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September 2020
Infinite Greyscale (IGR14)

		Alasdair Roberts - Fretted And Indebted

		The Blythsome Bridal
		The Braes of Balquhidder
		The Braes of Tulliemet
		The Seasons
		The Smith's a Gallant Fireman
		The Curragh of Kildare
		Captain O'Neills Favourite
		False, False
		The Flowers of Edinburgh
		The Silver Tassie.

	Edition of 300 single sided 12"s, black vinyl, screen-printed b-side


June 2020
Drag City (DC 800)

		Alasdair Roberts - The Songs Of My Boyhood

		Second Perthshire House Song
		Frozen Blight
		The Language in Things
		Tangled Hair
		Ice Age
		First Perthshire House Song
		Seagulls, Belts
		Arcane Lore
		The Groves of Lebanon
	Alasdair Roberts revisits his early indie-rock days, when he had the name Appendix Out.


April 2020
Drag City (DC 794)

		Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse, & David McGuinness

		Easter Parade
		Maria Muoter Rein Mat 

	Songs for Easter and the current period of isolation from the What News trio — semi-disembodied music made of vocals, piano and electronic manipulation. 
	A-side's a cover from the 1984 debut by The Blue Nile. 
	B-side's a gorgeous rendering of a 'flagellant song' from the days of The Black Death — ancient music to apply to recurrent aches today.


September 2019
Drag City (DC 742)

		Alasdair Roberts - The Fiery Margin

		False Flesh
		The Evernew Tongue
		A Keen
		The Stranger With The Scythe
		Common Clay	
		Learning Is Eternal
		The Untrue Womb

	Monorail Music offers the bonus CDR 'Where The East Toucheth the West' when you pre-order the album


September 2019
A Monorail Exclusive

		Alasdair Roberts - Where The East Toucheth The West

		False Flesh
		A Keen
		The Stranger With The Scythe

	This cd contains 5 live solo recordings of tracks from The Fiery Margin album, recorded in Glasgow and St Monans in July 2019


June 2019
Matire Mmoire (MATME003)

		Green Ribbons - Green Ribbons

		The Well Below the Valley
		Green Ribbons
		My Geordie, Oh
		The Week Before Easter
		Jeannie Jenkins Road
		Garden Song
		The Heathery Hills
		Ima Nema
		Sea Snake Island
		Here's A Health Unto All True Lovers
		A Question
		Softly Spoken Man	
		Lady Margaret

	Green Ribbons is a project dedicated to the celebration of unaccompanied song
	The vinyl is green and limitied to 300, the CD is limited to 500


February 2019
Sonido Polifonico (SP014)

		James Green and Alasdair Roberts Perform Two Arithmetical Songs 

		The Wheels Of Fortune
	Limited mail order lathe cut 7" edition of 97 
	Hand stamped and numbered. Hand assembled covers 
	Comes with miniature stamped envelope containing two badges, a unique ceramic token by Bev Seth and a metal 'wheel of fortune'


November 2018
Okrana Records #12

		Alasdair Roberts, Neil McDermott, Tartine de Clous – Au Cube

		Tout En Me Promenant
		Cyclone's Vernal Retreat
		Da Auld Resting Chair
		Go Your Way
		Je Vous Ai Menti Souvent
		I Fell In Love
		Brave Marin
		Rosie Anderson
		Year Waxing, Year Waning
		La Mre Cruelle
		Les Aiguillettes

	Recorded live by Neil McDermott at Cube Cinema, Bristol on 8th and 9th December 2017


March 2018
Drag City (DC 700)

		Alasdair Roberts , Amble Skuse & David McGuinness - What News 

		The Dun Broon Bride
		Johnny O' The Brine
		Young Johnstone
		Rosie Anderson
		The Fair Flower Of Northumberland
		Clerk Colven
		Long A-Growing

	Monorail Music offers the bonus CD 'Fake News' with initial copies of the album


March 2018

		Fake News 

		Grave Bride (Ela Orleans Rework)
		Johnny o' The Brine (Miaoux Miaoux Remix)
		Young Johnstone (Louise Harris Remix)
		Long A-Growing (Cucina Povera Remix)

