Discography (chronological)

last update December 11, 2017


Palace Records (PR14)

		Hello My / The Free Web


cover photo by Ned


Palace Records (PR19)

		Mother Goose (23 rhymes set to music)

		index of first lines:
		Wee Willie Winkie
		One Misty Moisty Morning
		In Marble Halls White As Milk
		I Had A Little Pony
		If I Had A Donkey That Wouldn't Go
		Solomon Grundy
		Where Are You Going To My Pretty Maid
		There Was A Piper Had A Cow
		Tom He Was A Piper's Son
		The Dove Said "Coo Coo"
		There Was A Man And His Name Was Dob
		Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
		There Was An Old Woman Tossed Up In A Basket
		There Was An Old Woman Called Nothing At All
		I Love Little Pussy
		Barber Barber Shave A Pig
		We Are All In The Dumps
		Hinx Minx The Old Witch Winks
		In Fir Tar Is
		Draw A Pail Of Water
		Telltale Tit
		Johnny Armstrong Killed A Calf
		I Won't Be My Father's Jack

	Vocals: Ned, Jennie, Willy
	Tom chorus: all boys + Will
	Guitars: Ned, Aram
	Bass: Willy
	Drums: Jack
	Yamaha: Jason, Jennie
	Roland Juno 6: Ned, Jennie
	Piano: Jennie, Ned
	Pro-Bar, Tamborine, Chopsticks, Whistles: Ned

	Engineer: Ned
	Absentee engineer: Paul
	Tracks 9, 18, 20, 22, 23 engineer: Jeff
	Producer: Ned
	Executive producer: Will
	Mixers: Ned, Jack
	Masterer: Jim

photo by Jennie


Palace Records (PR21)

		Summer Never Ends

		Her Little Kite
		First Date
		Around The Road
		Rock And Roll
		Summer Never Ends
		Night Is Most Uncertain
		The Wanderer

	Produced by the Anomoanon, Paul Oldham, and Bonnie Prince Billy 
	Jack Carneal: drums
	Willy MacLean: bass
	Ned Oldham: songs, singing, guitar
	Aram Stith: lead guitar, Fender Rhodes on "Summer Never Ends"
	Jason Stith: keyboards, half-scale acoustic bass, bass guitar on "Summer Never Ends"
	Bonnie Prince Billy: background singing
	Paul Oldham: engineering and mastering
	Recorded May '98 in Shelbyville, Kentucky, except "Summer Never Ends"
	and "Around The Road", recorded October '97 in Birmingham, Alabama

drawing by Esgar Acelerado


Low Fly Records (LF076)

		Portland / Now Is The Season

	Jack Carneal: drums, back vocals
	Willy MacLean: guitar, harmony vocals on Portland, back vocals
	Ned Oldham: bass, guitar, lead vocals
	Aram Stith: guitar, synthesizer, back vocals
	Paul Oldham: engineer, masterer

	Produced by Paul Oldham and the Anomoanon



		De Avonden XMAS 1999 (compilation)

		A Christmas Prayer

	Ned Oldham: guitar, singing
	Words by Robert Louis Stevenson, music by Ned Oldham


Palace Records (PR23)

		Songs From Robert Louis Stevenson's "A Child's Garden Of Verses"

		Land Of Counterpane
		The Moon
		My Ship And I
		The Lamplighter
		The Cow
		Windy Nights
		Escape At Bedtime
		Good Night
		Shadow March
		In Port...
		Land Of Nod
		Time To Rise
		Fairy Bread
		Where Go The Boats 
		At The Seaside
		Farewell To The Farm
		Armies In The Fire
		To Any Reader
		Singing (other version)

	Jack Carneal: drums, chorus
	Willy MacLean: bass, chorus
	Ned Oldham: guitar, vocals
	Jason Stith: keyboards, chorus
	All songs by Stevenson/N. Oldham
	Except 1, 9, 17, and other "Singing" by Stevenson/A.Stith
	Special guest musicians:
	Will Oldham: guitar, keyboards, harmony vocals
	Paul Oldham: guitar, bass, synthsizer
	David Pajo: drums, guitar
	Peter Townsend: drums, percussion
	Engineered by Paul Oldham
	Produced by the Anomoanon and Will and Paul Oldham

