Into The Forest, a Will Oldham Fan Tribute

Presented to you by the
Lost Blues and Royal Stable sites.
Artwork by
Sammy Harkham.

Dan Kahn (USA) – Patience
Hola (JAP) – Lesson’s From What’s Poor
Joel Martin (USA) – After I Made Love To You
Derek J. Brockett (MEX) – Rider
Miwaka & Muraoka (JAP) – Ode Music
Marc Gartman (USA) – Hard Life
Peter Holy (AU) – Master And Everyone
The Soup With Little Stars (IT) – Death To Everyone
30 Something (JAP) – No More Workhorse Blues
Jack Norton (USA) – Three Questions
edgar floodgate (USA) – Raining In Darling
The Green Chair (USA) – Come A Little Dog
Dieleman, Flamman, Smith & Barney (NL) – Disorder
Brookhaven (USA) – Take However Long You Want
Shuji Takaoka (JAP) – Call Me A Liar


Tomoki Goda (JAP) – You Will Miss Me When I Burn
Dieleman, Flamman, Smith & Barney (NL) – Grand Dark Feeling Of Emptiness
The Pony Collaboration (UK) - The Weaker Soldier
H - Burns (FR) – West Palm Beach
The Brother Woods (JAP) – Another Day Full Of Dread
Grampish (FR) - The Mountain Low
Borzoi (JAP) – The Way (live Okayama, Japan, 16/03/03)
Foam Mesh (USA) – A Sucker’s Evening
Place Called Space (JAP) – A Minor Place (live Okayama, Japan, 16/03/03)
Melgeir Mule Stead (IS) - Fall Again
Dirty Dirty Titty (USA) – Joya
The Channel (USA) – Black
Kervey Heithel (JAP) – Wolf Among Wolves
Tanaka (JAP) – 2/15

All songs written by Will Oldham.
Except “You will miss me when I burn” by Oldham/Rich,
"2/15" by Turner/Tagore.

These CDR’s are not for sale.
No copyrights were paid.
Thanks to all the bands who went
into the songforest Oldham has grown.


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