	This cd contains 4 remixes of songs from What News


February 2017
Drag City (DC 657)

		Alasdair Roberts - Pangs 

		No Dawn Song 
		An Altar In The Glade 
		The Breach 
		The Angry Laughing God 
		Wormwood And Gall 
		The Downward Road 
		Scarce Of Fishing
		Vespers Chime
		Song Of The Marvels 

	Monorail Music offers the bonus cd 'I Carry The Dead In My Hand' with initial orders of 'Pangs'
	This compilation cd is curated by Alasdair Roberts and comes with a full sleeve note booklet


July 2016
Clay Pipe Music (Pipe 013)

		Alasdair Roberts & James Green - Plaint Of Lapwing 

		Peacock Strut	
		At The Mid Hour Of The Night	
		If There Is Any Light	
		The Evening Is Growing Dim	
		The Left Hand Man	
		The Boy Of Blazing Brow	
		Ballad Of The Speaking Heart	
		Plaint Of Lapwing	
		The Wronged Blacksmith	

	500 copies in red, 300 copies in blue
	Hand numbered reverse board covers


September 2015

		Alasdair Roberts - Missed Flights And Fist Fights

		Rocking The Cradle
		Sir Patrick Spens
		The Riddle Song	
		When First I Came Unto This Country	
		Lord Donegal	
		Miss Armour's
		Goin' Back
		The Parting Glass

	Limited edition 12" vinyl only run of 470 copies
	Available throught the Alasdair Roberts website and/or at shows


January 2015
Drag City (DC613)

		Alasdair Roberts - Alasdair Roberts

		The Way Unfavoured 
		Honour Song
		The Problem of Freedom
		ess One 
		Hurricane Brown 
		The Final Diviner 
		In Dispraise of Hunger 
		The Mossy Shrine
		This Uneven Thing
		Roomful of Relics


November 2013
Stone Tape Recordings (STR006)

		Alasdair Roberts & Robin Robertson - Hirta Songs

		A Fall Of Sleet
		Farewell To The Fowler
		Laoidh Fhionnlaigh Oig
		The White-Handled Knife
		The Plain Of Spells
		Tuireadh Nan Hiortach
		Leaving St Kilda
		The Drum Time
		The Well Of Youth

	10 track album concerning the history, landscape and people of the remote Scottish archipelago of St Kilda 


November 2013
Stone Tape Recordings (STR007)

		Alasdair Roberts - Live At Leigh Folk Festival

	        The Lover's Ghost
	        The Merry Wake
	        The Wife Of Usher's Well
	        Fusion Of Horizons
	        The Flyting O' Life And Daith

	CDr available to the first 100 pre-orders of the "Hirta Songs"album through the Stone Tape Recordings website.


October 2013
Happy Soul Records 001

		Alasdair Roberts + Ivor Kallin - The Legend Of Saint Columba's Oxter Packet

		Split single with 2 songs of Jesus Christ (yellow vinyl)


January 2013
Drag City (DC534)

		Alasdair Roberts & Friends - A Wonder Working Stone

		The Merry Wake
		The Year of the Burning
		Fusion of Horizons
		The Wheels of the World / The Conundrum
		The End of Breeding
		Song Composed In December / The Bluebell Polka / Rap Y Clychau Gls
		Brother Seed
		Gave the Green Blessing
		Scandal and Trance / We Shall Walk Through the Streets of the City 
		The Laverock In the Blackthorn / Oganaich An Oir-Fhuilt Bhuidhe / Neil Gow's Lament For His Second Wife


March 2012
Drag City (DC498)

		Alasdair Roberts & Mairi Morrison - Urstan

		Mle Marbhphaisg air a’ Ghaol 
		The Laird o' the Drum 
		Lrach do Thacaidean
		Never Wed An Old Man 
		E Ho Leigein 
		Hion Dail-a Horo H 
		The Tri-Coloured House 
		Am Faca Sibh Lilidh Tha Mise Ri Lorg? 
		Ailein Duinn 
		The Whole House Is Singing 
		Leanabh an ir


November 2011
Drag City / Twos & Fews
DC497 / T&F#005

		Alasdair Roberts & Karine Polwart - Captain Wedderburn’s Courtship

		Captain Wedderburn’s Courtship
		b/w Drew Wright - The Dowie Dens o’ Yarrow 

	Released in conjunction with "Whaur the Pig Gaed On The Spree: Scottish Recordings by Alan Lomax 1951-’57".
	This compilation is compiled by Alasdair Roberts from some 25 hours’ worth of Alan Lomax’s field recordings in Scotland.