		The Wind is a previously unreleased track from this album and can be found on the Apostrophe Cast site  

cover art by Ned and Aram


Palace Records (PR25)
P-Vine (PCD-24055)

		The Anomoanon

		Going To The Sea
		Mermaid's Womb
		Baby, Baby, Baby
		Baby It's You
		Expect Snakes
		Wonder Better
		Window (I Can't See Past The...)
		On The Beach
		++Now Is The Season
		++The Monster (both extra on Japanese release)

	Ned Oldham: vocals, harmonica, guitar
	Willy MacLean: bass, backing vocals
	Jack Carneal: drums, percussion
	Jason Stith: keyboards
	Aram Stith: lead guitar
	Paul Oldham: engineer
	Produced by the Anomoanon & Paul Oldham
	Recorded at Rove Studios, Kentucky
	"Baby It's You":
	Davey Williams: lead guitar
	Ed Reynolds: Wurlitzer
	Randall Shurbert: drums, vox
	Mike Portera: bass
	engineered by Randall & Barron

	"The Monster"
	Recorded by Jesse Poe
	Mixed by Brian Paulson
	Barking: Jesse
	Recorded at the Annex
	Mixed at the Sound of Maine

design by Demetrie Tyler & T. Mocklynx


Galaxia Records (glx-15)

		Envoi Villon

		Ballade Of Villon And Fat Margot
		Ballade Of Good Doctrine To Those Of Ill Life
		John Of The Slum

	"Ballade Of Villon And Fat Margot":
	Ned Oldham: Guitar, Vocals
	Aram Stith: Electric Guitar
	Mike Portera: Electric Guitar
	Jason Stith: Keyboards
	Tony Bailey: Drums
	Willy MacClean: Bass

	"Ballade Of Good Doctrine...":
	Ned Oldham: All Instruments

	Ned Oldham: Guitars, Vocals
	Jason Stith: Piano

	"John of the Slum":
	Ned Oldham: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals
	Aram Stith: Guitars

	Music by Ned Oldham
	Lyrics by Francois Villon
	Quatrain translation by Fance Franck
	Engineered by Paul Oldham
	Produced by Paul Oldham and Ned Oldham

		Ballade Of Things Known is an outtake and was available through the Palace Records site for a while

by Peter Scott


Temporary Residence (TRR54)

		Asleep Many Years In The Wood

		Sixteen Ways
		Ain't Skeert
		Bluebird Of Happiness
		Kick Back
		One That Got Away
		Tongue And Heart
		Sadie And Rudy
		A Story
		Asleep Many Years In The Wood

	Ned Oldham: Guitar and Lead Vocals, Tubular Bells
	Jack Carneal: Drums, Backing Vocals
	Willy MacLean: Electric Bass, Backing Vocals
	Aram Stith: Guitar, Backing Vocals, Virtual Mellotron, Organ
	Jason Stith: "There In Spirit"

	David Michael Curry (viola on track 3 & 5)
	Ward Deters (backing vocals, high ooos on track 11)
	Dave Heumann (backing vocals on track 2, 3, 5, 7, 9)
	Jennie Oldham (backing vocals on track 1)
	Sam Oldham (crying on track 1)
	Will Oldham (backing vocals on track 6)

	All songs by Ned Oldham except
	"Sixteen Ways": lyrics by Ned Oldham, music by Aram Stith
	Recorded July 2001 at Onley Farm, Onancock, Virginia, using Rove Mobile Unit
	Engineered by Paul Oldham with help from Pooh Johnston
	Additional recording and mixing done at Rove Studios, Shelbyville, Kentucky
	Produced by the Anomoanon and Paul Oldham

painting in wax by Brian DeRan


Western Vinyl (west019)

		Portrait Of John Entwistle

		Heaven And Hell
		Two Eyes Wild
		John Entwistle

	"Heaven and Hell" and "Two Eyes Wild":
	Jack Carneal: drums
	Dave Heumann: organ and vox
	Aram Stith: lead guitar
	Paul Oldham: bass and vox
	Ned Oldham: vocals and guitar
	Recorded at ACR studios, Baltimore; engineered by Craig Bowen

