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download album LIVE Louisville Is For Lovers contains a song by Bonnie Prince Billy

Louisville Is For Lovers DBM029

The Girl In Me

Recorded live May 28, 2009, Carrboro, The Arts Centre
A studio version of the song appears on Louisville Is For Lovers Vol. 9
To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Louisville Is For Lovers


CD s/t by Jesu / Sun Kil Moon contains vocals by Will Oldham

Caldo Verde CV039


The lyrics are written by Chris Squire of Yes

LP/CD/MC Pond Scum by Bonnie Prince Billy

Drag City DC646
Domino Records WIG374

(I Was Drunk At The) Pulpit
Death To Everyone
Arise, Therefore
Jolly Five (64)
Jolly One (2/15)
When Thy Song Flows Through Me
The Houseboat (O How I Enjoy The Light)
Trudy Dies
The Cross
Stable Will
The Idol On The Bar

Peel Sessions
Rich Wife Full Of Happiness is not on the album, but was released as promotional song on youtube just before the album release

MC Bonnie Prince Billy II by Bonnie Prince Billy

eleven songs on each site

CD L'insouciance by Baptiste W. Hamon includes a duet avec Will Oldham

Manassas 88875181582

Comme La Vie Est Belle  

7" Wooden Home / Here In The Wind by Cabane has Bonnie Prince Billy singing on both songs


Wooden Home
Here In The Wind

LP+12"/CD/MC Epic Jammers and Little Fortunate Ditties by Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie Prince Billy

Drag City DC648/PR61

May Life Throw You a Pleasant Curve.
Nature Makes Us For Ourselves.
Your Whole Family Are Well.
Despair is Criminal.
You Are Not "Superman".
Show Your Love and Your Love Will Be Returned.
Your Hard Work is About to Pay Off. Keep On Keeping On.

You Will Soon Discover How Truly Fortunate You Really Are.
Your Heart is Pure, Your Mind is Clear and Your Soul is Devout.

Pre-orders came with a fortunecookie
Above song order is from the vinyl version


download Sending by Cat Casual and the Holy Midnight has Bonnie Prince Billy singing along


This track is to be a part of an EP entitled The Secret Self and was apart from the EP available on April fools day only

In March 2017 the song is also released on the self-titled cassette album by Cat Casual and the Holy Midnight


Gubbey Records GUB 43

5CD/10LP box Day Of The Dead compilation contains some Bonnie Prince Billy contributions


Rubin And Cherise (by Bonnie Prince Billy & Friends)
And We Bid You Goodnight
(by Sam Amidon, singing in the Backup Choir)
If I Had The World To Give
Bird Song
(by Bonnie Prince Billy & Friends)

Day of the Dead was created and curated by brothers Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National.
The compilation is a wide-ranging tribute to the songwriting and experimentalism of the Dead which took 4 years
to record, features over 60 artists from varied musical backgrounds, 59 tracks and is almost 6 hours long.
All profits will help fight for AIDS/ HIV and related health issues around the world through the Red Hot Organization

If I Had The World To Give also appears on the b-side of the 12" Terrapin Station (Suite)

4AD BAD3632

CD Mark Kozelek Sings Favorites has Will Oldham singing along on two songs

Caldo Verde CV040

Get Along Home Cindy

download DRONE NOT DRONES: the 3rd annual live 28-hour drone, Minneapolis 2016 contains Will Oldham

Will Oldham & Cooper Crain (Will Oldham & Cooper Crain are themselves)
Will Oldham
(Will Oldham w/ Elsa Hansen and Martin Dosh)

DRONE NOT DRONES: the 3rd annual live 28-hour drone
A benefit for Doctors Without Borders
More than fifty artists/bands rotated on and off the stage to create an uninterrupted seamless drone

Recorded live February 26–27, 2016 at The Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis, MN

MC LIVE Cafe Oto Residency 22-24 March 2016 by Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie Prince Billy

artwork by Luke Drozd


Night 2 Drone
Nature Makes Us For Ourselves.
A Good Home Is Happiness.
A Merry Heart Makes A Cheerful Countenance.
Night 3 Drone
Despair Is Criminal.
Your Hard Work Is About To Payoff. Keep On Keeping On.
Watch Your Relations With Other People Carefully.

there is no tracklist on the tape
The tracklist above is from the digital release that was released in July 2017

percussion by Charles Hayward


CDr "Japan Extras" by Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie Prince Billy

no tracklist

contains 2 songs of the above cassette and comes with the release of Epic Jammers and Little Fortunate Ditties in Japan

percussion by Charles Hayward

digital album Refugee compilation contains a Bonnie Prince Billy song

Brainfog Records

Most People

Refugee is a compilation aiming to raise funds to Migrant Offshore Aid Station Foundation (MOAS), an organisation that provides help to migrants escaping war-torn countries

CD Pete's Dragon (original motion picture soundtrack) features Bonnie Prince Billy

Walt Disney Records

The Dragon Song
The Dragon Song Revisited

The song is written by "Pete's Dragon" director/screenwriter David Lowery and co-screenwriter Toby Halbrooks and bookends the film

LP/MC/download Fanatic Voyage by Chivalrous Amoekons

Sea Note SN21/Palace Records PR62

The Curse
Love Letter
Big Zombie
Powers & Horror
(cassette & download only)
(Sometimes I Feel Like) Fletcher Christian
Thee Olde Trip to Jerusalem
I Am Crazy
Last Dance
Fantastic Voyage
(cassette & download only)
One x One

(download only)

An all-Mekons set by an all-star group for all the world's pleasure.
In the spirit of The Mekons to pay forward with all efforts to the next generation, proceeds from the sale of these recordings will go to The Roots of Music in New Orleans, Louisiana.
From the Drag City newsletter: "Oblivion" is only available on iTunes and if you buy the album, you will receive "Oblivion" instantly!

LP/CD We're All Gonna Die by Dawes contains some singing by Will Oldham

HUB Records HUB007

When The Tequila Runs Out  

2LP Fires On The Plain by Matt Kivel features Bonnie Prince Billy

Driftless Records DFS024



LP/CD Black Peak by Xylouris White contains additional vocals by Bonnie Prince Billy

Bella Union BELLA570

Erotokritos (Opening)


LP/CD The Bonnie Bells of Oxford by Trembling Bells and Bonnie Prince Billy

Tin Angel Records TAR066

Goat And Ram
Excursions Into Assonance
So Everyone
Love Made An Outlaw Of My Heart
All Gone, All Gone
Bottom/No God/Bottle
Love Is A Velvet Noose

Vinyl is green
Already released in 2013 as download only that contained 2 songs more


flexidisc Go Folks, Go by Bonnie Prince Billy & the Cairo Gang

ISBN: 978-90-816713-3-0

Go Folks, Go

Reclining Nude with a Man Playing the Guitar by Marijn van Kreij, 2016
The book is accompanying the exhibition at the Hermitage in Amsterdam.
It brings together van Kreij's series of ‘Picasso grids’ and incorporates contributions by
Nickel van Duijvenboden, Bettina Funcke and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang.

the song is the same version as on The Wonder Show Of The World album

2LP/CD Darkness And Light by John Legend contains 4 songs co-written by Will Oldham

Columbia 88985 37953 2

I Know Better
Darkness And Light
Drawing Lines
(only on the Deluxe Edition)

split 7" The Happy Song / At The Corner Of The Stairs by Oscar Parsons & Bonnie Prince Billy

Palace Records PR502

Oscar Parssons - The Happy Song
Bonnie Prince Billy - At The Corner Of The Stairs

red marbled vinyl, handnumbered edition of 300


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