7" + DVD
June 2011
Dog Town Records 001

		Alasdair Roberts - Dighty Burn

		Dighty Burn

	The DVD/7? set of Edward Summerton and Michael Windle’s short film Dighty featuring a newly-written song


December 2010
Rif Mountain (RM-009)

		Alasdair Roberts & Friends - Joy To The Person Of My Love

		Joy To the Person Of My Love
		False Astronomy


June 2010
Drag City (DC421)
Navigator Records 040

		Alasdair Roberts & Friends - Too Long In This Condition

		The Daemon Lover
		Young Emily
		Long Lankin
		The Two Sisters
		Little Sir Hugh
		Kilmahog Saturday Afternoon
		The Golden Vanity
		The Burning Of Auchindoun
		The Lover's Ghost
		What Put the Blood On Your Right Shoulder, Son?
		Barbara Allen


May 2010
Room40  (RMV403)

above picture is taken from the Room 40 site

		Alasdair Roberts & Jackie Oates - A Selection of Marches, Quicksteps, Strathspeys Reels and Country Dances

		The Bloody Fields of Flanders / The Red Haired Boy
		Mrs. MacDonald of Dunacht / Cunnla / Larach Do Thaicaidean

	The single comes with a download that contains side C & D with the following songs:

		Hard Is My Fate  / Traveller's Joy

	Hyperboreans is in another version released on Jackie Oates' album Hyperboreans. Alasdair played on that song on that album as well.


Digital EP
April 2010

		Alasdair Roberts - The E.P.

		Little Sir Hugh
		Lord Ronald
		The Calfless Cow

	All songs trad arr. Roberts, except: 
	The Calfess Cow - A. Roberts, copyright control.
	The Calfless Cow is, melodically, partly based on the traditional night visiting song "I Must Away, Love" and originally appeared on the Drag City record The Amber Gatherers. 

	Lord Ronald is from the singing of RD Laing and originally appeared on the Drag City record No Earthly Man. 

	Babylon (or The Bonnie Banks O The Airdrie) is from the singing of the late Stanley Robertson and is previously unreleased. 

	Little Sir Hugh appears, in a full-band version, on the forthcoming Drag City LP Too Long In This Condition. 

	Alasdair Roberts: Les Brown guitar and tenor voice. 
	Chris Dooks: shruti box and all production


October 2009
Drag City (DC394)

		Alasdair Roberts - The Wyrd Meme

		The Hallucinator and the King of the Silver Ship of Time
                                The Yarn Unraveller
                                The Royal Road at the World's End
                                Coral and Tar


May 2009
Drag City (DC392)

		Alasdair Roberts - Spoils

		The Flyting Of Grief & Joy (Eternal Return)
		You Muses Assist
		So Bored Was I (Dark Triad)
		Unyoked Oxen Turn
		The Book Of Doves
		Ned Ludd's Rant (For A World Rebarbarised)
		Hazel Forks
		Under No Enchantment (But My Own)


January 2007
Drag City (DC326)
Spunk (URA206)

		Alasdair Roberts - The Amber Gatherers

		Riddle Me This
		Where Twines The Path
		I Had A Kiss Of The King's Hand
		The Cruel War
		Let Me Lie And Bleed Awhile
		Firewater (Library Of Aethers)
		River Rhine
		I Have A Charm
		The Old Men Of The Shells
		The Calfless Cow


May 2005

		Alasdair Roberts - You Need Not Braid Your Hair For Me
				  I Have Not Come A-Wooing

		The Lakes Of Shillin
		The Grey Silkie Of Sule Skerry
		Andrew Batann
		Sheath And Knife

	Tour only CD, originally given away at a concert at Cecil Sharp House, London
	on 28th May 2005


March 2005
Drag City (DC283)
Spunk (URA147)