	Jason Stith: synth and vox
	Aram Stith: guitar
	Mike Portera: guitar
	Ned Oldham: vocals and guitar (flange)
	Tony Bailey: drums
	Willy MacLean: bass
	Recorded at Rove Studios, Shelbyville, KY; engineered by Paul Oldham

	"John Entwistle":
	Ned Oldham: vocals and guitar
	Aram Stith: guitars and vox
	Willy MacLean: bass
	Jack Carneal: drums and vox
	Paul Oldham: synth and guitars
	Recorded at Invasive Studios, Baltimore; engineered by Paul Oldham

	All music and words by Ned Oldham except Heaven and Hell: music and lyrics
	by John Entwistle; and Cherries: music by Ned Oldham, lyrics by C.M. Barker.

cover image adapted from Michael Pegler's sculpture by John Fabrizio


Box Tree Records (BT001)
Houston Party Records (HPR101)


September Gurls (SGLP35)

		The Derby Ram

		Little Birdy
		A Man Of Words
		As I Walked By Myself
		Cambric Shirt
		Mary Had A Pretty Bird / Bluebirdy Jam
		Ding Dong Bell
		For Every Evil
		Bourbon Whiskey / The Derby Ram
		O Lady Wind
		One For Anger
		I Would If I Could
		The Girl In The Lane
		Black And Brown (on the HPR release only)

	Ned Oldham: bass, acoustic & electric guitar, harmonica, percussion, tom tom, vocals
	Aram Stith: acoustic & electric guitar, bass, synthesizer
	Jack Carneal: drums
	Willy MacLean: "bourbon whiskey" choir
	Dave Heumann: harmony vocals, keyboards
	Walker: banjo, harmony vocals, upright bass
	Paul Oldham: "bourbon whiskey" choir, acoustic slide guitar (track 9), synthesizer (track 12)
	Jodie Marston: harmony vocals (track 10)
	Red Scott Wallace Brown: keyboards (track 8)

	Ned and Paul all instruments on "Black and Brown"

	All music by Ned Oldham except "Little Birdy" by Aram Stith
	All lyrics traditional except "Black and Brown" words by Ned Oldham

	Produced by the Anomoanon and Paul Oldham
	Recorded at Invasive Studios, April 2003, by Ned Oldham and Aram Stith
	Additional recording by Ned Oldham, Invasive Mobile, summer and fall 2003
	and by Paul Oldham at Folly Beach, South Carolina, October 2003,
	and at Rove Studios, November 2003
	Mixed by Paul and Ned at Rove, November 2003
	Mastered by Paul Oldham

photo by Jennie Oldham


Temporary Residence (TRR69)
Houston Party Records (HPR115)


		Down And Brown
		Leap Alone
		Mr. Train
		Green Sea
		After Than Before
		Wedding Song
		Bird Child

	Ned Oldham: guitar & vocals
	Aram Stith: guitar & backing vocals
	Jack Carneal: drums & backing vocals
	Willy MacLean: bass & backing vocals
	Dave Heumann: keyboards & backing vocals
	Walker: upright bass, banjo & backing vocals
	Jodie Jean Marston: backing vocals

	Music and words by Ned Oldham except
	"Green Sea" music and words by Aram Stith and
	"Bird Child" & "Leap Alone" music by Aram Stith, words by Ned Oldham

	Recorded by Paul Oldham with the Rove Mobile Unit at
	Invasive Studios, Baltimore, Maryland, April 2004
	Additional recording by Ned Oldham and Aram Stith

April, 2005

Temporary Residence (TRR40)

		Everything Comes & Goes: a Tribute to Black Sabbath

		Planet Caravan

	A tribute to Black Sabbath with a.o. Paul Newman, Matmos,
	Four Tet, Curtis Harvey Trio

February, 2006

Durtro Jnana 1963CD

		Not Alone

		Hit The Road

	This is a benefit compilation CD set from which all profits go to Doctors Without
	Borders/Médecins Sans Frontierès' work with people with AIDS and HIV in West Africa.
	Other bands on it will be Six Organs Of Admittance, Devendra Banhart, Current 93,
	Thurston Moore, Nurse With Wound, Bonnie Prince Billy, Marc Almond, Vashti Bunyan
	and many more.

