, 2001, inbetween the days when the Amalgamated Sons of Rest recordings took place.
Alasdair Roberts wrote: "it was a spontaneous response from Jason’s soul to the unimaginably terrible events of that day,
and it was one in which he invited Will (on piano), Paul Oldham (on Nord synth), me (on bowed mountain dulcimer) and every listener to cast their own offering"


LP/CD Where In Our Woods by Elephant Micah features Bonnie Prince Billy singing harmony on some songs

Western Vinyl WV124

No Underground
Demise Of The Bible Birds

Released as a video is Hydrilla: the music is an alternate version of “Demise Of The Bible Birds”
Hydrilla was shot and edited by Todd Chandler

7" Sangokaku by Cabane has Bonnie Prince Billy singing on both songs

Need No Water Records

La Gomera

7" Mindlessness by Bonnie Prince Billy

Drag City DC607/PR58
Domino RUG632


A promotional copy from Domino was floating around in 2014 saying the single will come out on 17/11/14

promo 2014

Domino RUG614CDP

LP/CD True Prayer by Santiparro has a vocal contribution by Will Oldham

Gnome Life Records GNM

The Benefit Of Confrontation  

download/CD MusicNOW: 10 Years compilation has a song by Bonnie Prince Billy

Brassland HWY-040

Love Comes To Me

This is a live version from the festival that took place on March 22, 2014
The download was available 2 months before the physical release

The song is also released on 7", it's on the B-side.
Brassland's friends at pressed up a vinyl excerpt from the MusicNOW compilation.
It's a hand-numbered edition of 400 copies on black-vinyl.

Turntable Kitchen TK048

box Digging My Own Grave: The Films Of Caveh Zahedi contains a song by Will Oldham

Factory 25 FTF-050

Caveh Says

120 page signed book | 6 DVD's | 7" record
The 7" is named Songs About Caveh

split 7" Gloria/3 Vragen by Broeder Dieleman and Bonnie Prince Billy

Snowstar Records 15-062

Gloria by Bonnie Prince Billy
3 Vragen by Broeder Dieleman

This Record Store Day release celebrates the collaboration on the Royal Dutch Tour
Bonnie covers Broeder Dieleman and the other way around
Dutch is translated into English and the other way around
3 Vragen is Three Questions

12" The Devil Is People by Bonnie Stillwatter

Temporary Residence TRR253

The Devil Is People
The Devil Is People (The Cheech Wizard's Hemiolic Chantey At The Edge Of The Anthropocene Epoch)

Bonnie Stillwatter is a conceptual collaboration of artistry and friendship between Will Oldham (aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy), experimental rock group Watter (featuring a member of Grails), and Stillwater Artisanal,
a nomadic brewer that mixes equal parts art and alcohol
The vinyl comes in a black version, and in 3 different coloured versions, the latter are in an edition of 333: light blue & white marble, crystal clear, red & yellow fireball
Comes with a downloadcode

download Kentucky Battleground Songs pt. 1 contains a Bonnie Prince Billy and the Cairo Gang song

Coincident Pair Records

Merciless & Great

These tracks were recorded at a variety of live benefit shows around Louisville, KY for our dear friend Jason Noble who passed away August 4, 2012 after a 3 year battle with cancer
The artists (musical and visual) that contributed to this project did so out of love for Jason. What was intended as a 2 disc CD set has been broken into 4 parts to showcase each of 4
interchangeable covers we had envisioned in the packaging. Furthermore, being released as digital (avoiding the cost of physical production) and "name your price", the proceeds from
this will be put back into the Louisville music community in some as of yet undetermined way

7" On Raglan Road by Bonny Blue Billy

Palace Records PR333

On Raglan Road
Go 'Way From My Window

on blue and black vinyl (250 each)

book + 7" flexi-disc In The Garden Of Evil by Charles Burns and Killoffer, Garden Of Evil by Will Oldham

Pigeon Press

Garden Of Evil

There are two versions of the flexi-disc: a transparent one for promotional use, the contributors and the publishers
A black version is the retail version

Pigeon Press Music PPM-001

10" Tip The Glass and Feel The Bottom by Bonnnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang

Future Oak Records OAK 15-02

I've Been A Long Time Leaving
I'm Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas
You Might As Well Smile
I Never Thought My Love Would Leave Me

Recorded during the Royal Dutch Tour

CD/download True Detective (Music From The HBO Series) compilation has a song by Bonnie Prince Billy

Harvest Records 2547432889

Intentional Injury  

LP/CD Over and Even by Joan Shelley has harmony singing by Bonnie Prince Billy

No Quarter Records NOQ047

Stay On My Shore
Jenny Come In
Subtle Love

LP/download Still On The Line: A Tribute To Jimmy Webb contains a song by Bonnie Prince Billy

Flannelgraph Records FGR054

Where's The Playground Susie

Other bands on this album are The Cairo Gang, Elephant Micah, Wooden Wand and more


3LP Wim's - Driven By Music contains a song by Bonnie Prince Billy

Wenders Music WM09LP

Cal's Song

This album with 37 tracks was a surprise gift for Wim Wenders' 70th birthday in August 2015.
It's a limited-edition vinyl-only compilation featuring many of his musical companions and friends from over the years and from all over the world.

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