		Alasdair Roberts - No Earthly Man

		Lord Ronald
		Molly Bawn
		The Cruel Mother
		On The Banks Of Red Roses
		The Two Brothers
		Admiral Cole
		Sweet William
		A Lyke Wake Dirge


April 2003
Drag City (DC240)

Rough Trade (RTRADE094)

		Alasdair Robert - Farewell Sorrow

		Farewell Sorrow
		Join Our Lusty Chorus
		I Fell In Love
		I Went Hunting
		Down Where The Willow Wands Weep
		When A Man's In Love He Feels No Cold
		Come, My Darling Polly
		The Whole House Is Singing
		I Walked Abroad In An Evil Hour
		I am A Young Man
		Slowly Growing Old


Galaxia (glx-16)
P-Vine (PCD-4267)

		Amalgamated Sons Of Rest - s/t

		Maa Bonny Lad (lead vocals by Alasdair)
		My Donal
		The Gypsy He-Witch
		The Last House (lead vocals by Alasdair)
		Major March
		Jennie Blackbird's Blues
		I Will Be Good (unlisted track)

	The Amalgamated Sons Of Rest is Alasdair Roberts, Will Oldham and Jason Molina.
	The 12" has one etched side, which also contains the unlisted track.
	On the hidden track they all sing their own lyrics.


Shingle Street (Shing001)

		Appendix Out - A Warm And Yeasty Corner

		Window Over The Bay
		Sally Free And Easy
		The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
		A Very Cellular Song (Coda)


CDR (limited to 100)

		Appendix Out - Seven Christmas Songs

		The Holly Bears A Berry
		Christmas Is Now Drawing Near At Hand
		Little Donkey
		I Saw Three Ships
		The Cherry Tree Carol
		Ding Dong! Merrily On High
		Decorate The Branch/Good King Wenceslas


Temporary Residence

		Appendix Out - Travels In Constants Volume 13

		Daylight Saving, Gibson Street (part one)
		Ritual Ingestion Of A Yellow Rhizome
		Invocation Of The Corn Mother
		Daylight Saving, Gibson Street (part two)


April 2001
Secretly Canadian (SC48)

		Alasdair Roberts - The Crook Of My Arm

		Lord Gregory
		As I Came In By Huntly Town
		Bonnie Lass Among The Heather
		The Magpie's Nest
		Ploughboy Lads
		Master Kilby
		Standing In Yon Flow'ry Garden
		Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doon
		The False Bride
		The Moth Of January
		The Wife Of Usher's Well

	The first album under Alasdair Roberts' own name


March 2001
Drag City (DC189)

		Appendix Out - The Night Is Advancing

		A Path to Our Beds
		The Seven Widows (The Sprigs of Night)
		The Groves of Lebanon
		Golden Tablets Of The Sun
		Year Waxing, Year Waning
		Fortified Jackdaw Grove
		The Night Is Advancing
		Cyclone's Vernal Retreat
		(Bringing The Yearlings) Home
		Hexen In The Anticyclone
		Campfire's Burning (Round)
		Organise A March


Oct. 2000
Secretly Canadian (SC16)

		Molina & Roberts

		Ten Thousand Miles
		The Green Mossy Banks Of The Lea

	Jason Molina and Alasdair Roberts play two Nic Jones songs


Western Vinyl (WEST07)

		Appendix Out - Lieder fr Kaspar Hauser

		Ein Grauerstar in der Kavallerie
		An den Nachthimmel Gewhnt


April 1999
Drag City (DC152)

		Appendix Out - Daylight Saving

		The Grey Havens
		Tangled Hair
		The Scything
		Little Owl
		Row Upstream
		Merchant City
		Arcane Lore


Galvani Records (milk001)

		Appendix Out / The Mongers split 7"

		Wild Living

	Split single with 3 songs of The Mongers


Liquefaction Empire/Bad Jazz (duske3)

		Appendix Out / Songs:Ohia split 7"

		Second Perthshire House Song
		Round Reel Of Eight
		Twelve Of Them
		Hay Bale Blues

	Split single with Songs:Ohia's "Nay Tis Not Death"


June 1998
Creeping Bent (bent034)

Dec. 2001
Creeping Bent (bent055cd)

		Creeping Bent Singles Club #8

		Lassie, Lie Near Me

	Split single with Appendix Out and Policecat
	"Lassie, Lie Near Me" was later released on the Creeping Bent compilation
	"Bentism" as well as on the Creeping Bent compilation
	"Bent Boutique, chasing the chimera" .