November, 2006

Temporary Residence (TRR100)


		Let's Rove

	'TRR100: Thankful' collects one new, previously unreleased song from nearly every band TRL signed since TRR50.

Artwork: Kevin Earl Taylor

September, 2010

Gold Robot (GRR015)

		Ned Oldham - Let's Go Out Tonight

		The One Light
		Black Dick Pierce
		If Tomorrow Comes Again

	Written, Performed, and Recorded by Ned Oldham in the Blue Third Floor (Baltimore, Maryland)

Front cover by Kevin Earl Taylor

April, 2011

No Quarter (NOQ 027-2)

		Old Calf - Borrow A Horse

		I Saw A Peacock With A Fiery Tail
		Bonny Cuckoo
		When I Was Taken
		Follow My Bangalorey Man
		Do Not Play With Gypsies
		Far From Home
		A Gift, A Ghost/Monday Alone
		There Are Men In The Village Of Erith
		Henry Was A Worthy King
		What Did I Dream 

	Old Calf is
	Ned Oldham: guitar, harmonica, vocals
	Matty Metcalfe: keyboards, accordion, guitar, vocals, bouzouki, whistle
	Michael Clem: bass, vocals, mandola, trombone
	Brian Caputo: percusion, vocals, glockenspiel

	Sarah White: harmony vocals (5, 6)
	Dave Heumann: guitar solo (6)
	Alex Caton: fiddle (7, 9)

	All lyrics traditional
	All music by Ned Oldham, except "Bonny Cuckoo", which is traditional, based on arrangements by Shirley and Dolly Collins
	All arrangements by Old Calf

August, 2014

No Quarter (NOQ040)

		Ned Oldham - Further Gone

		Further Gone
		God Will Let Me Know

	Ned Oldham: guitars, vocals
	Aram Stith: lead guitar
	Dave Heumann: harmony vocals
	Matty Metcalfe: organ, harmony vocals
	Alex Caton: fiddle, harmony vocals
	Michael Clem: harmony vocals
	Brian Caputo: drums

	Words and music by Ned Oldham

October, 2014

Burning Bridges & Fifth Column Films

		Shirley Collins Inspired…

		Ned Oldham - The Blacksmith

	The album is available as download and is offered as gift when you donate to the help funding the making of the movie The Ballad of Shirley Collins.
	The invited artists are inspired by Shirley and donated a track dedicated to her.
	The photo left is of Ned and his brother Paul at his studio in Louisville, Kentucky, adding modular synthesizer and mixing the track. 

December, 2014

		Ned Oldham - New Year Carol

	"New Year Carol" a new recording of an ancient Welsh lyric set to a new tune.  All the proceeds will be donated to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund.  The song disappears on New Year's Day, January 1, 2015.

	Note from Ned: The recording offered here is not the Benjamin Britten version, though I found the lyric in another poetry anthology edited by Walter de la Mare, Come Hither. 
	It was recorded to be given away as a Christmas offering until the idea of helping to fund Alzheimer's research, if only a drop in the bucket, seemed to be called for by the lyrics themselves.

February, 2017

		Ned Oldham - Dark Mountain
	Performed by Ned Oldham & Jordan Perry

	The first song of Dark Mountain

May, 2017

		Ned Oldham - Behind The Sun
	Performed by Ned Oldham, Jordan Perry & Matty Metcalfe

	The second song of Dark Mountain

August, 2017

		Ned Oldham - Dead Rising
	Performed by Ned Oldham & Jordan Perry

	The third song of Dark Mountain

November, 2017

		Ned Oldham - Old Calf Song
	Performed by Ned Oldham & Jordan Perry

	The fourth song of Dark Mountain

November, 2017

		Ned Oldham - Around Again
	Performed by Ned Oldham & Jordan Perry

	The fifth and final song of Dark Mountain

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