	This version of "Lassie, Lie Near Me" is different from the one
	on "The Rye Bears A Poison".


Oct. 1997
Drag City (DC126)

		Appendix Out - The Rye Bears A Poison

		Our Sea
		East Coast Wedding
		Many-Legged Boatmen
		Frozen Blight
		Wild I Lived In Flanders
		Seagulls, Belts
		Lassie, Lie Near Me
		The Harp Key


Sep. 1997
Creeping Bent (bent027)

Nov. 1999
Creeping Bent (bent040cd)

		Creeping Bent Singles Club #4

		Well-Lit Tonight

	Split single with Appendix Out and the Leopards
	"Well-Lit Tonight" was later released on the Creeping Bent compilation


Jan. 1996
Palace Records (PR10)

		Appendix Out - Ice Age / Pissed With You

		Ice Age
		Pissed With You


Various artists compilations including exclusive Appendix Out / Alasdair Roberts tracks

August 2019
Glorious Traces (glorious 001)

		The Music of Others - Glad Volume 1

		Adrenaline (originally by Emma Pollock)

	Lord Gregory is done by eagleowl (originally an Alasdair Roberts arrangement of a traditional song)

	This album was one of the rewards for the fundraiser "Raising the Roof at the Glad Cafe!"
	20 musicians cover and are covered by one of the other participants. Curated by Emily Scott.


May 2018

		A Place To Dwell - Folk Musicians Support Southend YMCA

		The Little Collier

	The Little Collier is composed by Ewan McVicar

	This album was put together by Diana Collier with the help of Paul Collier and Alex Milne for the benefit of Southend YMCA.


12" EP/CD
 August 2017
 Earth Recordings (EARTH 022)

		Avocet Revisited


	'Avocet Revisited' is a four track EP, commissioned by Earth recordings as a companion piece to Bert Jansch’s 1979 avian-themed masterstroke ‘Avocet’.
	Other artists on the record are Edwyn Collins & Carwyn Ellis, Modern Studies, Trembling Bells.


 February 2017
 Autolycus Records
(no cat. #)

		The Food Of Love Project 

		Caleno Custure Me (Alasdair Roberts and Gordon Ferries)

	 Introducing The Food of Love Project, a compilation album featuring a rich variety of songs either referenced or performed in the plays of William Shakespeare. 

 	"If music be the food of love, play on" - Twelfth Night, Act 1, Scene 1


 July 2016
 Brainfog Records


		Scarce Of Fishing (Home Recording)

	Refugee is a compilation of folk music aiming to raise funds to Migrant Offshore Aid Station Foundation (MOAS), an organisation that provides help to migrants escaping war-torn countries 


 November 2015

		Nous Sommes Paris

		Alasdair Roberts and Debbie Armour - Come, My Darling Polly (2015 version) 

	Charity compilation with proceeds going to French Red Cross


 October 2015

		Heaven, Songs of Matt Kivel


	'Heaven, Songs of Matt Kivel’ is a compilation of songs written by Matt and recorded by a handful of his contemporaries/predecessors


 Sept. 2014
 Burning Bridges & Fifth Column Films

		Shirley Collins Inspired… compilation album 

		A Blacksmith Courted Me (with David McGuinness)

	The album is available as download and is offered as gift when you donate to the help funding the making of the movie The Ballad of Shirley Collins.
	The invited artists are inspired by Shirley and donated a track dedicated to her.


  June 2014
 Thames Delta Recording Co. (MUD007CD)

		Sandbanks, Swallows, Slatterns & Saints: Songs & Tunes From The Leigh Folk Festival 2014 

		There Will Come Soft Rains


October 2013
 Navigator Records (086)

		Answer Ballads curated and created by David Rotheray 

		Dino's Song


 Thames Delta Recording Co. (MUD006CD)

		Sportsman, Seafarers, Scumbags & Psychos: Songs & Tunes From The Leigh Folk Festival 2013 

		Jamie Foyers


 Dec. 2013
 Les Enfants Du Paradiddle (ENF 100)

		Yesterday, Perhaps (Songs Of The Kitchen Cynics)

		The Horseman's Words


May 2013
Graveface Records

		Weary Engine Blues: A Tribute To Jason Molina  

		Erie Canal

	This collection is called Weary Engine Blues, named after a piece of artwork by Molina that serves as the cover of this release.
	The first 525 copies came with a "Molina Map" screenprint, signed and numbered by the artist William Schaff. 
	100% of the profits are going directly (and immediately) to Jason Molina's incredible family. 
	With contributions by Will Oldham, Damien Jurado, Will Johnson, Scout Niblett, Phil Elverum and many more.


digital album
Sept. 2012

		'Do I Have to be Alright, All of the Time???' A Jason Molina Benefit Album  

		Being In Love

	This album accompanies the benefit concert that took place at The Macbeth in London on Sunday 9th September 2012.
	After hearing of Jason's medical issues and his and his family's struggle to keep up with the US medical bills, a number of 
	concerts have been held all around the world in order to raise money for one of the most inspiring, genuine, profound and 
	talented musicians and lyricists. This album contains covers of his songs by many of the artists who played the 
	London 2012 benefit, and some who were not able to come and play but wanted to contribute. 
	Compiled by Laurie McNamee.


digital album
August 2012
 Music Language Festival

		Music Language 2012 

		Long A-Growing (with David McGuinness)


July 2012
 Thames Delta Recording Co. (MUD005CD)

		Wrecks, Rucks, Riots & Resurrection: Songs & Tunes From The Leigh Folk Festival 2012 

		Smash The Windows


July 2012
 Stables Trading

		Harbour Of Songs 

		My Rola-Bola Board 

	Inspired by The Lone Twin Boat Project and the stories behind the wood donated to build it, a new album - Harbour of Songs - 
	has been commissioned for IF: 2012 by The Stables, and produced by the Festival’s Artist-in-Residence Adrian McNally.
	A diverse range of singers and songwriters have been invited to respond to the stories behind the donated wood and the result 
	this album which brings together artists including: Villagers, Nick Hemming, Sarah Blasko, Hannah Moulette and Raevennan 
	Husbandes, Ralph McTell and Steve Tilston, Nick Hornby, The Unthanks.


June 2012
 Folk Police Recordings

		Weirdlore: Notes From The Folk Underground

		Haruspex Of Paradox

	Folk Police Recordings have taken up the baton laid down by the weirdlore organisers and bring you an album of 18 exclusive 
	tracks by some of the best artists operating in the twilight zone between folk and all manner of odd-goings-on. 
	The album features names you may know (including Alasdair Roberts, Emily Portman, Sproatly Smith, Rapunzel & Sedayne, 
	Nancy Wallace and Telling the Bees) and some who will be less familiar. In keeping with the theme of the weirdlore all-dayer, 
	the album features sounds that range from twisted trad to bucolic psychedelia, from fully fledged brass-and-wood-flavoured 
	steamfolk to the sort of songwriting that used to happen before singer-songwriters gave the genre a bad name.

	With extensive sleeve notes by Jeanette Leach and an introduction by Ian Anderson.


July 2011
 Chemikal Underground Records (CHEM155)

		Fruit Tree Foundation ~ First Edition

		Beware Beware (by James Yorkston & Alasdair Roberts)
		The Untrue Womb (by Alasdair Roberts & Rod Jones)

	In February 2010, nine Scottish songwriters landed on a house in deepest darkest Perthshire and set about writing 
	songs over a period of 5 days. These songs were to be recorded that following summer and released to raise awareness 
	of The Mental Health Foundation in Scotland and made available exclusively at two gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh held 
	in October of that year at The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. Over 500 copies of the album were sold over 
	those two nights. Since then the album has been completely unavailable.


June 2011
Delphian (DCD34108)

		Revenge Of The Folksingers

		The Foggy Dew
		The Salley Gardens
		Bonnie Susie Cleland
		My Lord of Marche Paven / Galliard: Or Voy-Je Bien / The Trees They Do Grow High
		Swimming in the Longest River
		Up in the Morning Early
		The Sacred Nine and the Primal Horde (written by Alasdair Roberts)
		Mack Beth / Sheugare Candie
		Psalm 124 / The Freedom Come-All-Ye / The Red-Haired Boy
		Daddy Oh, I'm Hoovering
		Delighted / The Lincolnshire Poacher
		False Lover John
		Ok, I'll Count to 8
		Laddie Lie Near Me
		Losing What You Find
		A Scots Tune / O Can Ye Sew Cushions
		The King's Horses

	Alasdair Roberts: voice, guitar
	Olivia Chaney: voice, harmonium, piano, dulcitone, guitar
	Jim Moray: voice, guitar
	Mairi Campbell: voice, viola, violin
	Pamela Thorby: recorders, glockenspiel
	Clare Salaman: hurdy gurdy, nyckelharpa
	Alison McGillivray: bass viol, cello, violone
	Bill Taylor: bray harp, clarsach
	Nick Halley: percussion, dulcitone
	David McGuinness: dulcitone, harpsichord, reed organ, melodica, bass guitar, piano


April 2011

		Love Letter To Japan

		Brdhagair an Taobh Siar

	Played by Alasdair Roberts & Mairi Morrison.
                ‘Love Letter To Japan’ is an album specially compiled by Duglas T Stewart to raise funds for the Japanese relief 
                effort and to send support to the people of Japan. The album will be exclusively available on Bandcamp to buy 
                as a download from April 11th 2011 and will be available for one month only.


April 2011
 Red Rattler (RATCD007)

		Love, Loss & Liberty (The Songs of Alistair Hulett)

		The Dark Loch

	Played by Alasdair Roberts with Donald Linsey and Clutch Daisy.
                All funds raised will go to the Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund.


July 2010
Delphian (DCD34093)

		Concerto Caledonia - Late Night Sessions - Live At The Edinburgh International Festival

		The Book Of Doves


June 2010
 Thames Delta Recording Co. (MUD003CD)

		Horses & Hangings, Homicide & Hellfire: songs and tunes from the Leigh Folk Festival 2010

		The Bonnie Banks o’ the Airdrie

	Played by Alasdair Roberts and Pekko Kappi at Sabhal Mr Ostaig on the Isle of Skye, 20 March 2010.
	Also on this album is Jackie Oates with Alasdair Roberts with The Butcher's Boy, released on Jackie Oates' album Hyperboreans.


October 2007
Honest Jon's (HJRCD31)

Honest Jon's (HJP40)

		Migrating Bird: The Songs Of Lal Waterson

		The Bird

	'Keeps alive the thoughtful, rebellious, radical Englishness found in the best folk music...
	The solitary, alienated quality of Waterson's bleak, fearless songs ensures a mesmerising consistency.
	With Willard Grant Conspiracy, Michael Hurley, Richard Youngs and many more.

	Also on short-run vinyl sampler, fine pressing, silk-screened sleeves.
	Containing only six songs from the CD, by Alasdair Roberts, Nancy Elizabeth, Michael Hurley,
	James Yorkston, Victoria Williams and Richard Youngs.


March 2007
Chemikal Underground Records (CHEM098CD)

		Ballads Of The Book

		The Leaving

	Alasdair recorded a song co-written with poet Robin Robertson.
	Other players & writers on the album are Malcolm Middleton & Alan Bissett, Idlewild & Edwin Morgan,
	Vashti Bunyan & Rodge Glass, Aerogramme & Hal Duncan and many more.


Feb. 2006
Albion (STRGCD01)

		Strange Folk

		Sweet William's Ghost

	Alasdair Roberts is on the CD with this traditional song.
	The CD contains bands like Tunng, Espers, Devendra Banhart,
	Vashti Bunyan, Donovan and others.


Oct. 2004
Misplaced Music (MM105)

		Misplaced Pets

		Lullaby For Holly

	Alasdair Roberts is on the CD that benefits two Leeds animal charities;
	Whitehall Dog Rescue and Leeds Animal Rescue
	The CD contains other bands like Hood, Sufjan Stevens, Adrian Crowley,
	Havergal, Burd Early, Vibracathedral Orchestra and more.


Nov. 2003
Rough Trade (RTRADEXD100)

		Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before...

		I Had A Little Boat

	Alasdair Roberts is on the CD with an Ivor Cutler song
	The CD contains only covers by bands like Adam Green, Jeffrey Lewis,
	Belle & Sebastian, Royal City and more.


Autumn 2003
CWAS (Smile009)

		Protect Our Secret Handshake: Comes With A Smile Vol. 9

		Long A-Growing

	Alasdair Roberts is on the free CD with "Comes With A Smile" magazine #13
	The magazine has an interview with Alasdair Roberts
	Other bands on the CD are Royal City, Willard Grant Conspiracy, The Sadies,
	Gordon Downie, M Ward, Diana Darby.


Hand/Eye (h/e010)



	Alasdair Roberts is on the "Hand" CD with a.o. Greg Weeks, The Iditarod,
	In Gowan Ring, Drekka, Tinsel, Pelt.


Feb. 2003
Homesleep Records (Rec2014)

		Everything Is Ending Here (A Tribute To Pavement)


	Appendix Out is on the CD with a.o. Solex, Bardo Pond, Saloon, Fuck,
	Tindersticks, Truman's Water, Magoo, Silkworm.


Geographic/Domino (Geog12)

		You Don't Need Darkness To Do What You Think Is Right

		The Language In Things

	Appendix Out is on the CD with a.o. Pastels, International Airport, Bill Wells,
	Telstar Ponies, National Park, Future Pilot AKA.


June 2001
Morc Records/Blackbean and Placenta (Morc16/bbptc197)

		Card-Carrying Supporters Of Romance

		I Feel Like An Elf

	Appendix Out is on the CD with a.o. Fuck, Bingo Trappers,
	Will Simmons, Minmae, Sodastream, Jen Turrell.


June 2000
Secretly Canadian (SC07)

		The Unaccompanied Voice: An A Capella Compilation

		Four Nights Drunk

	Appendix Out is on the CD with a.o. Low, Drunk, Danielson Family,
	Jarboe, David Grubbs, Damien Jurado, Mark Kozelek.


Aug. 1999
Loose (EXFM1)

		The Carve Up

		Organise A March

	Appendix Out is on the CD with a.o. Low, Nick Cave, Aerial M,
	Pernice Brothers, Mogwai, Mudhoney, Motorpsycho

	This version of "Organise A March" is different from the one
	on "The Night Is Advancing".


summer 1999
Beikoku-Ongaku ?(BDBO-E0013)

 		The Magazine of Superdeformed World (Vol. 13) - 6661

		Drinking Milk Again

	Free compilation cd with issue #13 of Beikoku Ongaku


Dec. 1998

 		VPRO Radio 5 'De Avonden' Xmas 1998

		Little Donkey

	Appendix Out is on this very limited CD-R (40 copies only) with a.o.
	The Tiger Lillies, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Dave Fischoff, Hefner, Fuck,
	Lambchop, Songs:Ohia, Low, Lullaby For The Working Class

	This version of "Little Donkey" is different from the one on the
	"Seven Christmas Songs" CDR. 


7" EP
April 1998

		Hayfever EP No.5

		The Holiday Atmosphere (qualified version)

	Appendix Caledonia is the name of the band here.
	Other bands on the EP are Modernista Novanta, RLW,
	Hall Of Fame and Songs:Ohia

	This version of "The Holiday Atmosphere" is different from the one
	on the "4x4" compilation. 


Nov. 1997
Vespertine (ves004)

		An Evening In The Company Of The Vespertine

		The Actuation Riddle
		Fingernail Moon
		On The Astroturf Factory Tannoy

	Three songs from Appendix Out. Also featured on this CD are Butterfly Child,
	Cavil, Fuxa, Gnac, Lazerboy, Mongers, Nautilus, Oneironaut, Quigley, Transfiguration


Jan. 1996
Up Records (UK)

		4 x 4

		The Holiday Atmosphere
		Closer to Ducks
		The Meadows

	4 songs by 4 bands; Appendix Out, Brewster, Kilgore Trout and Tunic


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